Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves is the alternate fifth game in the Sly Cooper series and is part 2 of the Continuum Trilogy. It is available for the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita in NA and PAL regions. In Japan, the game is paired with the Japanese version on Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, which was released a month earlier. It later had a sequel called Sly Cooper: The Dimension Generation.

Taking place after the events of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Bentley finally discovers where and when Sly is located. But when they find him, they uncover something foul that is about to be unleashed on their world. It is now up to them to defeat the evil causing trouble throughout time.



Prologue (In the Beginning...)

The story begins with Sly Cooper waking up in a prison cell somewhere in Egypt. He remembers the events prior to arriving there, and Le Paradox's involvement in it all. Sly then recalled how, after finding civilization, a mysterious pharaoh had commanded troops with superior technology to capture him when Sly tried liberating Egypt. Once the Cruel Crocodiles left their posts, Sly quickly made his move; there was a hole in the cell he had been trapped in that he had been making big enough to fit inside of. Now that Sly could sneak outside, he needed to be quick about escaping or the guards would come back, possibly with reinforcements. When Sly was freed, he saw a light in the distance, the light of someone traveling through time. Bentley, Carmelita, and Murray, who had managed to arrive in Ancient Egypt using mummy wrappings stolen from Cairo, Egypt's museum to get there, were each attacked by some of the strange, new threats, namely the Coldhearted Cats and Heinous Hyenas, that had been patrolling the prison at the time. Before long, they had finally reunited with Sly Cooper after all this time, now that the threat had seemingly been quelled. However, celebrations were cut short once Bentley pointed out that the enemies they were fighting had technology that wasn't from the current era. Thus, it occurred to everyone that not everything was as it appeared.

Rob Like an Egyptian

After Sly told the rest of the Cooper Gang of his time in Egypt, Bentley asked about the man responsible for locking up Sly. He didn't remember who it was or if he even saw what he looked like, but Sly said that his Egyptian ancestor, Slytunkhamen Cooper, had attempted to take down the pharaoh shortly after Sly's arrest. Sly then recalled how Slytunkhamen was the first to write in the Thevius Raccoonus, the book chronicling his ancestors' thieving abilities that had been passed down from generation to generation. Sly's first job was to do some recon, which was when he finally got a glimpse of his former captor, a ring-tailed cat wearing a weird, blue tuxedo. He also figured out where Slytunkhamen was being held, but according to Bentley, Sly Cooper needed to venture into the same prison that he had just escaped from. When the Cooper Gang freed Slytunkhamen, he gratefully told them about the new pharaoh, who, according to what Bentley downloaded from Interpol's database, was a former university professor from Holland (originally Austria) named Qwerty. A brilliant mathematician and scientist, Qwerty became obsessed with the Cooper Gang, longing to learn their thieving ways and surpass them, specifically Sly Cooper. Eventually, Sly Cooper and the gang learned that Qwerty was collecting rare species of birds for an unknown reason. Upon learning that Carmelita's ancestor, Ankh, was knowledgable on the subject of the Wing of Ra, one of the legendary wings of the Egyptian god Ra himself, she was targeted by Qwerty, who wanted to study the wing for what appeared to be his own purposes. Thankfully for her, she managed to make it to the safehouse with the combined efforts of Murray and Carmelita.

After a series of jobs, the Cooper Gang was ready to take on Qwerty in his palace lair in the mission, "Operation: Bird Roundup". When Sly reached Qwerty, he was informed that someone, namely Qwerty's employer, was coming for the Wing of Ra that Qwerty had just collected. As an airship appeared through what looked like a wormhole in the space-time continuum, Sly recognized an eerily familiar symbol: the silhouetted face of Penelope, a former member of the Cooper Gang who went rogue on his previous adventure. He had seen this symbol before, when he had escaped from prison. Before the airship could load its new cargo, Qwerty quickly took it and put it on one of his shoulders. Using the wings magical powers, he controlled the desert sands and battled Sly in the air in an arena made entirely out of sand. Sly's quick thinking and superior moves defeated the copycat thief, and Qwerty's plans involving the Cooper Gang were in shambles. However, the guards that Penelope had seemingly employed took the Wing of Ra anyway as a temporal anomaly sent Qwerty back to the present, where the authorities threw him in prison, leaving his khopeshes behind. Sly then wondered just how far Penelope was going to go with her plan (whatever it may have been), or what she had wanted with bird wings. Sly recalled how one of the guards mentioned "Celtic Scotland" before the airship took off and knew that that was where they needed to head next. Thankfully, Carmelita had bought an old rune on an online auction site with Bentley in preparation for going there in case Sly wasn't in Egypt. The gang placed the rune into the time machine and headed to Celtic Scotland.


