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Simon "Sleuth" Cooper: The Inspector

"Now listen here! I don't care if you all are me from a different universe! You're all thieves! And that's enough reason to report you!"

-Inspector Sleuth scolding his alternates

Inspector Simon "Sleuth" Cooper is the alternate version of Sly Cooper from the Flip Flop Universe. He's the seventh alternate Sly the Prime Cooper Gang meet in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses. And argue a little with.



Despite looking exactly like Sly, Sleuth's natural mask has a spikier look and his eyes are burnt orange.

Inspector Cooper wears an Interpol outfit similar to Carmelita Fox's in the trilogy with some changes and additions. He wears a police hat with the Interpol symbol. On his left ear is a hoop earring. His blue shirt is a v-neck. The jacket is navy blue and the gloves are black bike gloves. Like Carmelita, he has an Interpol collar. The pants are dark grey and tucked into black leather boots with brown straps that have gold buckles.


While looking almost identical to Sly, Simon's personality is the complete opposite unlike the other counterparts when they first meet him. In fact, he acts more like Carmelita in her Interpol years. His view over justice and law makes him as black and white as her, and he doesn't like it when he fails to capture a criminal, especially Carly Zorro, who he had been chasing his entire career. He is also very short-tempered and stubborn when it comes to justice, but will ally with a criminal if means necessary, shown when he allied with Zorro to defeat Clockwerk and joining the Cooper Gang to clear the Coper Squad's names and bust his imposter. The similarity between this alternate and Carmelita makes Sly once dub him "a Cooper version of Carmelita", which is the opposite dub for Carly.

After a number of chats with Carmelita and one with Shirai, his counterpart from the Feudal Universe, Simon starts to slowly remold into an "actual" Cooper, gaining a slight mischiefness to replace some of his temper. He also regrets how much he was a jerk towards Carly and soon realizes that he's starting to actually have feelings for her.


Unlike his other alternates, Simon is from a family of law enforcers that date back to milleania ago. He started studying law enforcement and cop tactics when he was only 4 with the help of his dad, Lieutenant Conway Cooper. His dad would take him to real life crime scenes as a way to witness what must be done in the name of justice. In his family is also a special manual with cop tactics for quickly capturing criminals called the "Justice Raccoonus". Unfortunately, Simon never got to read it in his childhood when the Fiendish Five came, killed Simon's parents and stole the Cooper's ancient manual. This made the cub prejudge criminals with even more hatred and swearing revenge on the Fiendish Five.

Simon was sent to Happy Camper Orphanage, where he met a turtle named Benjamin and a hippo named Murphy. They became best friends and took down bullies in the orphanage. They even got a mean Ms. Puffins fired for stealing kids' cookies and sweets. The "Cooper Squad" were declared heroes of the orphanage for their bravery.

At age 15, the Cooper Squad attended the Paris Interpol Police Academy to become official officers. They easily pass in a single year. All three became Constables under Chief Barkley, the head of the European Division.

Constable Simon was immediately assigned to protect a special diamond from any thieves that might steal it. It is on the rooftop that he first encountered a beautiful thief named Carly Zorro, who was highly wanted by Interpol. Upon eye contact, the vixen questioned how someone as young and cute as him could be a policeman. This only angered the raccoon and he tied her up, her then commenting how gentle he was when tying her. He hid her in a closet. Unfortunately, the janitor accidentally let her out and Barkley scolded Simon for her escape. While on patrol, the diamond was stolen. As Barkley threw a tantrum at the Constable's failure, an anteater was dropped from above and shown to have the diamond. A calling card in the shape of a fox was attached to the thief's bandana and Simon then saw Carly staring at him from a distance with a smile. The raccoon gave her a smile as a thank-you and Barkley promoted him to Inspector. Over time, after several successful crime busts, he gained the nickname "Inspector Sleuth".

Cooper and Zorro had a few run ins over the next three years, and Sleuth would keep failing to capture her. One night, Carly stole Sleuth's police file. The Inspector infultrated her hideout and got back his file, but chased the fox afterwards and failed to blast her. Inspector Cooper then assigned himself to arrest the criminals that killed his parents. Each time he defeats a member of the Fiendish Five, Carly would appear and watch him from the background. When he got to Krak-Karov Volvano, he found Carly trapped in a tube. After choosing to rescue her, he breaks the tube and she gave him a jetpack that she stole in China to fight the final member of the Fiendish Five, Clockwerk. It turned out Clockwerk had his parents taken from him by one of his ancestors and swore that he'd destroy them. Sleuth defeated the mechanical owl, got back the Justice Raccoonus and prepared to capture Carly, but then the three year older vixen planted a kiss on his lips (and cuffed him to the rail) and fled.


After being embarassed by Zorro and released by his two squad members, the Cooper Squad report back to their assigned headquarters in Madrid, Spain. Upon arriving, however, they were arrested for stealing from a museum in Paris. Even though they claim innocence since they never went anywhere in France at all, the Cooper Squad is put in prison.

Flip Cops and Flop Robbers

A vixen highly resembling Carly is thrown into a cell across from the Cooper Squad. When Benjamin and Murphy started saying mean stuff about "Carly" finally being in prison, The vixen claims that she's not Zorro, but an alternate version of her named Carmelita Fox. Slueth, being able to tell when someone lies, says that she's telling the truth, but still doesn't fully trust her. Carmelita picks at the lock of her cell and breaks out, then does the same to the Cooper Squad's cell. After being released, they run from the cops that came to lock them up again.

When they reach a dead end, a giant wrecking ball suddenly comes crashing into the station. Slueth would've been hit if Fox didn't push them both down to the ground. The four see Murray working the crane with Bentley and Carly standing nearby. Carly is relieved, but the Inspector snaps at her for what she did in Russia. He even compliments Carmelita as a "clever and gorgeous woman" and how he'd be dead if it weren't for her. Sly comes out from behind the crane and yells not to get any ideas about his wife. Inspector Cooper immediately aims Carmelita's shock pistol at the "imposter" in rage and is even more mad when the other alternates show themselves. He was going to blast them, but Carmelita explains to him and he resists firing.

It takes a while to explain everything to the Cooper Squad without Sleuth glaring and shouting at parts he didn't like, especially that his alternates are all thieves, but once it was done, the cops ally with them to clear their names. He even comments again that Carmelita is a woman.

Sleuth was still a little irritated that he had to work with thieves, but is relieved a bit when he is partnered with Carmelita. He and Carly get into a quarrel of jealousy for both's situations. Zorro is a little irritated that he likes working with Carmelita and not her. He asks how he can stand Sly and she replies that she's a real gentleman. Sleuth just scoffs at that and leaves to find the former Inspector.

On 63 Street

The Last Thief Standing



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