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"Rune Dune" is the fourth mission in the Mystic Universe in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses.


  • Collect the runes.

How to Complete and Dialogue

The marker is nearby the church like building. Dëma pulls out a binocucom and a dialogue will occur.

Benedict: Dëma, you read me?

Dëma: Read ya, Benedict! Wow, this is so cool!

Benedict: I know! It's like I'm looking into a crystal ball! But we can talk to each other! Oh, you gotta love technology!

Bentley: All right, you two, calm down. We've got work to do.

Dëma: "We"? I don't see you about to climb a rockwall on the other side of a lake to find nine things with "abnormal energy".

Bentley: True, I'm not, but the point is YOU are. Now, Benedict, what did you say those items might be?

Benedict: Well, from the research we've done on that energy signature, Bentley, I have a hunch in my shell that Tele-Runes are definitely up there.

Dëma: (surprised) Tele-Runes?! You don't see THOSE everyday! They're like 100 Venyos each!

Bentley: "Venyos"?

Benedict: Our universe's #1 currency.

Bentley: Oh. So, what do they do? The runes I mean?

Benedict: Tele-Runes possess a srtange form of teleportation magic. They can switch one's position with another or just teleport one to that area of the other. However, it can only work for people with a similar... uh... What do you call it again? That three letter word with "code" inside of it?

Bentley: DNA?

Benedict: Hm, interesting word. Tell me about it later. So anyway, that's how a Tele-Rune works. Only DNA matches can use the Tele-Runes. They should come in handy.

Bentley: I don't really see how a picky teleportation artifact can be helpful. The only ones with even similar DNA are... oh... right. WE do. Now I DO see. In case there's something one of us can't do, we can swap places with the one that can get the job done. Benedict, that's genious!

Benedict: I thank thee for thy respect.

Dëma: Uh, my Goodmen, are you two done?

Bentley: Oh, Sorry Dëma. You go ahead.

Benedict: Fare thee well, my Goodman!

Dëma looks down at the water. As you would've guessed it, he can't swim.

Dëma: Hm, let's hope this works. Not really good with this one.

With lots of focus, Luper charges magic into the bottom of his staff and taps the liquid's surface with it. In ashort seconds, a thick layer of ice forms on the surface.

Dëma: Great! It worked! Now to get to that wall and get those runes.

Slowly walk across the ice or Dëma will slip off. He reaches the wall.

Dëma: These rocks will make ideal steps, but I'll have to rest on those ledges for a little bit time to time.

Press the R2 button to weaken gravity and make stairs out of the rocks. When the meter is nearly empty, Luper will have to jump to a ledge or he'll fall with the rocks. After doing this a number of times, you will finally reach a dark cave.

Dëma: Woah. It's pitch black in here. How am I supposed to find the runes?

Bentley: Use the energy tracer in your binocucom. It should give you a visual mark of the runes.

Use the binocucom to see the runes' aura. Keep doing this until all runes are collected.

Benedict: Great job, Dëma! Come on back to the hideout so that Sly can have one!

Job Complete

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