WW1 Netherlands

Sly waits inside of an air vent.

Sly: Huh?

Bentley: What's up, Sly? Wait a second, energy readings are off the charts! Something really big and radioactive is coming! Wait inside that air vent!

   Gustav Gale arrives in his mech with Amber close behind him.

Amber: Mate, this had better be good. That Chronos bloke freaks me out, so he better make this meeting quick. The way he spoke on that intercom made this seem urgent.

Gustav Gale: Calm yourself, Amber. We do what we can to make boss proud, and we get paid. No need for whining.

Amber: Whining?! Mate, owls eat rabbits for breakfast! A sheila like me doesn't need that kind of--

   Gustav gives her a cold stare.

Amber: Sorry.

Gustav Gale: Good. Now let's go. Boss is waiting. Don't fall behind. Wait. I have better idea.

Amber: Yeah, and what is it? Does it involve getting rid of this stupid tuxedo I'm forced to wear?

   Gustav gives her another cold stare.

Amber: What is with you today? You haven't been yourself in awhile.

Gustav Gale: I want you to guard that wrench. If Cooper Gang gets it, we'll have trouble. To answer your question, it's Penelope. She always bothers me. It's as if we met before. But no matter. You do job, and I do mine. Get to work.

   Gustav walks into Chronos' office, locking the door as he enters, leaving Amber to guard the wrench for the Repairman Costume.

Sly: Uh, Bentley, you don't think that radiation is gonna give me cancer, do you?

Bentley: Relax, Sly. The radiation is too well contained, at least according to the blueprints I'm downloading right now. Anyway, that wrench they were talking about sounds important. Try taking it from Amber without her noticing, and maybe we can use it somehow. Something tells me that's no ordinary wrench.

"I'll admit only one thing: I never expected WW1 Netherlands to look this bad, and that's saying something. Guards were patrolling the streets, but they didn't look like they were looking for anyone. It looked more like they were protecting something. As the gang and I looked, we knew things were going to get crazy around here. Speaking of crazy, Penelope still hasn't spoken much. It's like Belle possessing her must've really messed with her head, because she's been really spacing out. I'm in no mood for that right now. Just looking at all of the security was making my head hurt a lot more than it should. Besides, Otto van Cooper is most likely somewhere nearby. Heck, the guards are probably all trying to keep him locked up. Either way, these guards won't even see us coming. Literally."

When Otto felt comfortable talking, he finally gave us what we needed. Otto told us that this was seemingly the work of one person: A flying fish named Gustav Gale. Upon reading his file, we learned a lot of bad things about this guy. Apparently, Gustav Gale was a two-bit pilot from Russia until he joined the military, where his fame and skill grew to new heights. However, he was a part of a mafia family, and he was arrested and locked away, eventually losing his pilot license in the process. Ever since escaping prison, he's been trying to rejoin the military and taking out any pilot better than he is to prove himself. I guess some people just can't take rejection. Penelope still wasn't talking too much. She was at least able to form some sentences. But she'll be needing more than sentences to get on our good sides again. She had better prove herself,because if she does anything like what she did back in medieval England again... well...she better not think about asking me for forgiveness. much less Bentley."

Celtand Scotland

Sly: Um, Bentley, what's up with all of the skating ramps?

Bentley: Beats me, Sly. I guess the guy who time-traveled here has a hobby. Speaking of which, you need to do some recon and find out where Slaigh is. We can't figure out what's going on without him.

Sly: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm way ahead of you, buddy. (Takes a picture of a nearby fort.)

Bentley: Hmm, that fort looks suspicious. That has to be where Slaigh MacCooper is. You don't think you can scout the area for anything we can use to get inside, can you?

Sly: It's me, Bentley.

Bentley: I know. But just be careful.

Sly: (Takes a picture of a skateboard ramp) Hey Bentley, you don't think we can use that ramp at some point, do you?

