Sir Render

Sir Render is an anthropmorphic, obese, boar who floats around in his hover chair. He is a secondary antagonist in Sly Cooper: Thieves Collide . He is the chief mechanist for The Renegades and the boss of Sydney, Australia. He is voiced by Patrick Warburton.



Render's parents were wealthy inventors in Iceland. Growing up around this gave him the dream of becoming famous by inventing something big. He ended up creating an arsenal of mastermind weapons. With his wealth came a wife . And one day, she passed away. Render then filled his life (and gut) with food to the point that one year later he had gained roughly 650 pounds and was bould to a hover chair (designed by himself). His rather large structure did nothing to stop his inventing. One day, he realized that he spent all of his vast amounts of money on food. Unfortunately, no one wanted to buy anything from a tubbo like him. So, he went into the Black Market, where he got all the cash he needed because of his smarts.

Joining The Renegades

Time in Sydney


True Incarceration


Ever since his wife, Teagan Render , passed away, he could not stop blaming himself for her death. Guilt and sorrow filled his heart so much that it started pouring out. Render also has a short temper and mood swings, as he is seen both mourning his wife and ragefully confronting the gang.


Render is morbidly obese with "skin rolls". He is seen wearing an X-Large puple sweater with ripped sleeves. He sits upon his hover-chair, which curves up behind his head so that he may lounge in it. He has brown fur and is seen with a piercing on his left ear (not in pic). He also wears no pants.



Battle Theme

Theme can be heard here .


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