When the Cooper Gang arrived in Celtic Scotland, Sly recalled the many adventures of his more adventurous ancestor, Slaigh MacCooper. It was said that he could break open locks with a single blow of his cane, and he used his wits and might in battle against hoards of enemies. However, judging from how everything looked, it seemed that someone had outsmarted him, as Slaigh was nowhere to be seen and most likely imprisoned somewhere. When Bentley tracked down Slaigh's location after Sly did some recon, the two worked together to try and free Slaigh from a fort owned by Penelope's hired help, Le Dude, a goshawk with a strong passion for skateboarding.

When Slaigh was freed, he told the Cooper Gang all about his current predicament and this "Le Dude" fellow. Apparently, Le Dude had appeared out of nowhere with a large army at his beck and call, disrupting law and order throughout town. Slaigh and the townsfolk tried opposing him, but Le Dude's technology made everyone run away, leaving Slaigh to fend for his homeland himself. This resulted in Slaigh's subsequent capture and imprisonment. Upon looking up his file, the Cooper Gang learned that Le Dude was once a famous skateboarder who fell into obscurity after being arrested for armed robbery with his friends, the leader was which had left him and his buddies for dead. Ever since then, Le Dude had a grudge against law enforcement, becoming a weapons dealer as his way of punishing the law for locking him away. After analyzing the situation, Slaigh was told to collect a series of mystical artifacts that would be needed for Sly's new Wizard Costume, something that Sly would have to use to get the legendary Loch Ness Monster to aid the Cooper Gang in their assault against Le Dude. Before this could be done, however, Sly and Bentley needed to eavesdrop on Le Dude in case they could get additional information out of him. Bentley managed to sneak into Le Dude's mine located underneath of Loch Ness using his RC Car, where various rare metals were being mined and sent somewhere unknown. Unable to cease mining operations at the moment, Bentley quickly attempted to returned his RC Car to the surface, but it was destroyed by Le Dude's flashlight guards, forcing them to beef up security. Meanwhile, Carmelita was becoming unsure of herself. She didn't want to lose Sly again, not after everything she and the Cooper Gang had gone through earlier. As a result of this, she began to feel like she might not be strong enough to protect him.

Once the Cooper Gang finally managed to get the help of the Loch Ness Monster (and after a series of jobs), Sly and the gang infiltrated the mine during "Operation: Loch Ness Robbers", using Nessie as a distraction. However, Le Dude was waiting for them. Sly tried using his Rail-Slide ability to catch up to Le Dude on his skateboard, but Le Dude's guards knocked Sly out when he wasn't paying attention, forcing Carmelita to act out of instinct to aid Sly, despite her current insecurities. Le Dude activated a machine powered by mystic runes that lit himself on fire without hurting him, instigating a battle between the anarchic bird of prey and the canid law enforcer. He also trapped Bentley, Slaigh and Murray on a mine cart heading toward what looked like (at least to Carmelita) an open forge, making the fight even more desperate. Despite Le Dude's phoenix-like appearance, his flight skills and his skateboarding skills, Carmelita managed to courageously defeat Le Dude, ending his reign in Scotland and restoring order to Slaigh's homeland. However, their victory was a hollow one, as the metals underneath of Loch Ness had been completely mined. Unfortunately, no one had any idea where Penelope or one of her henchman would strike next. However, after ransacking what was left of Le Dude's mine, they found a broken glass bottle. After analyzing it, it was confirmed to have once been a bottle of rum, possibly indicating that the Age of Pirates was where they needed to head to next. Taking a gamble, the Cooper Gang traveled to the Age of Pirates. And with Carmelita's confidence greatly improved, it looked like things were finally starting to look up.

