The Sea Serpent is a fictional creature in real life but encountered as the middle boss of Imperial Spain 1493 in the game Sly Cooper 6: Thieves Back in Action.
The Sea Serpent


Sea Serpent was a cruel creature that was found in the seas of Imperial Spain. No man ever lived to tell the tale, only a "good" guard of Lion S. Blandon knows the creature. The creature can destroy any ship it encounters no matter how big or sturdy.

Encounter with the creature

As the gang was following Lion's ship across the sea, they were stopped by an unnatural force, a gigantic Sea Serpent emerged from the seas to destroy the ship. Sly, not having the Panda King like last time, dealt with the creature with his whole gang. A long battle with 5 phases each every member of the gang battling it including Christopher Cooper. The creature was bested by Christopher Cooper and sent back to the ocean.

New Leaf

The Sea Serpent after getting bested by the Cooper Gang, started turning good and being a guider that guides ships across the ocean.


The Sea Serpent like Crusher, is only doing what his instincts tell it, since it is a wild animal. At the end he decides to follow his "good instincts".


The Sea Serpent is actually the biggest Sly villain in all the series, it has blue scales with a orange scaled head and a tail fin at the end of its body. He also has red ancient marks on his body symbolizing the rain, it's tail fin is light blue with red tips on each part.


The Sea Serpent can shoot fireballs from its mouth and also jump on the water hard enough to create a gigantic wave. It can also strangle ships with its serpentine body to destroy them.


  • The Sea Serpent is the one of the three Sly Cooper bosses to be of unknown gender, along with the Mask Of Dark Earth, Crusher and the Moat Monster.
    • Coincidentally, the Sea Serpent, Crusher and Moat Monster are middle bosses.
      • More coincidentally, the three are based on legendary creatures.

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