Here is a list of the Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves Trophies.

List of Trophies

  • (Platinum) "Family Legacy": Complete all of the missions, collect every collectible, and get every trophy, and then beat the final mission again.
  • (Bronze) "Prison Break": Complete the tutorial level in under three minutes.
  • (Bronze) "Exodus": Rescue Slytunkhamen Cooper.
  • (Bronze) "I Want My Mummy!": Get the Mummy Costume.
  • (Bronze) "Collect-a-thon": Get all of the treasures in Ancient Egypt.
  • (Bronze) "Ancient Secrets": Get the vault treasure in Ancient Egypt.
  • (Bronze): "No.i Don't Think So!": Defeat Qwerty.
  • (Bronze) "FREEDOM!!": Rescue Slaigh MacCooper.
  • (Bronze) "Magic Show": Get the Wizard Costume.
  • (Bronze) "Lost and Found": Get all of the treasures in Celtic Scotland.
  • (Bronze) "Only a Flesh Wound": Get the vault treasure in Celtic Scotland.
  • (Bronze) "Wipeout": Defeat Le Dude.
  • (Bronze) "Hurricane Henriette": Rescue Henriette "One-Eye" Cooper.
  • (Bronze) "Shipshape": Get the Buccaneer Costume.
  • (Bronze) "Pillage and Plunder": Get all of the treasures in the Age of Pirates.
  • (Bronze) "Snapper Soup": Get the vault treasure in the Age of Pirates.
  • (Bronze) "Rats With Wings": Defeat Red Rum Roger for the first time.
  • (Bronze) "Gizmos and Gadgets": Defeat Black Beard.
  • (Bronze) "Elementary": Find Thaddeus Winslow Cooper III.
  • (Bronze) "The Way of the Dodo": Get the Mascot Costume.
  • (Bronze) "Un-birthday Present": Get all of the treasures in Victorian England.
  • (Bronze) "Familiar Faces": Get the vault treasure in Victorian England.
  • (Bronze) "Bug Repellent": Defeat Ven St. Claire.
  • (Bronze) "Ace Pilot": Rescue Otto van Cooper.
  • (Silver) "All in the Family": Play as all five playable ancestors.
  • (Bronze) "Game Mechanics": Get the Repairman Costume.
  • (Silver) "Dressed for the Occasion": Use all five costumes.
  • (Bronze) "Baggage Claim": Get all of the treasures in WW1 Netherlands.
  • (Bronze) "Independence Day": Get the vault treasure in WW1 Netherlands.
  • (Gold) "Worth the Effort": Collect all of the treasure in the game.
  • (Bronze) "Surf and Turf": Defeat Amber and Gustav Gale.
  • (Gold) "Time'e Up": Defeat Chronos and the last enemy...
  • (Bronze) "Silence is Golden": Take down ten guards in fifty seconds without being seen.
  • (Silver) "Holy Moses!": Defeat Qwerty in three minutes without getting hurt once.
  • (Silver) "Pickpocket Extraordinaire": Pickpocket all different kinds of loot in the game.
  • (Silver) "Wet Behind the Ears": Destroy the prototype Clockwerk under one minute.
  • (Bronze) "Swashbuckler Supreme": Defeat Red Rum Roger as Henriette without getting hurt once.
  • (Bronze) "Nice Landing": Defeat Red Rum Roger as Murray in Operation: Turbo Dynamic Piracy.
  • (Silver) "Running the Gauntlet": Complete Out of Touch, Out of Time without dying once.
  • (Bronze) "Urban Legend": Convince the Loch Ness Monster to assist the Cooper Gang in two minutes.
  • (Bronze) "Crocodile Hunter": Complete the mission In the Nile without failing once.
  • (Gold) "Masquerade" Collect all of the Secret Masks.
  • (Bronze) "Just Like Old Times..." Play as Penelope while she's wearing her Original Skin.
  • (Bronze) "I'm a Big Kid Now" Play as Murray while he's wearing his Big Boy Skin.
  • (Bronze) "Tony "The Killer" B." Play as Sly while he's wearing his Mafia Skin.
  • (Bronze) "Here Comes the Bride!" Play as Carmelita while she's wearing her Bridal Skin.
  • (Bronze) "Criminal Mastermind" Play as Bentley while he's wearing his Train Robber Skin.
  • (Silver) "Skin Deep" Wear all of the alternate skins in the game.

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