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"Shocking Luck" is the penultimate mission in the Mystic Universe in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses.


  • Steal the parts.
  • Protect the RC Chopper.

How To Complete and Dialogue

Penelope has to be selected for this mission. The mission marker is located a near the Clocktower. The rest of the team, excluding Dëma, suddenly appear behind.

Penelope: Poor Dëma, he was really crushed by all this.

Bentley: I still can't believe this universe's Le Paradox was your friend!

Carmara: Well, it's obvious that he's no longer our friend since he ratted out Dëma and almost got him killed!

Murray: Why can't we just barge right in there and smash stuff!! Even smash that Warclock doll!!

Marik: That would be unwise, since the kind of wood they used would take hours to even chip from force and reinforcements could be brought this time.

Bentley: Well, we could postpone Warclock's resurrection by stealing the last parts needed for the frame. Penelope, do you think your RC Chopper could grab the parts?

Penelope: Affirmative! (Launches RC Chopper)

Penelope: Ok! I just need to grab the gears. Ignore the guards. If I drop a bomb, I'll be noticed by the other guards and the Chopper will end up as melted metal!

Grapple all the gears, all of them are scattered around the village. They can be grappled by using the X Button on them right on top of them. Unfortunately, this attracts attention from me local guards, take control of Carmelita and she along with Carmara, will blast all the opposing enemies so that Penelope can safely return to the Safehouse.

Job Complete

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