Balden is a main villian in the game Sly Cooper:Thieves return.He is a small beaver with a large tail.He thinks of himself as a king,forcing his guards to pamper him.He wears a large golden crown with rubies,with a purple robe.He owns a large robot,that is ultimately defeated by Sly in battle.He also turned Paris into his base,enslaving the innocent people.His life ended at age 89,though he did not die of old age,but was rather murdered.


Balden was born in London,England,into a royal family.He became jealous when his brother got the throne,and turned to crime.After hiring a large army,he took over London,with plans of being king.But he was brought down by the U.S. and English armys.He was taken to prison for 2 years,or actually 25,but he broke out,changed his look and name,and actually got through.But at age 32,he turned to crime.He planned his biggest and best heist:taking over Europe.His first stop was Paris.Once he enslaved the people,he set up a base.His operation was running smoothly,until Sly showed up.He let Sly live when he first saw him,but that turned out to be a big mistake.His keys were taken,and Sly got an upgraded cane,that proved helpful in their battle.Balden confronted Sly at the top of the tower in his robot,but his robot,after taking too many hits,malfunctioned,and fell off the side of the tower.But Bladen got out quickly,and confronted Sly,face to face,with his full body armor on...


The fight with Sly would end horribly for Balden.After knocking his helmet off,Sly beat the crap out of Balden's face.Balden's last scar from that battle fully disappeared a little over 13 years after the fight.After being knocked onto the ground,he jumped back up and was electrocuted by Carmelita and fell again.He aimed a laser at Carmelita,but Sly spotted it and slapped it outta his hand.Then Sly hit him in the face a couple more times,and Balden stayed on the ground.The cops arrested him.He was was in jail for 35 years and was murdered at a very old age.He never stopped crime until only 12 years before his death.


News of Balden's defeat travelled quickly.The last person it got to was Balden's boss.He was outraged at hearing Sly Cooper had done it."Ha!Hopefully Jed will do better than THAT!It is only known that Jed is a main boss of Sly Cooper:Thieves return.


Balden is a large beaver,that has full body golden armor except for his head.On his head,he wears a gold crown with diamonds,rubies,and emeralds.His tail sticks out of his armor.

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