Sly Cooper: Breakdown of Thieves is the 5th and final game of the series. It is avaliable on ps3 and ps4, developed by Sanzaru.


Sly wakes up on the desert. He doesn't really remember what happened. But in order to survive, he heads to the nearest cisivilation area, which is also the home of Slytunkhamen II.

Once he heads there, he sees some SERIOUS action because the Ancient Scarab was stolen, by Slytunkhamen. The police arrests Sly on sight, as he REALLY looks like Slytunkhamen.

Slytunkhamen breaks out Sly. (the first mission is played with Slytunkhamen) Later on, they go to Slytunkhamen's hideout. Sly says that he isn't from this time...

-Look, I really need get out of here, my pals are worried...

-Well, if there's someone that can do something about it, it's the Almighty Green.

-Who is almighty green?

-He is a divine creature, from a special race, they can fly, they can read or thoughts and they can speak 56 languages.

Sly understands that the almighty green is an alien.

-So where is this Almighty Green?

- Well you need to prove yourself, steal some precious things and they would sure let you go back your time...

Episode 1: A Gust of Dust

Sly has to do some stealing in order prove himself to the Almight Green. In the meanwhile, some strange things are going on in the town.


Scarab: Basic rooftop guard armed with his pincers. 4 hits to earn him.

Cat Warrior: A feline armed with 2 obsidian Egyptian Swords. 5 hits to earn her.

Camel Riders: A baboon riding a camel. Armed with a bow. Whole 8 hits to kill.

Boss Fight:

The Vengeful Black:  A high-tech gear equipped fighter who is really into killing thieves, espicially Sly. He can throw bombs, shoot laser, temporal-blind etc.

After the boss fight, the Vengeful Black yells: Arghhh! Too late Cooper, I've got what I need! You will soon be, really surprised, REALLY surprised! Then he jumps to a time portal and leaves the area. The Almighty Green says the Sly has already proven himself by getting rid of Vengeful Black and sends him back to his time.

I will make the rest later, the main idea is Penelope cloning thieves to make herself an army. Then she will release his army to the world, letting them steal everything and make herself profit.I bet you understood it was Penelope when I said Vengeful Black.

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