Bentley: Hmm...I don't think we can use it right now, but with enough information about the place, maybe we can think of something. Head back to the safehouse and let me take over this mission. I think I'm on to something.

Sly:"Slaigh MacCooper was hesitant at first, but he eventually told us who had imprisoned him in that fort. Apparently, someone calling himself 'Le Dude' was responsible for it. After Bentley did some data crunching, and after we found out what a goshawk was, we were able to figure out just what this Le Dude guy was up to here. Once a famous skateboarder from Santa Monica, Le Dude had gotten into trouble with the law when some friends asked him to help out with a robbery. The leader of the group left him and the other robbers behind, and they ended up in prison. After breaking free, Le Dude took his friends' weapons and became a weapon smuggler. He soon began using his own skateboarding skills in his crimes, usually getting away in one piece, though I can't say the same for everyone around him. I have to admit, it certainly seems surprising that Le Dude even got involved in this mess. And given all of the weaponry his hired guns have in their arsenal, I knew this was going to be tough. Unfortunately for Le Dude, I happen to like it that way."

Age of Pirates

Sly: "Henriette was on a tangent. She was ranting and raving about how this one pirate managed to hijack her ship, the Emerald Eclipse, and buy off her crew. But one thing she said stood out from everything else. The crew already with this other pirate was mechanical. I asked her what the pirate's name was, and she said it was Black Beard. Everyone knew who Black Beard was. He was a famous pirate. But we knew better. Much better. During the Cooper Vault Job, we needed an RC specialist. Penelope fit the bill perfectly, and without her, we never would've made it inside. But then again, without her, I wouldn't have ended up in Egypt, and my whole family history wouldn't have been in such danger. Needless to say, this 'Black Beard' wasn't the same pirate we knew so much about in history books. Yeah... Things were about to get very personal...but before we can go after this backstabbing mouse,we'll need to get this ship of Henriette's back."

Victorian England

Sly: "We arrived in Victorian London to find that it had become...well...this. London had been turned into one giant theme park, and judging by the logo on some of the rides, we knew just who was to blame for this. We had defeated Penelope in Henriette's time, but Penelope is still out there. It's only a matter of time before we have to face her again, and whoever she put in charge of this amusement park along with her. Thaddeus Winslow Cooper III, one of the more gentlemanly Coopers, should be able to help us. If we can find him, that is. Penelope and Chronos just might have him locked away somewhere in this park. But something told me that this wasn't the case. The guards were too watchful. They were definitely looking for someone, and it certainly wasn't us. We knew we had to find Thaddeus soon, or who knows what he'd go through in this place. The park might be called 'Wonderland', but it certainly doesn't feel like one. And it will never be one when we're done with it."

Sly: I can't believe it! You're him! You're Thadd--

Thaddeus: Thaddeus Winslow Cooper III, at your service, chap. (Squints his eyes as if he were analyzing Sly) Hmm... You aren't from here.

Sly: Wait a second. How did you--

Thaddeus: Don't worry, my boy, I can easily deduce why exactly that is. Judging by the style of dress and the way you talk, I say that you aren't just foreign to England, but you are also foreign to this time period, most likely by a century or two, if not more. The strange device in that pocket on your leg is proof enough. Also, judging by the design of the cane, you must be a Cooper like myself. It's lovely to know I live long enough to have children. Tell me, are there any others like you?

Sly: ...

Thaddeus: I see. So that owl finally got to you, didn't he? Blasted devil. Anyway, back to the topic at hand. About a month ago, this beastly insect began construction on what he calls "Wonderland". I was forced into hiding when that wasp sent guards after me. He could see through all of my disguises. I had to hide in the sewers after all of my disguises failed. It was the only place no one bothered looking. Speaking of which, do you have a place we can chat, dear boy?

Sly: Yes, actually. It's just around--

Thaddeus: I say, you don't really need to worry about directions, uh...who are you?

Sly: Sly Cooper.

