Hello, fanfiction, this is Fanus Obscurus Formerley Wiki contributor here, with fantastic news! I am pleased to present Chapter one of my hopefully epically long fan fiction version of Sly 5. The Title of this work?

Sly 5

Return of the Thievious Raccoonus

Ch 1: Prologue

A Dark and Stormy Night pt.1

The Storm Begins

Time: 12:00 am., Sunday, June 23, 2013. Approximately 3 months after the events of Thieves in Time.

Location: Overlooking the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

The world was normal. Well, as normal as a world of anthropomorphic animals inhabiting the modern world can be. The world had not seen a true war since World War II. Terrorist was nearly extinct after the death of several major leaders and factions due to the “accidental” detonation of over 2,000 weapons caches that had made their ways int the hands off extremist groups world wide, thanks to a brilliant counter terrorism think tank's idea.. The economy of the world had stabilized due to a massive out break of common sense around the globe. The crime rate in Paris was down to. Once, it seemed everyday there would be news of another vigilante robbery by the famous, or, depending upon one's morals, infamous Sly Cooper. Not a shred of news had been said about him in over 3 years after his last round of sightings in seemingly random locations across the world. But he wasn't the only disappearing act that had been heard of lately.

About 2 months ago, the world famous Inspector Carmelita Montoya Fox, know to some as Old Ironsides, or to some that made the mistake of getting her mad, The Latino A-Bomb, was revealed to be retiring from her job as the most famous Interpol Inspector of our time. Many theories flew about the reason. Some say that she just wished to retire to her native Spain, others that the lack of a worthy foe to hunt left her feeling sad, no longer feeling the true thrill of the hunt. The official reason was that after after an office party celebrating the three year anniversary of Cooper's disappearance, a dozen drunken officers approached her with her with “malicious intent”. After all was said and done, the Inspector had left 8 of them wheelchair bound, and the other four bed ridden for the next three weeks. “Feeling disgusted” by this “lack of self control” she turned in her badge, but due to her record, was allowed to keep her side arm. About three days after this, she disappeared off the grid. The next day, papers across Paris were plastered with news of the return of Sly Cooper. A notorious group of art thieves were found bound and gagged inside their ware house, surrounded by their ill-gotten goods. And place on top of where the the crown jewel of the collection, the Mona Lisa itself, formerly stood was the calling card know to criminals world wide. But, later, when the Mona Lisa was found hanging inside the Louvre as if it had never disappeared, the fake lying beside it was a different card. Indeed, the police were wrong on the first card to. Instead of the blue masked raccoon that was taboo to mention among criminals round the globe, the card was of a fox, masked in the same blue mask of the Cooper card. When interrogated, the thieves said they were attacked by a scarlet vixen, “that fought like the devil tits self.” They said that bullets fired at her were dodged so quickly, it was like time slowed for her. This was puzzling, as this ability had been attributed to the elusive raccoon they first thought they sought. But the story stayed the same, a swirling scarlet vixen that out fought every man they had. Soon the Scarlet Vixen, as all the cards were soon signed, was placed right beside the legendary Cooper on Interpol's most wanted list. This vixen was never found on any security tapes, no photographs ever emerged. All that was known of her face was that she always wore a mask that completely covered her face and a form fitting red gymnast suit, littered with pockets.

Tales of her flew around until the day of this setting. It was a normal day at first. It seemed as if nothing would change that. Rumors of the Vixen being in Japan, robbing the Yakuza blind, had caused relief in the underworld of Paris. But a storm was brewing overhead. Not a cloud existed on that fateful summer day until 11:00 pm. What happened then was straight from science fiction. When the clocks of Paris struck eleven, pitch black clouds began to form over Paris. In under five minutes the City of Lights was under a cloak of darkness. Then, without warning, winds of up to 140 mph swept through the streets of Paris, picking up all in its path. The winds converged at the Eiffel Tower, fighting each other as a cyclone formed around the landmark. At 30 after, lighting, red as blood, streaked the skies under the clouds. The bolts began to strike each other as well, and began to flow with the cyclone. At exactly one minute to midnight, all the bolts began to converge on the tip of the Eiffel tower, and with a blast so bright it was seen from orbit, the winds died and the clouds dispersed with as little reason why as to why they began. A select few pondered the true meaning of this. But they had little time to guess, as at 5 minutes before midnight, a alarm went off in each of their respective abodes. This meant something significant to them. To one it was a beacon of hope. To the other, it was a rallying call to revenge.

Standing atop the famous radio tower, still crackling with power, a lone figure rose up to survey the surroundings. But to him, all was blank as he asked himself a simple question. “Where the heck am I! Who the heck am I?”

Next time on Return of the Thevious Racconus

The past rushes forward to make the present. How have the actions of

some led to the path the world has taken? The ones

that have made this be reflect on the past

as the future rushes to make

what is what once


Author's Note: This is a story based of a submission I once made on the regular Wiki. I ask no one look it up, as it outlines what path this will follow. I have the first three chapters planed out, but after that I have not decided. I will accept OC characters for roles in my story. At the end of chapter 3 I will have a list of what I need from the OC's I need. Note: these will not be heroes. They will be villains or comic relief characters. I will give the needs of the desired OC's and you provide the background. Then they will appear in the next chapter of the story. Now in order to keep this as mysterious as possible, I will provide a sketchy character list here. Feel free to guess at the characters. Note, this list will extend and some rolls will combine. Also, here is a free character. That's it for this chapter so stay tuned for more.

The amnesiac

The Scarlet Vixen

Her Gang

Their Pet

The Revenge Seeker

The Seeker's gang

(This will include Ocs of readers and my own choices, so it will extend)

The Constabulary

(Same as above listing)

Chief Barkley

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