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"Role-Play Rearrange" is the first mission in "Flip Cops and Flop Robbers" in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses. It is also the first mission the player plays as Sleuth.


FInd the universe's Cooper Gang.

Break out of prison.

How to Complete and Dialogue

Sly must be chosen for this mission. The marker is on the rooftop with a Spanish flag.

Bentley: Sly! They've already set a court date for Carmelita and it's tomorrow so we don't have time to bust her out. All my data points that locating this universe's Cooper Gang is our best option in hopes of her escape.

Sly: Bentley, I am NOT going to run all around Madrid when we can just save Carmelita right now!

Bentley: But Sly, I've been hacking into this universe's Interpol files and I'm pretty shocked by the results.

Sly: Results of what?

Bentley: I typed in the three first letters of Carmelita's name and instead, I got this "Carly Zorro".

Sly: Carly Zorro? Don't tell me she's this dimension's Carmelita.

Bentley: Well, she is. But I found her in the criminal files. This vixen's got several nicknames such as "Blue Vixen" and "Hot Fox", wanted in 42 countries and has 15 incredulous warrants for her arrest. She's a master thief at large.

Sly: Hold up there! She's the master thief here?! Then where are we?!

Bentley: I'm still getting that information. Might take a while to download. But yeah, they mistook Carmelita for Zorro, so there's bound to be a lot of security around her, which is why we can't make an approach. So get your tail moving and find "us"!

Sly must go down several alleys to a small marker. A small will begin with Sly passing a little wanted poster on the alley wall. The thief looks at it and the picture is a vixen that looks a lot like Carmelita, but she has on a mask like his. It reads "Carly Zorro - Master Thief" and her bounty is 4 thousand. GRAND. That makes the raccoon's eyes bulge a bit before ripping the poster off the wall to look at it closer in disbelief.

Sly: Bentley! This chick's got a higher bounty on her head then we do!

Bentley: That's very likely, since according to her file, she's been in the thieving business ever since she was a teenager. And when did we officially start stealing? As soon as we became adults?

Sly: You got a point there. Any info on us yet?

Bentley: No. There's a tough firewall in the way, but I should be able to hack it out. Just keep looking for them.

Sly has to climb a pipe back up to the rooftops and Rail Walk across the power lines. Once on a grey building, a cutscene will start with the thief noticing a silhouette coming his way. It looks like a woman, giving its figure and long flowing ponytails behind it. From rooftop to rooftop, the figure leaps and flips, impressing the raccoon. The cloud blocking the moon moves to reveal Carly Zorro herself and with one a spinning flip over the last rooftop, she lands right in front of Sly, making him take a step back from surprise.

Carly: Well, Cooper, I see you've got an early parole. They still fired ya, didn't they?

Sly: Huh? Wait, Carly, I --

Carly: Awe, you're using my name now? How come you never did before?

Sly: Listen, I can explain if you--

Carly: What's wrong, ringtail? Not in the mood for a game of "Chase"?

Sly: What? Just listen to me! I'm not who you think I am.

Carly: (ear twitch)

Sly: My name is-- (stopped by an angry Carly who grabbed him by the collar and pulled his face up close to hers)

Carly: So it was YOU! I should've known you were the one that stole from the Paris museum! Because of you, Sleuth is in prison!

Sly: Woah! (breaks out of Carly's grip, holds hands up in defense) Calm down. I'm Sly Cooper. I come from another reality. And I have a Carly who mistakenly took YOUR place in prison herself!

Carly: Another me? So there's another Cooper Squad?

Sly: Yes and-- (caatches on to what she just said) Did you say "Squad"?

Carly: Well, yes. Aren't you a trio of Interpol officers trying to bring justice to all criminals in the world?

Sly: Whah...? We're the Cooper GANG, we're thieves ourselves.

Carly: Inspector Sleuth Cooper? A thief? That's something I'll always like to see.

Sly: (fur pales a bit, irises shrink) INSPECTOR Cooper?! Here... I'M THE INSPECTOR?! (passes out from shock)

Carly: Oh dear... Was it something I said?

After the pause screen, it shows Carmelita being thrown into a cell with a laser thumbprint lock. She rushes back to the bars with angry face.

Carmelita: You cowards! Let me out of here right now!