Thaddeus: Ah. Well anyway, seeing as you're tracking some dirt, I'll just follow your footprints and it'll take me right where you've been.

Sly: But how--

Thaddeus: Elementary, my dear Sly. They do not call me the Sherlock Holmes of the Coopers for nothing, you know. (Proceeds to follow Sly's footprints. Sly follows him.)

Sly: "It took awhile, but it seemed that Thaddeus Winslow Cooper was willing to lend us a helping hand. He told us that the person responsible for turning London into his own personal theme park was someone named 'Ven St. Claire'. After reading his file, it occurred to us that this wasp had a very troubled life. Once a famous theme park owner from New Orleans, Ven St. Claire wanted to establish a second park in London. One of the rides got out of control, and it cost him his reputation and, sadly, his wife. Grief-stricken, St. Claire went on a crime spree, sabotaging the company that was in charge of making safe amusement rides for him, and vowed to bring his wife back any way he could, officially making him insane. I heard what caused the problem was made in this time period. I suppose that's why he came here. You'd think he wouldn't want anything to do with London after what happened, but then again, who knows what goes on in the mind of a lunatic. But I sure know one thing, though. We have to stop him, or he'll cause something far worse than a disaster."

Bentley: Alright, Thaddeus, now you take those keys and get into hiding. We'll try and find out what they're used for.

Thaddeus: Wait a second, chap. Ven is coming. Maybe I can listen in on what that venomous bloke is saying.

Bentley: Good idea. We might even learn what those keys are for. (Hides behind the broken tea cup ride.)

Ven St. Claire: (Looks around impatiently) Now what did I just tell y'all to do for me?!

Hare Rooftop Guard: (sighs) Get you the keys.

Ven St. Claire: Which keys?

Hare Rooftop Guard: The keys to the Looking Glass Coaster*. But sir, those blokes you've been troubled by might--

Dormouse Rooftop Guard: Shhh...he might--

Ven St. Claire: He might what? (Comes to a realization.) Well holy cow pie, I think someone needs some discipline!! Y'all better git, or I'll be turning the both of y'all into soup for letting that no good Cooper pickpocket y'all!! Failure ain't an option, Victor!!

Hare Rooftop Guard: But my name's Charles!

Ven St. Claire: Well, you're Victor now! Hmm... Tell y'all what. I won't wrap you up in plastic if you protect that there control module for the coaster. And get those keys back before the Cooper Gang uses them. Understand?? Good. Now get the rest of you guards and hop to it! Au revoir! (Multiple hare and dormouse guards appear. Some horse flashlight guards notice Thaddeus.)

Thaddeus: Blimey! Things just got a lot more complicated!! I think I'll be stuck here for some time!

Bentley: Don't worry, Thaddeus. I sent Murray to your position as backup. You're in good hands.

Murray: (Murray jumps off a roof and uses the Thunder Flop) "The Murray" is ready for a real tea party!!

   credit for the roller coaster idea goes to Rioichi-Cooper

Sly: Alright, I bugged Ven's office.

Bentley: Please tell me that wasn't a pun. L-Look, Sly, I need you on your toes. Ven could enter his office at any time now, so get out of there!

Sly: Too late, here he comes.

Bentley: Quick, hide behind something! (Sly hides behind a sofa.)

Ven: (Sits on his chair. Ven looks depressed and looks at a picture of his wife with a baby in her arms) Bonjour, Belle. You would've loved all this. I even named a log flume in your honor. Those were always your favorites. I remember how you and I first met, how you were some country singer just startin' out and I was just some lonely man with a broken dream. You made my whole dang life worth livin', and I'd give you the whole wide world if all them spirits would bring you back to me. All I ever wanted was to see you happy. You were always so sick after Ben was born. But you made it seem so unthreatening, and you carried on like it was nothin'. That one ride made sure you'd never be in my life ever again. (sheds a tear) Willington Incorporated and it's founders will pay for that. I wonder if you ever would've gotten better if you were alive long enough.

