This is the battle against Simon Ataturk in the game, Sly Cooper 5: Thieves Be Forever.


1st Phase

The 1st phase involves Murray fighting against the Black Knight suit. To defeat it, wait until it does his attacks then strike against it with three punches. After its health has been depleted, it will have a fist fight with Murray, press the Square button multiple times to defeat it.

2nd Phase

Simon inside his Black Knight suit will join with another giant mech that is identical to Penelope's one back in Medieval England. Since Sly doesn't have his Archer costume, you can only hit it by climbing up to its weak spots. When the mech punches the ground with its drill, there is a possibility it may get stuck, climb the drill fast because the mech shoots its laser at you if not fast, when you get to the weak points, start hitting the Square button to destroy the arms. Repeat this with the other arm then repeat it again for its whole arms then go to his central core.


  • The creators wanted this fight again saying that Mat Kraemer was his favorite, so he added it to Simon's battle due to him wanting revenge on the Le Paradox Group for firing him.

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