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Sinister Seagulls

Sinister Seagulls are one of two types of rooftop guards in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves in the episode Coopers of the Caribbean.

Physical description

The seagull (specifically Laughing Gull) rooftop guards have the same coloration as their non-anthropomorphic counterparts, including the same bill color. They wear an eyepatch over their left eyes, and walk completely barefoot. They wear a bandana on their heads and a small brown vest. They also have a large hook replacing their right hands, and they each carry a saber for short-range attacks.


Seagulls are naturally aggressive. For this reason, these rooftop guards specialize in close-range combat, making their physical attack strength superior to their long-range counterparts. Their attacks lack range, though, so when in a fight with these guards, timing is everything. These guards also have more attack variety, making them tough to predict.

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