Sly: (Looks at the photo on Ven's desk) Huh? Is that.........Penelope? Bentley, are you getting all of this?

Bentley: Yup, and I think I know who she is. She was a famous country singer named Belle St. Claire, maiden name Colbert.

Sly: Wait. That St. Claire? That's his wife?? She was my favorite country singer.

Bentley: I'm afraid so, Sly. Oh, and that was his wife. According to this article, she died when a theme park ride malfunctioned.

Sly: I already know that, but I never thought she was married to this wacko. I mean, do you know how creepy those flashlight guards of his are? (Stops talking because Ven heard something)

Ven: What was that? (Looks around for a little bit, but then resumes talking to himself.) Don't worry, though, hon. I'll be seein' you real soon. (Phone starts ringing. Ven picks up the phone.) What is it, Jenkins? You tied her up like I asked? Good!! Where? Ah, that's exactly where I wanted her, Jenkins. You're getting a promotion for this. Did you hurt her? Holy cow pie, you're stupid! You were told to not hurt her in any way! If y'all don't follow orders like I ask y'all to, then I think someone needs to get stung, know what I mean? Fine then. I'm coming to the indoor attractions to check up on her. I've been readin' up on her record, and I think I may have found something that makes me very angry. (Gets off of his seat and walks out of his office.)

Sly: Bentley, did you hear all that?

Bentley: Yup, and I'm already there. I just need to get my RC Car ready and we're good to go.

Bentley: If I do my math right, and I always do my math right, I should be directly underneath some of the indoor attractions. I'll have to use my RC Car to get closer to St. Claire, though. (Goes through a level involving the RC Car. Stops the RC Car underneath of St. Claire as he is talking to someone.) Maybe if I listen in on his conversation, I'll learn about what he's cooking up. (Activates a device in the RC Car that makes him listen in on St. Claire's conversation)

Ven St. Claire: Now hold on there, lil' lady. I have no interest in lettin' you go. Not after all the dirt I dug up on you.

Penelope: Let me go!! As your employer, I demand you let me--

Ven St. Claire: What did I just tell you?? I ain't lettin' you go, hon, and I certainly ain't lettin my new employer get steamed. Speakin' of which, those guards didn't do a dang thing about those steam vents like I asked them to!! Now that raccoon's gonna find a way in here somehow!

Penelope: New employer? I'm your only employer, St. Claire!!

Ven St. Claire: I don't think so, miss Penelope of the Cooper Gang! Oh wait. You went rogue. Now what makes any y'all think I'm gonna fall for your tricks? Once a member, always a member, and the Cooper Gang are all very good at sneakin'. Me, I feel the need to keep an eye on you. England just ain't the same without you, you know? Funny thing is that you're a spittin' image of my wife before her passin', so either way, things just ain't the same no more. Minus the blonde hair, of course. Belle was a redhead. With you, it'll be like I never lost her. I've been studying under Mz. Ruby, Penny, so I know a thing or two about voodoo.

Penelope: Voodoo? (eyes widen in realization) Hey, wait a second!! I will not be some kind of vessel, you chitin-covered piece of--

Ven St. Claire: Now you need to be wise, woman. That mouth of yours is gonna get you turned into owl food if you ain't careful. Also, I ain't the one tied to a carousel.

Penelope: Who are you working for

Ven St. Claire: Whoever I feel like, hon. Y'all are just a means to an end, and I'll have the means to have a fairy-tale ending in my own personal Wonderland by the time I'm done with you! Now if you excuse me, I need to check up on the tea cup ride. I heard it's malfunctioning again. (Buzzes through an open window close to the ceiling/roof.)

Penelope: I'll show you a means to...a... (Has flashbacks of Medieval England. Penelope now has a look of horror on her face) I...I...No, I need to make this plan work. I have to...I just...I...

Bentley: Penelope's here? A vessel?? I don't know if I should be angry or happy, but I gotta tell Sly about this tea cup ride. It might be useful later. You hearing this, Murray?

