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The Second Chapter of his Fic

Sly 5:

Return of the Theivious Racconus

Ch2 History

A Dark and Stormy Night pt2

The Calm Before the Storm pt1

(AN: this chapter and the next will bounce between multiple points of view. Also, MoleFreak23, you have the honor of having the first fan OC to show up in this fic.I decided to make this a 2 part due to the length of the back story that is cannon.)

Third person pov: It all started on a knight like this, 16 years ago. It was a night, so normal to most. But to a select few, it was the start of their lives, born anew from the ashes of tragedy and murder. At the age of 8, minus one day, the new heir of a family was to receive his family heirloom, the Thevious Raccoonus, the ancient tome of his family trade. His name was Sylvester “Shadow” Thievious Cooper, heir to the Cooper family trade. They were the greatest line of thieves the world had ever seen. Dating back to the Pharaohs of Egypt, they were the bane of criminals throughout time. For they had a a creed, that, to any who did not understand the reason, baffled the world. They would only steal from the corrupt and other thieves, for as the first formal ancestor, Slytunkhamen II, had wrote, “It is not honorable to rob those that have worked for what they have. And besides, where is the fun in that?” And the second part of the creed applied to their unusual relations with cops throughout time. “Never harm a cop(or whatever the era had for them). Its bad for business, it's bad for your honor, and it is no fun if one does not have the thrill of the case after each heist.”. But fate had other plans for this young scion. A group of five fiends came to his house that night, to steal the book of his family's legacies. Before his very eyes, he watched his entire life torn to shreds, all orchestrated by a figure that would forever haunt his nightmares. Ten years latter, with his friends backing him, he tracked down, the fiends to recover the ancestral tome. It was on this journey that he ended the life of the terror that had stalked his family for over 3000 years, the mechanical terror Clock-Werk, a being so infused with hatred that he turned his very body into machinery, just to have his will enacted upon the Coopers for years to come. But even his death in the massive Krak-Karov volcano could not end his terrible resolve. Two years latter, the parts were removed, and put on display. A group of criminals stole the parts, and the last scion of the Coopers again went out to destroy the monster once and for all. But the cost was great. His best friend lost his legs in the final battle against the monster, as his final words from the previous battle echoed across Paris, “You shall never be rid of me Cooper. I shall forever haunt you, for even in death there is no escaping me” The Gang of friends was split apart by this trauma., the gentle giant blaming him self, and vanishing into the darkness to train. It was in this year of despair that Sly (as he was more commonly called) discovered the second part of his inheritance, the Cooper Vault, an entire island, hollowed out, with caves expanding deep into the crust, filled with the most valuable treasures his family ever acquired. But the island was home of a madman who knew off its secrets. Thus Sly and his now wheelchair bound friend set out to gather a group of thieves to get into

a fortress that made Fort Knox look tike a sand castle. They tracked down the best in their fields, making friends of new allies and old enemies, and their lost ally returning to their aid. But in the final battle with the madman, the valiant last child of the Coopers was smashed into unconsciousness. The fiery Latino Vixen that had chased him for most of his life had been protected by the thief's body in this selfless act of valor and chivalry. The rage that all men fear filled the Vixen as she blasted the madman to within an inch of his life. The caverns began to crumble as she revived the infamous Raccoon. To her surprise, he remembered nothing. Seeing an opportunity to be with the man of her dreams, who had at every encounter flirted with her, the only decent man she ever knew, a true gentlemen, she caved into her deepest secrets desires and told him that he was a cop, her partner. As they escaped the island, the former thief left a message to his companions, by leaving a calling card worth trillions, in the form of his thieving gear. The gang went their ways staying in contact as they searched for their faithful leader. Then, after a few months of searching, the wheelchair bound friend found himself looking over the balconies of Paris. As he stopped on the balcony of his old enemy, he was shocked to see none other than the last Cooper child dancing with his old foe. As he stood in awe, his oldest friend turned and looked directly at him, giving him a wink, the old signal among the three friends that all was well. As the wheelchair bound friend sat in amazement, all he could say was that his old friend was a sneaky devil. The last Cooper had pulled of a disguise that would make his ancestor Thaddeus proud. He had faked the whole thing, and was with the woman of his dreams. This was three years years ago. The friends maintained informal contact with one another, until it was reveled that someone was rewriting history. The trio of the original friends set out to right the wrong. But in the process, the Vixen discovered the ruse. The trio escaped and began a journey throughout the ages. At their second stop along the time line, the Vixen joined the trio, much to her chagrin. Lets just say that a spot in the dessert was blasted to bits as sh vented her rage on the world. But, as she began to see the reasons for this adventure, as well as a second view of the Cooper ways, she warmed back up to the infamous raccoon. It seemed that all would be well in the end, until in the final battle, where the Last cooper truly disappeared. This was the second tragedy of the adventure, as the woman of the wheelchair bound friend was reveled to be one of the enemy’s most important allies. This nearly shattered the turtle, but he held on. The loss of Sly did the same to the Vixen. But they held on to hope that they would be reunited. And now...

The distant gives way to the resent.

Discover what else has set

the stage for the


in pt


AN: Yes this is a 2 part chapter, this is due to the length of the cannon back story. And Mole, terry shows up next time.

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