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"Rob-eo and Car-liet" is the fifth mission in the Medievil Universe in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses.


How to Complete and Dialogue

Controlling Rob. The marker is by a tree by a castle balcony. A cutscene starts with Rob approaching the tree.

Sly: And where do you think you're going, "your Magesty"?

Rob: (freeze in place, turns around to see a ticked off Sly and Dëma with their arms crossed) Are you two still upset about my heritage?

Dëma: You could've at least told us you were a king. That could've not make things this bad.

Rob: Hey, I can't have you guys calling me "Arthius" everywhere we go. Octjohn would then tear the villageup just looking for me. He definitely does not me alive. I couldn't risk telling outsiders my secret.

Sly and Dëma: (expressions soften)

Sly: So why are you here? To relive memories of living in there? (gestures to the castle)

Rob: (shakes head) Not really. I have to pick up someone who just arrived back. She's the only other person before you guys that knows who I am. Now, if you goodmen will excuse me... (begins climbing the tree)

Onc he reaches the balcony, Rob whistles from the tree. The door to the balcony opens to show a vixen in a formal, violet and gold dress with a matching headdress with satin flowing from it. She looks happy when she sees Arthius and runs to the edge of the balcony.

???: Arthius! It is wonderful to see thou once more.

Rob: It is always wonderful at the sight of thou, Lady Carmivere. (takes her hand and kisses it)

Carmivere: You do not have any idea of how happy I am to go with you tonight.

Rob: Always been looking forward to it. (carefully picks up Carmivere bridal-style) You ready?

Carmivere: (nod)

Rob: Let's go. (slowly scales down the tree, stops near the bottom at the sight of Sly and Dëma) What are you two still doing here?!

Carmivere: (looks a little surprised) Artie, are these your twins?

Sly and Dëma: (cover their mouths to hold in their laughter)

Sly: "Artie"? Quite the charming name there.

Rob: (glares)

Dëma: I wish we could say we were, milady. But, it's a long story. And I don't think "Rob" here wants to talk about it this minute.

Rob: (sigh) They're... me, Carmivere. I don't fully get it either, but there's no other explanation for this.

Carmivere: Hmm, true.

Squire Squirrel: You there! What are you doing with Lady Carmivere?!

Rob: Awe great, so-called squires coming up fast. (places Carmivere feet first on the ground) Don't worry, milady. I will not let them disgraces of chivalry lay any of their dishonoring fingers upon you.

Sly: Well, since we're here, we might as well help out.

You won't have time to shoot arrows at the guards. Just hit them. Sly and Dëma will do the same. Camivere will have her own Thief Meter at the far right corner. If the guards touch her, it counts as damage to her. Once the four get to the hideout, a cutscene plays with it being dark at first and then the top is opened to reveal the bright moonlight and several candles are lit. Sly and Dëma are a little surprised by this until Pence and the others pop out of their hiding places.

Pence: Welcome back, Lady Carmivere. (bows)

Lil' Mar: It's great to see you again, milady. (bows)

Carmivere: I'm always glad to come here. (curtsies, notices the rest of the Cooper Gang, especially Carmelita) Who is this fine mirror image of me standing here?

Carmelita: Oh, me? Um, I'm Carmelita, you from Sly's universe. I'm... (blushes a bit)

Carmivere: (smirks, looking at a certain ring on Carmelita ungloved finger) Someone is married to a certain thief, I presume.

Carmelita and Sly: (blush)

Carmelita: Uh...

Rob: (chuckle)

Bentley: Let's begin this little ball with something from our universe called "Classic Music". (types something onto his computer, slow orchestra music begins playing)

Rob: (puts a hand out like a gentleman) May I have this dance, milady?

Carmivere: (smiles) You may. (places hand in Rob's and he guides her to the open space in the middle)

The gameplay is very similar to the dance mission in "Operation: Hippo Drop". The steps will play in a sequence and Rob must copy them in order to succeed. In the end, Carmivere and Rob share a moment with a kiss, making everyone else look at them in amusement.

Job Complete


  • The job title is based off of "Romeo and Juliet".
  • "Car-liet" sounds a lot like "Carly", the name of one of Carmelita's other alternate selves.

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