Murray: Yeah, I hear you, chum! But what are you gonna do about Penelope? I know she betrayed us, but we can't just leave her there.

Bentley: And let her try and kill Sly again? I don't think so! Although......hmm......Fine. We'll free Penelope, but only to get information out of her. It's just a matter of how at this point. I'll be heading back to the Safehouse in a few minutes, big guy.

Bentley: "Well, it seems that Operation: Bug Zapper is finally underway! First, Murray will have to hijack the Looking Glass Coaster* to keep Ven from using it for his "ritual". He'll do this by climbing up to the control room, beating up guards as he goes. Then, I'll hack into the system. That roller coaster will move so fast that Ven will have to come out of hiding to see what's going on. Sly, you need to distract him to the best of your ability. Because Murray needs to keep far away from Ven, you need to make sure he never sees Murray at all, or guards will swarm the control room just to get Murray out. Thaddeus, you're job is to pickpocket Ven while Sly is distracting him. I'll accompany you inside the building with the indoor attractions, where were sure to find Penelope. I'll get her to talk after she's freed, and as soon as we learn what's really going on, then we're going to stop her plans once and for all!!"

   credit for the roller coaster idea goes to Rioichi-Cooper

Ven: What in tarnation is going on out here?!

Sly: Yo, tall, dark and ugly!! I bet you can't catch me!

Ven: Oh yes I can, you little weasel! It's over, Cooper!! (Flies after Sly in a state of rage)

Bentley: Now that's what I call a ragin' Cajun. Thaddeus, whenever he descends, quickly try to pickpocket him and take his keys.

Thaddeus: Not to fret, my good man! With my accurate timing, this will be over in a heartbeat. (Gameplay of Thaddeus pickpocketing Ven St. Claire begins. Eventually succeeds after the fourth attempt.)

Bentley: Alright! I'll quickly head over to you and we'll open the door to the indoor attractions.

Thaddeus: I deduced that the only ways inside that ghastly place are through an open window near the roof or the front entrance, which, judging by way the lock looks, can only be opened from the inside.

Bentley: But when Sly did recon, the laser security near the roof was impossible to get through. But there might be another way.

Thaddeus: Ah, but there is! I have my Spinning Dove Technique, remember? If there are rails and hooks inside the building, then I'll simply spin fast and propel myself forward from the hooks and rails outside and grab onto the ones inside. I'll see if I can find an opening to drop through, and then open the doors from within!

Bentley: That's brilliant, Thaddeus! But...are you sure there are hook and rails in there?

Thaddeus: .........By jove, I think I may have finally blundered. But not to worry! Nothing ventured, nothing gained, after all!

Bentley: Good luck, Thaddeus!

Thaddeus: Bentley! I'm on the other side of the door! Now, if you would just be patient, I'll get this open for you! (Thaddeus quickly unlocks the door inside of the indoor attraction building.) Jolly good show, old chap.

Bentley: Yup. Now let's go find Penelope. She's over by the carousel! The problem is trying to find it. This building is so much bigger on the inside. (Hears a familiar scream) Penelope! I'll be right there, now hang on!!! (Gameplay involving Bentley and Thaddeus traversing through the building begins. Gameplay ends upon Bentley and Thaddeus reaching Penelope.)

Penelope: Hello, Bentley.

Bentley: Penelope.

Penelope: ...

Bentley: ... (Both Bentley and Penelope give each other cold stares)

Penelope: So...are you going to untie me or what??

Bentley: Maybe...but only if you tell me why you're doing all of this. You know, besides revenge and all that.

Thaddeus: I say, I do believe that we need to pick up the pace.

Bentley: Right. Okay Penelope, I don't have much time, now you're going to tell me what you're trying to do here!

Penelope: I want to be better! I want to be so much better than Cooper! He and that stupid book are always causing so much trouble for me!

