Shirai Coopachi

Shirai Coopachi: The Ninja

"When something cannot be explained, it is pointless for an answer. Truth must be found on one's own by then."

-Shirai talking to Sleuth

Shirai Coopachi, also called Shi-Shi-kun by Bi-en, is an alternate version of Sly Cooper from the Feudal Universe. He is the fifth alternate Sly met in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses.



Among Sly's known alternates, Shirai has the most contrasts. His fur is mostly a deep grey, but parts of it are brown. He has long bangs that completely cover his right eye. His eyes are also, mysteriously, blue.

Coopachi wears a navy blue ninja-like jumper with a hood. Along the edge of the hood and collar is bronze yellow lines, as well as a pattern from the collar and two "x"s on his sleeves, both also bronze yellow. A bronze yellow line also goes from the collar to the bottom of his jumper. He has net wraps around his wrists and his mask is violet.

His weapon is a ningato, a Japanese blade. The handle has white wrappings for gripping . Its guard is plain wood. The blade itself is steel.


Shirai lives by the same moral code as his counterparts. He is loyal, well-behaved, charming, and quick witted. As a shogun, he shows more respect and honor to his allies, such as calling all of his counterparts, save Sneak, "senpai," a Japanese suffix to describe an upper class man.


Shirai Coopachi is the descendant of a long line of ninjas that travel the world, his most infamous being Rioichi. He was trained by Cunaku Coopachi, his father.

One night, Shirai was told by is parents to stay hidden and he obeyed. After hearing thrashing sounds from outside and it then stops, Shirai went to look and saw his parents dead in front of the Coopachi household. Full of depression, the young ninja left his home with his father's ningato and was then found by a Shogun that was passing through, who was in search of a child to raise. Upon meeting the cub, he immediately took the child as his own to his palace that was far from Shirai's hometown.

While living in the new village, Coopachi was taught how to be a proper nobleman, meaning to look calm when things get tough, think before you act and use manners. He was given the best training for sword combat and he always used his ningato. He also deeply befriended two neighboring orphans who are called Sumato and Marizaru.

When Shirai's adoptive father passed away when the ninja was 14, he was given the Shogun's fortune and palace. He invited his friends to live with him and shared some of the treasury with the villagers, giving him more respect and authority. By the time he was 18, Shirai had become the pride of the village, as well as a general for his own army of Samurai. Unknowing to everyone but Sumato and Marizaru, the young Shogun would steal from neighboring villages with greedy Shoguns and emperors. His heists were undetected thanks to the help of his closest friends.

Unfortunately, a young, independent maiko named Bi-en Kitsune noticed one of his heists at the Geisha House she worked at and so attempted to follow him. All she could see of him was a big, but not-so-bushy tail swaying behind the thief as he ran. When Coopachi reached his village, the moonlight came out from behind the clouds and the two stared at each other, Shirai then marveling the maiko vixen's beauty and Bi-en being shocked that one of the most powerful and respected Shogun in the country was a ninja. Before she could flee to tell the villagers, a shadow covered the moon and what descended was an owl with blood red eyes. Shirai suddenly felt fear in himself as he stared at the menacing bird.

The owl called himself Zenmai, the slayer of the Coopachi clan, and revealed to the Shogun that it was he who killed his parents that night. Angered, Shirai attacked the monster with his ningato, but was easily pinned down by Zenmai. Despite them both being criminals, Bi-en chose to help Shirai by throwing huge pebbles at the owl's head, one landing into his eye and blinding him. Coopachi took this opportunity to slay the bird by a stab through the chest. His team and the villagers as well as the Samurai army came and saw the commotion. Before the leader could be arrested for murder, Kitsune stepped in and explained that they were attacked and added that Zenmai had killed Shirai's real parents, so Zenmai was in a way executed. The army let their general free of charge.

As a thank you, Shirai offered Bi-en to live at his palace, which she turned down because she had to become a geisha the next day. So, Coopachi showed up to her mizuage that night, where he was given the opportunity to be... closer to her. The next night, he asked for her hand in marriage, which she said "yes" to, having quickly formed a romance with the Shogun the night before. After the matrimony, Bi-en left her village to live with her love, as well as assist in upcoming heists.


Shirai senses a disturbing presence, but no one else does. A neighboring village's Shogun is overthrown by a foreigner and is turned into a military base of a thousand soldiers. The whole army marches into Shirai's village and imprisons all of its inhabitants, including Coopachi and his team. Bi-en manages to escape. Shirai is locked away from the rest of the villagers in a hanging cage. His katana is not uncovered by the mercenaries, much to his relief.

Way of the Ringed Ninja

A "mercenary samurai" comes and sees Coopachi's cage. Shirai calls him a "baka", which in Japanese means "idiot". The "guard" explains that he isn't one of them and came to help the Shogun escape. He introduces himself as Rob. Once Rob gets through the traps and reaches the hanging cage (accidentally exposing himself in the process), Shirai compliments how he would've thought that his saver was himself. Rob explains that he is Shirai himself, but from a different reality. The ninja takes the news quite well. After breaking the lock, the two counterparts climb up the chain that held up the cage to freedom.

After being reunited with Bi-en and meeting his other alternates, Shirai agrees to join them on their dimensional traveling once they save the village from the head dictator. Unfortunately, when Sly went to do recon and couldn't reach certain places without the Leaping Dragon, which he doesn't know, Bentley sends in Shirai to take the position, getting a little jealousy out of the Prime. Shirai is assisted by Spy Cooper to free Sumato and Marizaru, the two understanding each other by their views of peace. The young Shogun along with Rob and Kansas Cooper are tasked with freeing the prisoners, them soon making it a competition seeing whether arrows, bullets or shurikens were better projectiles. When Sly runs off in his developed jealousy for his alternates, all the other Slys follow Shirai, who can sense Sly's aura.



  • Shirai has several similarities to Shirai Gonpachi, a rich nobleman from Inshu.
    • Both have near identical names.
    • The two use ninjatos in combat.
    • Both nobleman have slain someone with their weapons. Gonpachi killed a fellow classman while Coopachi slain Zenmai.
      • However, Gonpachi has also slain multiple people.
    • The two are also thieves, but Gonpachi kills those he robs and Coopachi only steals from the greedy.

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