Coopers of the Caribbean

Upon reaching the Age of Pirates, the Cooper Gang were shocked to see that there was someone waiting for them. A Jamaican albatross going by the name "Red Rum Roger" informed them that his captain, Henriette "One-Eye" Cooper, had been held captive somewhere in the Spanish colony of Topaz Lagoon and that their ship, the Emerald Eclipse, had been hijacked by a ghostly pirate. During this talk, Sly remembered his time in Blood Bath Bay and how Henriette "One-Eye" Cooper was one of the most famous Coopers of all time due to her swimming and leadership skills. All the while, Sly noticed how Murray's anger had been building since Le Dude's defeat, with Murray thinking about only one person: Penelope. Thanks to Red Rum Roger's guidance, the Cooper Gang managed to find Henriette "One-Eye" Cooper, who was located in a cave facing the lagoon. Unlike the other ancestors, specifically Slaigh, Henriette wasn't very happy. And unfortunately for her, things had just gotten worse; Red Rum Roger was a traitor. It turns out that he led the Cooper Gang to Henriette so that he could kill them all at once, saving his new "captain", Black Beard, the trouble of hunting them one at a time. After a fierce battle between Henriette and Roger, Roger lost one of his swords (this would be used for Sly's Buccaneer Costume later on), damaging his ego somewhat and motivating him to leave to fight another day.

Back at the safehouse, Henriette angrily explained to the gang that she and her crew were sailing to Blood Bath Bay one day when a monstrous pirate ghost attacked her ship with an army of mechanical pelicans. Her crew were bought and paid for shortly afterward, leaving Henriette with only Roger, who she thought was loyal at the time. But it was the mention of mechanical pelicans that indicated to the Cooper Gang just who this "Black Beard" really was. This wasn't the Black Beard in history books. This was Penelope, and it looked like she was willing to take on the Cooper Gang herself this time. With this knowledge, the Cooper Gang emotionally and mentally prepared themselves for the battles to come, knowing now who they were fighting against.

After a series of jobs, Black Beard finally made an appearance in Topaz Lagoon, heading for a group of sunken ships somewhere nearby. Bentley took it upon himself to follow Black Beard, thinking of it as deja vu. Eventually making it to a large ship that was halfway underwater, he could see the inner workings of what looked like a robot pelican guard factory. Penelope, having had enough of the cold battle suit that she had to pilot, was forced to leave it behind once she had reached a hidden chamber containing a supercomputer and an artificial beach for tanning. There she began talking to what seemed to be her computer's AI, who insisted that she hurry along with her data analysis regarding negative emotions. Eventually, Bentley's anger and impatience overwhelmed him, and he used an Explosive Dart to blow up Penelope's supercomputer, making Penelope notice him. Bentley made a mad dash for the exit as Penelope, in her Black Beard mech, chased after him, but to no avail, as Bentley managed to evade capture anyway. All the while, Sly needed to find a magical sword that could cut through anything, which would be perfect for defeating Black Beard and Red Rum Roger. Carmelita, on the other hand, had to contend with Roger, who was piloting a flying vehicle of some sort. Henriette and Murray, on the other hand, needed to find a replacement ship, mainly by having Murray distract the pirates while Henriette hijacked a ship. Murray's increasing anger toward Penelope was beginning to overwhelm him at this point, vowing to defeat her in Bentley's honor in case Bentley couldn't do so himself.

As it turned out, during the final mission in the Age of Pirates, Murray would get his wish during "Operation: Turbo-Dynamic Piracy". After Sly and the gang infiltrate Penelope's lair, where the Emerald Eclipse was located at the time, Sly, Carmelita, and Bentley were each put in dangerous situations by Penelope's crew. She had only Murray to deal with then. However, Penelope's mech was greatly damaged by Murray and the magic sword that Sly found before their battle, forcing Penelope to upgrade the mech into a larger one, just like in Medieval England. However, the mech wasn't finished; parts of it were completely exposed to the elements, making it highly vulnerable. Red Rum Roger eventually came to aid "Black Beard", and Murray was forced to battle the both of them. Roger, who was a mere distraction compared to the improved Black Beard, was eventually chucked into one of the ship's cannons and sent flying toward Black Beard's weak point, making Penelope eject from the mech as it exploded. Bentley, who at the point was in grave danger, was eventually saved by Penelope, whose impulses had gotten the better of her. This sparked a change in Murray, who began to think that there may have been room for redemption in her. Bentley, on the other hand, was mostly ungrateful for her actions, as he was still very angry at her earlier treachery. Furious at herself for saving one of her own enemies, Penelope quickly used a time machine to head to Victorian England, where someone she hired was working on something that she needed to check up on. The Cooper Gang desperately tried finding an item that they needed to reach her destination but found nothing. It wasn't until Henriette, now with her old ship again, found some documents dating back to the Victorian Era in the captain's quarters. It looked to be an old poem written by Thaddeus Winslow Cooper III, Sly's British ancestor. While the Cooper Gang got ready to go to Victorian England, Murray and Bentley began to think about Penelope. While Bentley's anger toward her hadn't gone away, Murray began to feel confident about Penelope, believing that there was still hope for her after all, even when others did not.

