Legokidize In                             
                              Sly Cooper : Thieves In Time.
                                      The Novie 
                                 The Prologue Part 1/2 
                                    PARIS, FRANCE
                                 July 18,2011 4:20 AM
                                    ( Police HQ )
                  - Bentley Jumps On To The Roofs Into Police HQ -   

Penelope: Allright bentley your in. get into carmelita fox office for our police files.

Bentley: You got it penelope ( sigh ) i mess sly.

Penelope: me too bentley me too.

.Bentley go's up the hall to carmelita office & stop to a office saying "Constable Cooper".

Bentley: Constable cooper ? wait cooper.sly.with the police ? but why ?

                 .Bentley see the a men inside the office window door.
                      .Bentley hides on the side of the well.
     .Sly come out of The Office With A Black Jackit With A Police Badge                  

Bentley: Penelope do you see this ?

Penelope: Is that sly ? what is he doing here ? go fallow him.

                   - Bentley Follow Sly Outside -
                        - Sly Look Back -
      - Sly guicky poll out a shock Pistol Sot A Billet Bentley Jump Up - 


                     - Carmelita Walks Up To Sly -

Carmelita: Nice work Cooper.

Bentley: Sly !, what happened to you ? please don't do this Sly it's me Bentley, your best friend remember?

Sly: You have the right to remain silent,I have no idea who you are.

Bentley: Ahhh Penelope !

Penelope: Ya Bentley ?

Bentley: Call in Murray I Need some backup Sly doesit remember who he is ?

                               - Sly Cuts In -

Sly: HEY who are you talking too ?!

Bentley: Noone.......get murray.

Penelope: You got it

                      - Murray Is Sleeping In The Van - 

Penelope: Murray are you in ?

Murray: Ya Penelope ?

Penelope: Bentley got cot by ah a cop you need to help him

Murry: You Got It. THE MURRAY is on the way.

                                 - Murrays Drives Off -
                          - Later At The Midde Of Police HQ -

Sly: Allright turtle we want answers.

Murray : Here Am Come Bentley I Will Save The Day. Hey Is That Sly ?! ".

                         - Murray Get's Out Of The Van -  

Bentley : MURRAY NO !!!

Sly Shoots His Gun & Hits Murray -

Murray : The Murray........Is Going Down ".


Sly : What Are You Talking About ! ".

                   - Bentley Runs Off -

Sly : HEY FREEZE ! ".

- Bentley Miss All Of The Shoots From Sly & Carmelita Bullets -

Bentley : Murray ! Get The Files. The Code Is 963 ".

Murray : You Got It ".

                         - Murray Runs In -
                - Murray Runs Out With The Police Files -

Murray : I Will Pick You Up At The Ron-Day-Fo ".

Bentley : Ok ".

                    - Murray Drives Off -

Carmelita " Never Ever Freeze. I Need Backup ".

Officer " Roger ".

                           - Later -

Bentley : Penelope I Need Some RC Backup ".

Penelope : You Got It Bentley ".

          - A RC Coper Flys Up In The Air -
  - The Coper Pulls A Line & Pulls The Police Officers -

Penelope : See Ya Cops ".

                      - Sly Jumps Off The Roof -

Sly : Freeze Thief ! ".

Bentley : Sorry Sly ".

             - The Van Zooms In -
             - Bentley Jumps In -
            - The Van Drives Off -
   - Sly Looks At The Van Wen It Drives Off -

Sly : Carm You Get Back Into The HQ ".

  - Carmelita Works Off -

Sly : Bentley......Am Sorry

To Be Continued.......

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