" Guesssssss Whooooooo!!??"
— Simon while opening the Black Knight's door.

Simon Ataturk
Simon Ataturk is a paranoid and crazy mole from Texas. He is faced in Episode DLC-1:Experience the West...Again! He is voiced by David Scully.


Simon liked to watch mining operations when he was little. When he grew up, he became a miner for the local miners. One day, a skunk called Cyrille Le Paradox offered him a deal to go to Medieval England to steal Sir Galleth Cooper's cane. Simon accepted the offer and was sent there. Some time later, Le Paradox saw Penelope's intelligence and fired Simon for her. Mad, Simon took this hard and released his anger by drilling all over Texas. L.A.R approached him and offered him a place in his group. Happily accepting the request, Simon began drilling through all Texas trying to find something for L.A.R

Getting There

When Sly and the gang reached Texas, they were shocked to see the place oil driven and many drill machines. As Sly said "It was like I was back to Australia". And he was right, Simon stayed in a little outhouse near a cave that was filled with technology.

Tailing Ataturk

Simon exited the outhouse where he was strolling through the operation. Guards walk behind him for security. Sly had to follow him from the rooftops and avoid getting caught. Simon entered his outhouse where Sly entered too. The outhouse was actually an elevator that goes below ground into a lab filled with weapons even a Black Knight suit is present. Simon has a TV monitor to talk to L.A.R down there and a cave where he secretly mines. Sly took recon photos in here.

Simon's Last Stand

Simon while being followed by the Cooper Gang, fled into his outhouse and grabbed the Black Knight suit and fled into his secret cave. The Cooper Gang having followed him to the end of the cave saw the Black Knight suit. They all said simultaneously "Penelope!?" While Simon appears and said "Guess who!" The suit then ran over to Sly with a fist but "The Murray" blocked it entered the battlefield against the Black Knight, while the battle being the same but with Murray. After beating up his suit, Simon made one last effort and punched Murray back where Bentley quickly helped him, while Sly enters the battlefield but Simon went pacing backwards. Sly, already expecting a big robot, got ready. Simon rose up with the same giant robot that Penelope used against him in Medieval England, but this time, it's hand has been upgraded into a drill. Sly didn't have his Archer costume, so he had to rely on his climbing skills and climb up the robots parts and hit the vulnerable parts. After a long battle, Sly emerged victorious and the mech exploded, sending Simon into the nearby prison.

New Leaf

After getting his parole, Simon stopped twitching and being crazy and continued his career as miner.


Simon hired these guards for Medieval England but now, he uses them to patrol Texas.

Mechanical Mustangs

These mechanical monsters were created by Simon himself. They carry hard hats with flashlights built into them and carry a drill machine almost identical to the one Simon has. They have horse heads and horse tails and hooves and their body's are all mechanical. They have a shoulder turret like the wolves in the Medieval England level in Sly 4:TiT.

Pickaxe Vultures

These birds carry pick axes on their talons and can use them to mine and attack any intruder in Simon's area. They wear hard hats and have brown skin and black feathers.

Spitball Opossums

These little guys carry rock shooters that they can use to attack from a distance. For close fighting, they attack with the shooters or their claws. They wear hard hats and miner clothes. They look like real possums being the colors.


Simon has the personality of a mad scientist, being intelligent but being crazy too. He also twitches around uncontrollably for unknown reasons. These symptoms are cured when he turns a new leaf.


Simon is a mole that wears glasses and always carries a drill machine on his back. He has black fur and brown skin and wears a miner vest complete with a hard hat.


Simon is very intelligent, rivaling even masterminds like Arpeggio and Dr.M. He is exceptional in technology. According to the game, he was the one who created the Black Knight armor but he built another one for Penelope with her logo.


  • According to Sly 4:TiT concept art, Simon Ataturk was gonna be the boss of Medieval England but was scrapped in favor of Penelope. He instead, became a villain in Sly 5:TBF.
  • Credit to Joshua Breyten for the name.

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