Bentley: This isn't even like you! You were so nice once. Why cause all this trouble?! Come to think of it, you used to think Sly was some sort of hunk! Wait a second...

Thaddeus: She's not herself.

Bentley: Wait, what?

Thaddeus: Just from what you said, I can tell that there is some rubbish logic here. If someone as kind and loving as Penelope just became an enemy so suddenly and without a true, logical motive, then she either never really loved you at all or someone filled her head with hogwash. Miss Penelope, may I ask you some questions?

Penelope: (Rolls eyes.) Fine.

???: Actually, y'all won't be asking her anything. (Thaddeus and Bentley turn to their left. Ven St. Claire descends next to Penelope)

Thaddeus: St. Claire!! I demand that you stop your insidious schemes now! You know that I can outsmart you, yes?

Ven: HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Pitiful. Simply pitiful. Now what makes y'all think that's ever gonna happen? Oh, and you won't believe what happened to that raccoon. I sent him after that cop, that Carmelita lady. She's on the Jabberwocky Rapids. By the time either of them get to the last drop, they'll both be sent straight to the afterlife. I'll then use my voodoo to bring back my wife, exactly as planned.

Bentley: Wait. So was the Looking Glass Coaster* a distraction??

Thaddeus: By jove, it seems that he was using a backup attraction.

Ven: You're quite the detective, Winslow.

Thaddeus: Thaddeus. My name is Thaddeus.

Ven: Well, mon ami, Winslow is your middle name, ain't it? Well, of course it is. Anyway, I've been a bit curious as to how y'all managed to survive for so long, and I do believe I can remedy this here problem. I'll just summon my wife's ghost! Belle will take on all three of you.

Thaddeus: Wait a minute, that's absolute poppycock!! Why didn't you do this sooner? This all could've been avoided if you had been thinking clearly.

Ven: You don't understand. I need her to have a living vessel, hence that stuck-up turncoat tied to the carousel. Wait... (Comes to the realization that his plans were somewhat pointless) No!! You mean to tell me I did all of this for nothing?? I had the power to summon her?? Then all of this time, I was going completely... Wait... Yes!! I can simply have her possess Penelope here! That will solve everything! And when she's back again, I'll practically be giving her all of London! I'll just use my park as a gift dedicated to our love! It will be a magnifique way to make up for lost time! (Summons a storm cloud from above Penelope that envelopes her in voodoo magic. Penelope starts to scream as Ven St. Claire starts to laugh hysterically. Ven's laughter becomes increasingly insane sounding until the storm cloud vanishes, at which point, Ven seemingly becomes somewhat normal. Ven quickly combs his wig to get ready for his wife to awaken. He quickly unties the possessed Penelope.) Honey, please wake up. Please. Please wake up! (The possessed Penelope begins to move a little.) Oh, my southern Belle is back where she belongs!

Belle: (Opens her eyes as if she were just awoken from a deep sleep. Ven helps her up.) Goodness gracious, where am I? Ven? Is that you? (Proceeds to smother Ven with kisses shortly upon discovering it is him. Bentley begins to get angry, as Belle is possessing Penelope's body and the kissing is reminding him of his relationship with Penelope. Belle notices Bentley and Thaddeus and becomes confused.) Um, excuse me, but who are these people, Ven?

Ven: (Sheds a tear) It's so wonderful to see you, ma chérie. D-Don't mind them, hon, they're just a bunch of party poopers.

Bentley: Party poopers?? I hate to rain on your parade, St. Claire, but you've done a lot of horrible things here! There's nothing party-like about this! Oh, and the name's Bentley.

Thaddeus: Mrs. St. Claire, your husband has gone completely mad!! He turned most, if not all, of London into a carnival deathtrap! (Thaddeus notices flashlight guards approaching him. Murray, Carmelita and Sly have their hands tied behind their backs, seemingly validating Thaddeus' claims to a degree. Ven looks confused, as he thought that Sly and Carmelita were on the Jabberwocky Rapids ride. Ven shakes his head as if he wanted to ponder about this later and focus on the task at hand.)

