Rolling Downhill is the fifth mission from Episode 9: Cretaceous Madness! in the game Thieves Be Forever.


  • Assign yourself in the competition
  • Participate and win


The marker is located in the nearby stone house.

  • Bentley: Okay Sly, this is the mission, you'll need to participate in a rolling competition right here.
  • Sly: Doesn't that sound a bit of a Murray job?
  • Bentley: No Sly this is a job for you, use the Caveman Costume to roll in the race!
  • Sly: I mean, Murray is round, I'm sure he can roll.
  • Bentley: Just get yourself signed up!

Head to the signing post which is located near Rex's volcano lair, just outside. Get near him with the Caveman Costume or you will get a job failed.

  • Velociraptor: "In a hissing-like voice" Well, a newcomer for usssss. You want to ssssign up?
  • Sly: Put me in!
  • Velociraptor: I like your enthusssiasssm, but will it be enough to beat Paralunga?
  • Sly: Who is him?
  • Velociraptor: Only the besssst roller in Rawrawrar Land. He'ssss a parasssssaurolophussss with POWER! A newcomer like you will never beat him!
  • Sly: Just wait and see!
  • Velociraptor: That enthusssssiasssm is good, but will it be enough to win? Anyway, ssssssign your name in thisssss piece of rock.
  • Sly: "signs his name" Finished!
  • Velociraptor: Excellent! The race will sssstart sssssoon. Ssssstay in the area, you don't want to misssss out!
  • Sly: Got It! "Walks off"

Head to the starting line with your Caveman costume and a cutscene will commence.

  • Sly: So, I'm right next to Paralunga. I hope he does small talk. Hey! The name's Sly...Slyrawr!
  • Paralunga: "Snorts" Come up to me with that sass, and you've got the nerve to talk!?
  • Sly: Sorry, mate. That was the worst small talk I made.
  • Rex: All right racer! This here race is based on rolling! If you don't roll, you get eaten! I reckon you'll want to avoid that! Here are the rules! I ate them! Those rules were just so darn tasty! So that means there's no rules! Attack yourself's, jump on someone, or devour someone! I don't care!
  • Sly: This guy really gets on my nerves.
  • Rex: At the sound of my roar, you cattle-ropers will start! Three...
  • Racing Pterodactyl: What's a three?
  • Rex: Durn it! Just start at my roar! So one, two... THREE! "Roars"
  • Sly: Woah! Gotta start!

The race is all rolling around the main hub, there are also ramps to jump farther, various Parasaurolophus guards are positioned in the rooftops and are throwing damaging sound waves that can damage you. If you get near the other racers, you will attack them, making them move slower, if they attack (you can note this if they charge an attack) you, you will go slower. Do the best to get first place.

  • Rex: Well, looks like you won son! What's yer name?
  • Sly: Slyrawr!
  • Rex: Well, Slyrawr! You just won a tour through my operation!
  • Sly: It is an honor!
  • Rex: It sure is son! It sure is... So long!
  • Sly: Longest race of my life.
  • Bentley: Sly! Did you win!?
  • Sly: Nope, just got 1st place.
  • Bentley: Very funny, what did you win?
  • Sly: A tour of Rex's operation.
  • Bentley: Great! We can use that to go inside his various operations! Great job Sly!

Job Complete.

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