Alice in Cooperland

Sly Cooper and the gang were completely caught off guard when they arrived in Victorian England. There were virtually nothing but roller coasters, log flumes and other such amusement rides. It occurred to the Cooper Gang, Sly in particular, that it would be very tough trying to find Thaddeus Winslow Cooper III. According to the Thevius Raccoonus, Thaddeus Winslow Cooper III was well-known for his mastery of disguises and the hook moves, though it looked like he was more into the mastery of hiding than anything else at the moment. Thaddeus was nowhere to be seen, and based on Sly's assumptions, the local guards were searching high and low for him. The Cooper Gang knew they had to find Thaddeus fast, or things were going to get tough. They also had to deal with Penelope as well, who had gone here from the Age of Pirates.

Sly eventually found Thaddeus in the sewers. Thaddeus explained to the gang that a wasp named Ven St. Claire had taken over London and turned to whole place into a carnival. He tried to stop Ven, but failed due to Ven seeing through his disguises, forcing him into hiding. When the Cooper Gang looked up Ven's Interpol file, they discovered a very dark truth regarding his history. Apparently, Ven St. Claire was once a famous theme park owner from New Orleans, Louisiana who wanted to make an additional theme park in London. However, he was cheap, and often had other companies build his rides for him. Ven's most common associate, Willington Incorporated, built most of his rides, only that this time, the rides in London fell to pieces, and Belle, his wife, was killed during the ordeal. This would not only ruin Ven's reputation for having the safest rides in theme park history, but it would eventually lead to Ven's descent into madness. Sly and the gang had to prepare themselves for anything, because Ven's insanity would make him a very unpredictable foe.

One of Sly's most important missions in this time period was to bug Ven's office, and he needed the Mascot Costume, which he got from a Dastardly Dormouse who was sleeping on the job. When Sly got into Ven's office and bugged it, Ven quickly entered it, lamenting the loss of his wife. Much to Sly's shock, there was a picture of Belle St. Claire on Ven's desk. But the shock came from seeing what Belle looked like: a redheaded Penelope! This revelation was soon followed by the reminder that Penelope was in Victorian England, which they had forgotten due to Ven's overwhelming presence in the time period. Bentley used his RC Car to sneak into the inner sections of the complex and found Penelope, who was tied to a carousel. According to Ven, Belle and Penelope looked so similar to each other that Penelope was the perfect host for his wife's soul. More specifically, Ven had been practicing voodoo due to Mz. Ruby's book of spells, and he was going to use his new skills to perform a ritual to transfer his wife's soul into Penelope's body, effectively reviving his dead wife. Ven also explained that he merely used Penelope and her associates for his own ends. This caused Penelope to remember the events that took place in Victorian England, making her feel guilty about her past actions, but not enough to switch sides.