Belle: (Belle's facial expression changes from confused to horrified) Ven Claude St. Claire, is this really true?!?! B-But... But how could you do this??

Ven: J'ai tout fait pour toi, ma chérie!! These people are ruining your special gift. I'll never let that happen. Not after you had died!

Belle: (Gives a stern look toward Ven.) Listen to me, Ven. Have you ever considered how I'd feel about all of this?? What if I were still alive and you started doing all of this? Do you know what I'd say? Do you know what I'd do? Do you know?! (Belle's eyes begin to tear up)

Ven: You'd completely agree that I was right, that's what! (Left eye begins to twitch.)

Belle: (Looks at Ven in terror.) You've gone crazy! (Breaks down in tears.) I'd tell you to stop!! I would never agree to this!! What about our son Ben?! Would he agree to this?!

Ven: (Becomes increasingly angry) Now you listen to me, woman! I did this all for you! That accident ruined your potential! I'd never let such a thing happen! We could change the whole world with that voice of yours! Just let me get rid of that blasted Cooper Gang and I'll be seeing you sing again! I promise!!! Now will you just let me do what's right for you?!

Belle: (Starts sobbing uncontrollably) Don't do it, Ven!! It doesn't have to be like this! Please! Think about Ben!! What would he think of you?!

Ven: He'd call me a hero for standing up for the woman he loves!! Trust me, Belle! You'll be seeing things my way very, very soon!!

Belle: (Feels intense pain.) AAAAHH!!! Whoever has this b-b-b-b-body is t-t-trying t-to kick m-me out! It's h-hurting me! Ven! I m-might still l-l-love you, but I-I can't look a-at you the s-same way a-a-anymore. Someone please stop m-my husband!!

Penelope: (Belle's control over Penelope's body is lifted. Penelope, having seen the whole thing, is almost totally speechless by what she had seen.) I...I...I...What just...

Ven: (Ven becomes furious at Penelope) YOU... You did this to her!!!!! I'll make you suffer for this! And who the heck would help you?? You're a traitor no matter whose side your on!!

Bentley: (Bentley's robotic arms grab Ven's just before he can slap Penelope) Nobody touches that mouse, but me, you big bully!!

Ven: (Ven gets so furious that his eyes glow red) That's it. I'M ENDING THIS RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! (Grabs Bentley's wheelchair and flings him toward a section of the building far away from everyone else.) I will give you a reason to fear bugs! I will make the whole world tremble!! Now DIE!!! (Boss battle with Ven St. Claire begins)

(credit for the roller coaster idea goes to Rioichi-Cooper)

Ven St. Claire: (Gets hit by an explosive dart) AAAAHH!!!! That hurt, you little reptile!! I'll show you just what it's like to have life poison you!

Bentley: Oh yeah? What can you do? We've beaten you fair and square, St. Claire! Now what's going on here?? What was Penelope's big scheme??

Ven St. Claire: (Ven starts looking around desperately. He looks upward toward the laser security system. He looks at Bentley with a determined look on his face) Now don't you go on worrying, Bentley! I have something really big cooked up just for you! Belle, I will see you again!! I swear it!! (Flies fast enough to avoid the laser security system near the ceiling. A feathery hand grabs Ven's neck before he can exit the building. The person in question remains in shadows.)

???????: So tell me, Ven. At what point did you think I was a means to an end? Getting those guards to disobey your orders and bring the Cooper Gang here was punishment for this, you fool. (Notices Sly and the others, Penelope included, reaching Bentley's position) Ah, so they have arrived.

Penelope: That voice...Chronos??

Chronos: Hmm. Indeed, my dear Penelope. At last, I can see you in person, my former co-conspirator.

Penelope: Former? So you're the one who double-crossed me?!?!

