A screeching Harpy.

The Screeching Harpys are enemy guards encountered in the level Ancient Greece in the game Sly Cooper 5: Thieves Be Forever. They are one of Hyracles two rooftop guards.

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The harpys look like normal woman except they happen to have claws on their feet and hands. They also have wings on their back to help with jumping to rooftops and carry a Zeus bolt that is used to give terrible electricity damage. They have creme skin and orange hair along with reddish brown wings, they also wear a white Peplos dress. They communicate with screeches, chirps and hisses.


To attack, they can attack with their Zeus Bolt to induce electricity damage when close or like the owls in Medieval England, when far, they use a similar attack used by the owls when you're far away. When close, they slash with their claws.


  • They are based on a mythical creature called a Harpy which is a woman with a birds body.
  • Like many flying animals in the Sly Cooper franchise, they only use their wings to jump to rooftops, when thrown out of a high place, they struggle to go up but fall down instead.

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