Bugging a Bug

Scavenger Hunt is the seventh mission in Victorian England in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


  • Find the Required Items

How to Complete and Dialogue

Sly needs to be chosen or this job. The mission marker is located just in front of Wonderland's board map. Once you reach it, this dialogue will occur.

  • Bentley: Ok Sly, after you bugged Ven's room, I overheard talk about some kind of ritual on the Looking Glass Coaster to revive Belle St. Claire!
  • Sly: So, do we need to stop this ritual? I don't know Bentley, it kinda sounds harsh, I mean the guy lost his wife!
  • Bentley: (Sly facepalms.) Sly! This is a VOODOO RITUAL! We can't allow that! Remember why Mz. Ruby is still in prison? Yeah, that's why. Anyway, there's this contest here that will give us the key that operates the roller coaster.
  • Sly: I think these guys already know us Bentley.
  • Bentley: No need to worry, Sly! I took the liberty of getting us employee costumes for all of us! We'll meet in the entrance. Good luck!

After the loading screen is out, this cutscene will occur.

  • Sly: Uh, Bentley? These clothes are itchy (Sly scratches himself.)
  • Murray: Where did you get these?!
  • Carmelita: Couldn't you have gotten better ones?!
  • Bentley: Okay! Okay! I know the suits are itchy but it's worth it! I have the list of required badges and I've also assigned you guys the items: Murray! You need to find the Badge of Clubs, Carmelita! You'll need the Badge of Hearts, Sly! You'll find the Badge of Spades and I'll find the Badge of Diamonds! If you guys are ready, let's find those badges! (Everybody leaves except for Murray.)
  • Murray: All Right!!

Gameplay switches to Murray, head to the Mad Teacup ride and carefully walk through the teacups, the badge is located in a particular teacup, you'll have to run fast to catch up to it. Once you grab it, the gameplay will switch to Carmelita. Go near the Funhouse, there should be a Pesky Pony guarding it, shoot him many times to defeat him and grab the Badge of Hearts. Gameplay will switch to Sly, the badge is located near the Looking Glass Coaster's maintenance room, climb the pole and balance yourself on the hook to reach a platform of the roller coaster, the badge is located here. Once you grab it, gameplay will switch to Bentley, the final badge is located near the Wasp House, there is a cliff near with various platform landscapes. Jump through them and you will reach the badge which is guarded by a Pesky Pony, a Dastardly Dormouse and a Horrible Hare. An easy way to take care of them is throwing a explosion bomb or a sleep bomb then attacking them when asleep. The badge is located behind them, grab it and a cutscene will occur.

  • Bentley: Okay gang! Did everybody find the badges!? (Everybody shows their badges.) Good! Now, Sly! Give these to that Dormouse over there! He's in charge of the Scavenger Hunt.
  • Sly: Ok!

Head to the Dormouse that's located in a stage near the Looking Glass Coaster. Once you reach him, this cutscene will occur.

  • Dormouse: Zzzz, Zzzz
  • Sly: Um, excuse me? I've found all the badges!
  • Dormouse: Zzzz, (The dormouse snores loudly.)
  • Sly: This guy is completely asleep! Better whack him.

Whack the Dormouse one time with your cane.

  • Dormouse: What! What! Who's there! Show yourself!
  • Sly: Hello! Good man! I seem to have found the required badges for the Scavenger Hunt!
  • Dormouse: By Jove! It's the truth! You're a real lucky bloke, aren't you?
  • Sly: I believe I am!
  • Dormouse: Well, a winners a winner! Here's the key that operates the roller coaster! (A small cutscene with Sly obtaining the key.)

Job Complete

Operation: Bug Zapper


  • Each badge is based on a card suit on playing cards.
  • Credit for making this mission page goes to MoleFreak23.

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