Sly Cooper(Reboot)

Created by

Spyrocks and Molefreak23

Created by Spyrocks and MoleFreak23.

This Sly is a reboot version of Sly Cooper, of what if he never meet Bentley,Murrey or Carmelita.

As of what most likely would happen(If it did) Sly is more silent,sad and alone having no friends, or family with him but he is much wiser than the original Sly, better planner,better fighter,stronger, and is a skilled sword/cane duelist.

Sly Cooper never was interested in carmelita(Because she doesnt exist in the this series).

Reboot Sly  wears a bad-A red jacket, and has a cane shaped sword that is tough and sharp.

Every ability that Sly and the gang has,reboot Sly is a mixed combination of those members.

Non Canon

However Jojo somehow learned how to use teleportation throughout different universe and made a deal with reboot Sly that he couldn't refuse.

Seeing his parents again.

And Sly joined Jojo and Evil Sly into hunting down and destroying Sly and gang forever!

Unlike most of the enemys Sly and the gang have faced,reboot Sly is more about ruining his enemys lives by everything of who they are,stealing all of Releighs money,Transforming Muggshot into the weakest being alive,however for Ms.Ruby, Sly didnt exactly have to do anything she got herself in Hell by making too many deals with the Devil,became a better fireworks artist than Panda King and using his weapons to backfire on Panda King, and spared of Clockwerk,erasing his memory of the Coopers.


Spyrocks erased some of the story from this page due to the fact, of how poor on quality it seemed to him.

Dark Sly Cooper was the original name for Spyrocks version of Sly Cooper.

Only Michail was there when Reboot Sly lost his parents.

The jacket was inspired by Luke Skywalker jacket at the end of the original Star Wars film.

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