After a series of jobs, the gang managed to reach Penelope during "Operation: Bug Zapper". However, Ven St. Claire was waiting for them inside. After being informed that his entire plan in England was a waste of time (he didn't need to go through all of the trouble to perform the complex ritual he had intended but was too insane to notice), he decided to simply do the easier ritual: simply transferring Belle's soul into Penelope without anything unnecessary. When Belle possessed Penelope, she smothered her husband in kisses, but soon saw that her husband had gone completely crazy. Mortified that her husband became evil, Belle tried to reason with him, but Ven refused to listen, making Belle break out in tears. All the while, Penelope was seeing this from Belle's perspective, as if her role in Medieval England had been switched around and Bentley had gone insane instead. Penelope fought for control of her body, and Belle, before returning to the spirit world, told the Cooper Gang to defeat her husband. This left Penelope in a state of shock and confusion. Just as a furious Ven was about to beat Penelope senseless, Bentley, in a moment of bravery, stood up to Ven, but was thrown across the inner theme park. Once Ven caught up with Bentley, the two fought fiercely. Right when Bentley had Ven on the ropes, Ven tried to fly through an open window to retreat. This was a mistake; Chronos, Penelope's partner in crime, was waiting for him up there. After a brief chat with Ven, Penelope and the Cooper Gang, Chronos threw Ven into the laser security as punishment for his defiance, killing him like a bug flying into a bug zapper. Chronos then flew off, leaving a spaced-out Penelope to take care of. Bentley, feeling some sympathy for her, decided to give her a second chance, but if anything happened, she would never be trusted again. However, Penelope did do something useful; she gave the Cooper Gang some pilot goggles, indicating that the next destination was WW1 Netherlands, the time of Otto van Cooper. The Cooper Gang quickly got ready to time-travel, and Bentley, now more cautious than ever, was going to find out just what kind of person Penelope really was.

In the Air Tonight

The Cooper Gang arrived in WW1 Netherlands to find that it had been taken over by an army of red squirrels, peregrine falcons and firecrests. This and the hint of caution created by Penelope's presence made Sly Cooper and company on edge, feeling ready for just about anything. As they looked around the formerly peaceful town, they knew that Otto van Cooper, the technologically-gifted ancestor, had to be somewhere nearby. Regardless of whether or not he had been captured or was simply in hiding, Sly would aid him in driving Chronos' armies out in any way he could. And if Penelope was going to betray the gang again, then they knew just what to do with her...

During the Cooper Gang's first recon mission, Sly spotted a rabbit by the name of Amber heading into one of the factories nearby. Sly managed to follow her inside, learning about her associate, Gustav Gale, and the location of Otto van Cooper. Otto was being held in one of the enemy hangars, and Sly was just the man to get him out of there. Once Otto had been freed, he told the Cooper Gang his story. Apparently, he was busy flying his plane when Amber and this "Gustav" character invaded. Back then, he would always practice flying in case a tournament started, but when Gustav and Amber showed up, he quickly tried to take them down, but failed when they destroyed his plane. Bentley looked up both of their Interpol files, and he was surprised to learn as much as he did about them. According to her file, Amber was a rockstar from Australia who lost her fame when her younger sister, who was a pop star, outperformed her, making her and her band, Blynd Tyger, fall into oscurity. In a fit of rage, she attacked and crippled her sister during a live performance, and has since been on the lamb. As for Gustav Gale, he was a promising fighter pilot from Russia. When he tried to join the Russian military, he succeeded, but it was soon discovered that he was a member of the Fishtovski crime family, and he was consequently arrested. He soon escaped and vowed to shoot down any pilot that was better than him, all in a futile attempt to get his status in the military back. It was long thought that this criminal had either went into hiding or died, but it looked like only the former was true. Now he was back, and this time, he had help. It was going to take a lot in order to defeat the two of them, but the gang knew they had to try. Whatever it was that Chronos and Penelope had planned needed to be stopped, and it needed to be stopped soon.

After several missions, one of which involved the creation of the Repairman Costume, the Cooper Gang had a grim revelation: Chronos was rebuilding Clockwerk's body! The wing measurements, the metals being mined under Loch Ness, the data regarding negative emotions, and now what looked like the construction and programming phase; it was all adding up now! The Cooper Gang automatically knew that things just went from bad to worse, and that they needed to hurry up and stop Gustav and Amber. All the while, Penelope, who at this point was finally beginning to become normal again, encountered Gustav and they finally recognized each other. At first, when Gustav encountered Penelope while she still worked with Chronos, Gustav didn't recall who she was and only thought that she looked familiar. But after getting a closer look at her, he remembered everything about their previous encounter. When Penelope was just a young girl, her parents, who were exceptional pilots, were targeted by Gustav, and unfortunately, Gustav had the upper hand and shot them down, claiming their lives and robbing Penelope of a proper childhood. Ever since then, she practiced flying planes to eventually take down Gustav Gale someday, but rumors of his death quelled her lust for revenge, making her focus more on wealth and fame instead. This lead to the events that brought about the birth of her Black Baron persona. After a brief skirmish, Gustav tactically retreated, wanting to test out the Clockwerk prototype soon. And with no memory of what Chronos was planning, Penelope felt like a failure; she had to make it up to Bentley somehow.

