Sidney, Australia is the 2nd level for the DLC pack "Honor Among Thieves" in Thieves Back in Action. The boss here is Gator Joe the Saltwater Crocodile.


  • Sidney Opera House
  • Mining Drills
  • Broken Buildings
  • Fire
  • Explosive Barrels
  • Cranes
  • Oil Wells
  • Pumpjacks
  • Broken Ground
  • Outback Bar
  • Gyrocopter
  • Water
  • Rocky Formations
  • Clue Bottles
  • Secret Sly masks
  • Safehouse

Sidney has to parts, a mining part and the part near the Opera House which is completely untouched. Mining drills are located on the mining part along with broken buildings, fire is also bursting off of them. Explosive Barrels are located around the area that can be thrown at guards for instant defeat. Oil wells are present along with Pumpjacks too. The ground is broken in the mining part except for near the Outback Bar, which is where the miners hang out. The Gyrocopter flies around throwing dynamite and the water is only located in the mining part (small amounts) and on the Opera House part (the ocean).



The music for the place is a slightly more remixed version of the Australian Outback with a more jazzy theme. The fight music is a more intense remix of the Australian Outback~Fight.

Pickpocket Treasures

  • 500~Ore
  • 300~Light Green Jacket
  • 100~Small Rock


  • There is a reference to the movie Finding Nemo in this level. If you head to a broken building almost near the Opera House, you can see the route Marlin had to take to find Nemo.
    • Another one is the broken fish shop near the Outback Bar.

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