Lollygagging Lynx: Puh-lease, Zorro. The only time that will happen is for your court date tomorrow. And trust me, when it's done, you'll be here for a VERY long time. (leaves)

Carmelita: (angry sigh)

???: Well, look who's finally in the slammer.

The vixen looks to her right to see Bentley and Murray... in police clothes? Both have their arms crossed and glaring at her.

"Bentley": That was a lovely reaction there. Never though you'd really end up in prison, did you Zorro?

Carmelita: Quit calling me that! My name's Carmelita Fox! I used to be an Inspector in my universe. Yes, I'm not from here. It's a long complicated story.

"Murray": Another universe? I don't believe it.

"Bentley": Yeah. That's impossible.

???: She ain't lying, mon copains. Very shocking, though.

"Bentley" and "Murray" step aside to show a fully clothes covered Sly on the hanging wood bed on the far wall. He has his head laying on his crossed arms before lifting up the bill of his cap, which has an Interpol symbol on it. He glares at Carmelita like his pals were.

Carmelita: Woah. Uh, I don't suppose you're this universe's Cooper Gang, are you?

???: (sits up) We're not a "gang", Miss Fox. We're a "squad", one of the best in Interpol, actually. That is until we were thrown in here for something we didn't do! (makes a fist)

Carmelita: Well, let's see if I can help. With getting you out anyway. (takes out a thin layer of wax paper and places it on the thumbprint before taking off her glove to put her thumb on it, the door opens)

"Bentley": Impressive.

Carmelita: I have a great teacher. And he's waiting for me. Probably worried sick. Now, hold on. This will only take a few seconds. (does same procedure with the Cooper Squad's lock, the door opens)

"Bentley": Thank you, Carmelita. I'm Constable Benjamin. The brains of the Cooper Squad.

"Murray": They call me "The Lieutenant", but my name is Murphy.

???: I'm the main guy, Inspector Sleuth.

Carmelita: "Sleuth"? I for some reason highly douht that's your real name.

Sleuth: You're right. But's it's my Interpol name. So I suggest you stick with it.

Carmelita: (whisper) Aye, was I really this uptight?

Lollygagging Lynx: Hey! What are you doing out of your cages?!

Carmelieta: Oh dear, gotta run! (runs down in opposite direction of the lynx)

Benjamin: Hey! Wait for us! (Cooper Squad follows)

Playing as Carmelita, you have to run from being blasted by the lynx's shock pistol, jumping over the shots and puddles along the way. The Cooper Squad will be following behind her. Note that you'll be facing the FRONT of them so keep an eye on the area before them. After a long run, a cutscene will play with the four reaching a dead end.

Benjamin: Drat! We're trapped!

Carmelita: (notices two shock pistols nearby, grabs them and offers one to Sleuth) You know how to shoot a pistol?

Sleuth: (smirks in delight) You bet I do! (takes pistol, both aim at the lynx, who had called in reinforcements)

Gameplay starts with Sleuth.

Sleuth: These guys better watch out! I'm not the sharpest shooter in Europe for nothing!

Carmelita: You do remember how to use it, right?

Sleuth: Of course! The same way you use yours!

Blast the guards! Carmelita will help. Once they're taken out, a cutscene will begin with the place beginning to shake a little. A wrecking ball comes crashing through, right at Sleuth. Carmelita pushes him to the ground with her. The ball swings for a bit in the dust. When the dust clears, Murray is seen controlling the wrecking ball with Bentley, Penelope, and Carly.

Carly: Simon! You okay?

Camrelita: So that's his name.

Sleuth: I am, no thanks to you! I should put you in one those cells after what you pulled in Russia, Carly Zorro!

Carly: Yes, I know. Look, I want to tell you something--

Sleuth: And if it weren't for this clever and gorgeous woman here (wraps arm around Carmelita), I would be dead by now.

Carmelita: (nervous chuckle) Gracias, amigo...

Carly: Clever and gorgeous? (approaches) Seriously? Simon, please, I--

Sleuth: (points shock pistol at Carly's face) It's Inspector Sleuth, Zorro! And I don't want to hear it! All I want right now is to bust my imposter! (walks away)

Sly: Well, then don't go sweet-talking to my girl.

Sleuth: Who just said that?

Sly: (comes out from behind the machine) Me.

Sleuth: YOU! (points shock pistol at Sly)

Simon "Sleuth" Cooper: The Inspector

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