Things finally came to a head once Gustav and Amber got the prototype Clockwerk up and running during "Operation: Surf and Turf Be-Gone". For awhile, Otto van Cooper was quite insecure about his physical abilities, as he lacked the skills of his ancestors. However, he managed to get his confidence back once the Cooper Gang was in danger during one of the earlier missions. Those experiences, combined with his newly built plane, gave Otto all the confidence he needed to confront Gustav and Amber via an aerial battle, a fight that Bentley was absolutely sure Otto would lose. However, Otto miraculously overcame the odds and defeated the two troublemakers. Unfortunately, they weren't finished yet, and Otto's plane now lacked the means to stay aloft, forcing him to stay on the ground. Penelope, cornered by the two villains, was forced to use her physical combat skills and her RC vehicles to combat Amber and Gustav. It took a long while, but Penelope eventually claimed victory over Amber and Gustav Gale, avenging her parents and restoring the Cooper Gang's trust in her, albeit not completely. Chronos, who, for a short time, had been hiding out in an office somewhere close by, had finally surfaced and taunted the Cooper Gang for their slowness and told them that he wanted to deal with the Cooper Gang himself. Chronos, on what was thought to be Penelope's airship from Ancient Egypt, took off to a time period of Chronos' choosing once the Cooper Gang was told which time period he chose to visit. Upon hearing the date, Sly Cooper knew where they needed to go, and used his own cane, his father's cane, to get the team there. All the while, Penelope's memories began to resurface, and she swore to tell the Cooper Gang everything that she had done to make Chronos' plans happen.

Epilogue (Out of Touch, Out of Time)

As the Cooper Gang traveled to Sly's Father's time, Penelope came clean to the rest of the gang regarding her involvement in everything. What Penelope told everyone was a shock to all who heard it. According to Penelope, she and Chronos began talking to each other on the ThiefNet chatrooms sometime after the Cooper Vault Job, eventually leading to the two becoming pen pals. However, Chronos began playing mind games with her once he knew enough about her, and began telling her things, like how Sly used her and the newer Cooper Gang members as a means to an end, the end being the Cooper Vault. Penelope soon became convinced that she had to give Clockwerk what he needed to live forever, seeing as how she was the only one other than Sly and Bentley to have read through the whole book and studied it. Without Bentley's knowledge, Penelope secretly began brainwashing herself to make sure that she wouldn't feel guilty about betraying the Cooper Gang, but then she said that she blacked out halfway through the process and woke up as a different person. This story touched the rest of the Cooper Gang, who now knew the full burden she had to bear. After hacking ThiefNet, Bentley learned the identity of Chronos: Professor Edmund Malsenrus Remus, one of the most powerful crime bosses in the world, and a thief who specialized in psychological warfare and fear. According to his Interpol file, Prof. Remus was a major enemy of the Original Cooper Gang, often antagonizing them at every turn for quite some time. However, Sly's Father defeated Prof. Remus, and Prof. Remus vowed to get revenge, something he failed to do when Clockwerk beat him to the punch. Ever since then, it seemed that Prof. Remus had gone into hiding. At this point, the Cooper Gang only thought about stopping the professor. Penelope's betrayal had been forgiven at this point, but regardless, the gang had to be careful. Anything could be hiding in the shadows...