Chronos: (Ignores Penelope. Continues to choke Ven St. Claire) I'll leave her to rot here for now. I'll let her curiosity grow within her, so that she may find a motivation to find me. Tell me true, Ven. Have you ever heard of A Wasp in a Wig? Marvelous chapter, but Carroll never used it. It wasn't very well received, you see, so it became something of a failure. It's now more of an afterthought, kind of like your wife is.

Ven: I'll show you an afterthought, you traitorous--

Chronos: Oh, will you stop it?! It's not like she had feelings or anything. People never do. They're all just things to me. Oh, and one more question. (Ven gradually looked frightened, as if a terrible truth had just dawned on him.) Are you shocked?

Ven: NONONONONONONO-- (Gets flung downward really quickly. Gets electrocuted by the laser security. Thaddeus and the others had horrified looks on their faces. Sly and Penelope were disgusted by Chronos' actions, albeit for somewhat different reasons.)

Chronos: (Looks at Ven with delight.) Well, what do you know. I'm pretty shocked myself! (Flies off, cackling as he goes)

Sly: "I was the first to admit that I never saw this coming. Whoever this Chronos guy was seemed like a psychopath. I knew Penelope had lost her marbles, but I never knew she'd ever work with someone like this. I asked her about Chronos, and at first, she wasn't willing to talk. The whole Belle thing really got to her head. But then what felt like a miracle happened. Penelope broke down in tears and told us everything she knew. She even told us about Chronos. According to Penelope, Chronos was someone she had met in the ThiefNet Chatrooms while she was still with Bentley. At first, their conversations were casual, but then Chronos started asking her questions like 'Are you sure you can trust Sly?' and 'He hasn't been using you, has he?'. This gave her the impression that I was brainwashing her, and in time, she came to believe Chronos, and with terrible results. Penelope hadn't met Chronos in person, so she couldn't describe what he looked like, though the plan they came up with was mostly his own. After that, she fell silent. She just kept staring at us. If was as if she was expecting us to attack her or something. The amount of fear and confusion on her face, hurt seeing her like this, even if she helped cause this mess. And when Carmelita mentioned prison, Penelope just froze. She didn't even blink. It was as if the most horrifying thing had just happened right in front of her. Needless to say, she had been through a lot. Bentley was very hesitant to approach her. After all he'd been through, this came as no surprise. But he was the first of us, and so far only one of us, to welcome her back to the team. Bentley told me about what she had said earlier, about being jealous of me. Something immediately seemed off about all this. I knew we all had to keep an eye on Penelope, but for now, it seemed she was on our side again. But really? Jealous? It didn't even seem genuine at all. Come to think of it, ever since the whole Le Paradox fiasco, Penelope went from a kind person to a dictator in the making. Something told me that there was a much more sinister force at work here. The smell of burnt wasp only helped to make it more obvious."

Sly: "We leaving Victorian London with more questions than answers. Who exactly was Chronos? That couldn't have been his first name, and certainly didn't sound like his last. Thaddeus deduced that it could be an alias. Needless to say, we definitely agreed with him on that one. We still weren't sure what was up with Penelope, either. In retrospect, it feels like she was being conditioned into that way of thinking. But it seems to be gone for now. After she had told us all of that info about how she met Chronos, she just wanted to be with Bentley. It was going to be a tough time easing into her being on the team again, but some part of me told me this was going to be worth it. I just wish it wasn't so small. We weren't sure which time period would be next, but Penelope gave us the solution: old pilot goggles! Penelope informed us that another of Chronos' lackeys was stationed in Otto van Cooper's time, though she didn't know who it was that was sent there. Funny. I always wanted to fly in an fighter plane again. As we were about to leave London, I could've swore I saw someone. Perhaps it was just my mind playing tricks on me."

(Ven's ghost watches everyone but Thaddeus leave Victorian London. Thaddeus looks at Ven's ghosts and sees Belle's spirit approach him. The two ghosts embrace, fading away into nothingness.)

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