Sly Cooper: Inside a Mind is the 5th (or 6th) Sly Cooper game to date.  It is the first Sly Cooper game to feature a soundtrack composed of mostly orchestra-played pieces and opera, for which it was highly praised, along with the graphics and the possibility to make your own choices during the main story (that will also influence the rest of the game). It is available for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita only.  
Sly cooper inside a mind ps3 cover by kaylathedragoness-d6p7pgf

The Playstation 3 Cover of Sly Cooper: Inside a Mind

This time, our heroes will have to face a greater menace in an attempt to stop it, during an adventure that will make them question their actions and themselves...


The Discovery

After rescueing Sly from being stuck back in time, the gang finally gets some time to rest, despite Penelope having escaped once again. Besides that, Sly & Co. kept their usual routine (escaping Carmelita, stealing stuff, and so on) until that that fatal day... 

21 years later the events of Sly's rescue, our Inspector Fox received an urgent call to go to London and assist the local police with a case that had been going on since at least a few years. Of course, the Cooper gang couldn't resist to the curiosity (and the possibility to steal some more treasures) and followed her in her trip. Once arrived, while Carmelita went straight to the local Police station, they quickly found a Safehouse inside the Big Ben's clock tower. From there, they could have organized their plans safely and at the same time keep an eye below themselves.  First of all, Bentley sends Sly to hide a bug on Carmelita, so that they could have listen every single thing and eventually be able to set up a plan. 

Later that day, they manage to transmit the bug's video and audio data on Bentley's PC, showing Carmelita query  (along with other police agents) a man about a serie of homicides that happened recently in all Great Britain. After seeing the entire video, the Turtle asks Sly to go around to make some photos and place more bugs in strategic points of the city. During the mission, he meets with the man the Inspector was interrogating before: Ludwig Lousteau, that will activate an ingame sequence in which you will be able to choose the approach you want to talk to him. 

(For further informations, see Interactions (Sly Cooper: Inside a Mind) )  

Depending on the approach choosen, he will either turn hostile (making the gameplay more stealthy and difficult), neutral (won't influence on the gameplay) or friendly (he will invite you to his mansion).
Regardless the result, Sly contacts Bentley about the entire conversation and the latter tells him that, as much he searched into the criminal database, no result featuring the hybrid had been found. The mystery goes on, and more homicides without responsible come out, until further investigation by the gang itself...



  • For the first time, your choices will influence the events of the story, ending included: make sure you won't lose a bit of it by replaying with the "New Game+" option.
  • The disguises return, each one with exclusive abilities.
  • Enjoy a fully orchestrated soundtrack based on the works of classical music artists and, to add a bit more spice, jazz.
  • Huge worlds and lots of missions to do. 


(For further informations, see Levels (Sly Cooper: Inside a Mind) )

  • Paris, France (Intro & Tutorial Level)
  • London , Great Britain
  • Vienna , Austria
  • Jalisco, Mexico
  • Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Transylvania, Romania
  • London (Last Boss Battle and Ending)


(For further informations, see Jobs (Sly Cooper: Inside a Mind) )

The jobs you can do in the game vary by your ingame choices: while there are some that you will be able to skip with the right (or wrong) approach, some others while have different outcomes, therefore it is important to keep in mind the various interactions you have with the various characters and your own actions.  


The downloadable contenent extends the gameplay with 6 extra hours of deepening into the background of the antagonists. Surprisingly enough, the players won't find themselves to play as the gang but as the said antagonists themselves: about 1 hour of gameplay for each, each with their own gameplay mode and missions.

This has been made with the hope players would sympathize with the characters they play with and see the other side of the medal as well. The DLC is downloadable for 9.99 Euros on the European PSN. 



The soundtrack is divided in Jazz pieces (for the Cooper Gang) and Classical plus Opera (for the CNWO). The latters are composed by a real orchestra, along with several opera singers. Guest musicians such as Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer are also present. The pieces are all based on famous melodies by well-known musicians, here's a list of some of them:

(Track 01 ) Game Start Menu (The only track to actually be a remake of a classical tune)

(Track 02) Doux et Romantique Paris

(Track 03) How Everything Started

(Track 04) Following the Fox

(Track 05) To Accuse An Innocent

(Track 06) A Stealthy Job

(Track 07) The Six Ambitious Comrades

(Track 08) Visionaire

(Track 09) Ludwig's Manor (Hostile Approach)

(Track 10) The Comrades of the New World Order

(Track 11) Foreshadowing

(Track ???) Propaganda

(Track ???) Welcome to Jalisco!

(Track ???) Drugaryu Yelena  [Yelena's Theme]

(Track ???) The Streets of Sofia

(Track ???) Penelope's Chant

(Track ???) There's No Time For Remorse [Penelope's Boss Theme]

(Track ???) Protocol Mercy - Executing [Anya Boss Battle Theme) (Track ???) The Vampire's Hunt

(Track ???) Painful Glimpses of Life  [DLC Only] 

(Track ???) Unholy Struggle  [ Bartók 's Boss Battle Theme]

(Track ???) A New Era is Coming [ London 's Hub World music at the last visit to it]

(Track ???) The Purge Has Begun

(Track ???) Ludwig's Masterplan  [Also plays as Ludwig's Theme after his true colours are revealed]

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