When the Cooper Gang arrived, they were greeted by Prof. Remus' henchman, who had taken control of a section of Paris. Several guards attacked each member of the Cooper Gang at once, all the while, Prof. Remus taunted the heroes as he watched them from hovering TV monitors, even filling them in on some of his secrets, believing that they wouldn't survive. According to him, Prof. Remus had gone into hiding and amassed a great fortune through the use of his newly-purchased army. However, he would use symbols of lesser gangs and organizations to conceal his involvement in certain crimes. As time went by, he became unsatisfied with money and instead focused on destroying, believing that lives were objects and that, once they were taken, they couldn't be taken back through natural means, making him want to take as many lives as he could. He also had the firm belief that the Cooper Clan was nothing without the Thievius Raccoonus, wanting to make sure that no more pages would be written on, thus ending the legacy. He also wanted to use the book himself as a bonus. The Cooper Gang eventually reached the Cooper household, only to find that the Fiendish Five had already arrived. Sly Cooper was forced to watch his father die a second time. Unfortunately for them, however, things had just gotten worse. The Cooper Gang had arrived in Sly's Father's time at the exact same time as Prof. Remus, which created a series of temporal anomalies that threatened all of space-time. As a result, the Cooper Gang eventually made their way to the professor's satellite base, which, due to the anomalies, had been trapped in limbo in between Sly's Father's time and the present.

Eventually, the Cooper Gang learned about Ven St. Claire's role in the plan, which was something not brought up earlier. While every other enemy had obvious contributions, Ven's wasn't. As it turned out, Ven was supposed to perfect his voodoo skills and give the Clockwerk Frame its ability to repair itself, and also to transfer the professor's consciousness into the machine. Originally, Penelope was going to be used for this, as the professor knew that Clockwerk would eventually die and didn't want to perish at the hands of a Cooper. However, because of Penelope's recent redemption, Prof. Remus, who had studied from Ven's spell book on his own free time after his visit to Victorian England, decided to place his consciousness into Clockwerk, turning himself into Clockwerk out of desperation. Believing that there was still a way to kill Sly in the present as opposed to the past, one final battle ensued. The temporal anomalies, while lessening in frequency, were becoming stronger, and eventually, after a grueling battle, one last anomaly occurred: a wormhole to a random time period had opened! The Cooper Gang made their way to the Cooper Van, which had been transported there along with several of the former professor's guards. As they escaped into the present, Clockwerk was sucked into the wormhole never to be seen again. With the threat of Chronos, a.k.a Prof. Remus, a.k.a. Clockwerk finally over, the Cooper Gang celebrated.

Meanwhile, Clockwerk, furious at his loss, had ended up in a time period he wasn't familiar with. His tune soon changed, however, when he remembered who got to kill Sly's Father...


Kevin Miller as Sly Cooper

Matt Olsen as Bentley

Chris Murphy as Murray

Grey DeLisle as Carmelita Fox

Annette Toutonghi as Penelope, Black Beard, the Butterflies

Tara Strong as Henriette "One-Eye" CooperBelle St. Claire, Ankhesenamun, the Coldhearted Cats, the Dastardly Dormice, Emma-Holmes Fox

Billy Zane as Chronos

Zach McGowan as Gustav Gale

Andrew Stanton as Le Dude

Jim Cummings as the Spiteful Scorpions, the Putrid Pelicans, the Furious Firecrests, and the Porcelain Crabs

Mark Hamill as Slytunkhamen Cooper, the Heinous Hyenas

Ross Douglass as Clockwerk

Dan Castellanetta as the Diabolical Deer, the Jaded Jackals

Steven Blum as the Cruel Crocodiles, the Selfish Squirrels

Billy Connolly as Slaigh MacCooper

Nolan North as Otto van Cooper, the Fearsome Falcons, the Common Swifts

Ron Perlman as Qwerty

Jack Davenport as Morgan Fox

Clancy Brown as the Sinister Seagulls

Brian Doyle-Murray as the Cutthroat Capuchins

Ewan McGregor as the Callous Crows

Stephen Merchant as the Horrible Hares

Phil LaMarr as Ven St. Claire, the Hermit Crabs

Loren Hoskins as the Pesky Ponies

Robert Downey Jr. as Thaddeus Winslow Cooper III

Alan Young as the Monstrous Martens

Patrick Seltz as the Dangerous Donkeys

Chris Cain as Red Rum Roger

Kelly Macdonald as Agnes-Aggy MacFox

Laura Bailey as Amber

Maxey Whitehead as Young Sly

Emma de Caunes as Joan de Fox

Chuck Kourouklis as the Saba Least Geckos, the Sheep

Andrea Libman as the Holland Lops

Adam Harrington as the Saharan Striped Polecats, the Ratels

Roger Jackson as the Ducks

John Sessions as the Common Long-eared Bats

Kevin McKidd as the European Badgers

Scott Cleverdon as the Northern Crested Newts

Morag Siller as the Common Pheasants

Antonio Banderas as the European Wildcats

John Ratzenberger as the Eurasian Beavers

John DiMaggio as the Dung Beetles

Katey Sagal as the Greater Flamingoes

David Hyde Pierce as the Leatherback Sea Turtles

Brian Murray as the Wood Storks



Clue Bottles, which were reintroduced to the series in Thieves in Time, make a triumphant return in this game, this time being placed in trickier locations to make the game more difficult and fun. A new feature has been added to them as well: if you collect five of them, they'll give you tidbits of information on a member of the Cooper family (i.e. In the episode Braverobber, "Tennessee Kid" Cooper and Slaigh MacCooper have their histories explained with each five Clue Bottles collected respectively, with the remaining five covering the history of one of the five main playable characters in the game). There are thirty-five Clue Bottles in each level, and once collected, the vault of each level can be accessed.

Coins make a return in this game, filling the same role as they always have: being used as a way to buy new abilities on ThiefNet.

Secret Sly Masks make a return in this game as well, but they can only be collected by Sly this time around, with each other character having their own secret masks to collect. Collecting them will unlock costumes for each character, along with different skins for weapons and the paraglider. Collecting them all will unlock skins for each playable ancestor based on ancestors from the previous games. Treasure is now much harder and more challenging to collect now that Sly isn't the only one who can obtain them all. Overall, however, they work the same way as they did in Thieves in Time.


The compass used in the previous game has gone through a great improvement. Waypoints and special items are now colored magenta, blue, and green if said waypoints and special items are below, on the same level as, or above the player character respectively.


Costumes make a return in this game, but not the same ones from Thieves in Time. The costumes now have a more active role, with many alternate paths being reachable only with those costumes, making jobs less linear as a result of this. While most main missions restricted the use of certain costumes in the previous game, this game allows costumes from different eras to be used in missions in different time periods.



Development of Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves began shortly after finishing Thieves in Time had been finished. With many new and old concepts ready to be used, it was quite easy to make. "It didn't take too long to come up with a good direction to go in," Matt Kraemer told IGN in an interview, "We had a general idea of where the storyline would lead to and we went with it. While I'm not in the mood to tell you any details about it, all I can say is that a very familiar enemy will be returning. That's all I can tell you." The first level revealed in Age of Thieves was the Ancient Egypt level, which, at the same time, showcased the new Mummy Costume. A month later, Sanzaru revealed the villain of that time period, Qwerty, and gave everyone an idea of what some new gameplay elements would be like. "These days, being linear isn't always a good thing in games," Matt Kraemer said, "This is why there will be hidden shortcuts and alternate pathways in certain levels, allowing gamers to have a unique experience each time they play through them."

As time went by, more and more information about the game was revealed until the day of release, when only key elements of the story remained hidden from the public and nothing else.


The game was very well received upon initial release, with 400,550 copies sold in a single week in North America, and 300,220 copies being sold everywhere else. GameInformer gave the game a 10/10, saying, "In a time when First-Person Shooters have flooded the market and drowned everything else, this game managed to stay dry." Eurogamer was more critical of the game, citing the swimming mechanics being problematic, and that the audio was off occasionally, giving the game a 7.5/10 as a result. Others such as IGN, on the other hand, praised the game's story and character development, though they admitted it was a bit predictable at times, giving the game a 9/10.


  • This game has the most playable characters out of any Sly game, with ten (Sly Cooper, Bentley, Murray, Carmelita Fox, Penelope, Thaddeus Winslow Cooper III, Otto van Cooper, Slytunkhamen Cooper, Henriette "One-Eye" Cooper, and Slaigh MacCooper).
  • Enemies planned to appear in the previous game, the mole and monitor lizard, were also planned to appear in this one. However, they were scrapped due to better and more original ideas being made, and the developers didn't want to be redundant.
  • Originally, Sir Raleigh the Frog would've been one of the antagonists of WW1 Netherlands, but the way the character was written made it difficult to come up with scenarios with him, so Gustav Gale replaced him in the original villain lineup.
  • Each of the bosses have some type of connection with one of the five main playable characters.

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