This is the Over veiw of my steampunk Rise of the thieves Game(there also a story of this), Work in progess.

London steampunk

London(Timeline 300)

Chapter and mission

Clocktower heist(Prologe mission)

  • Cooperus regina clockwise

Gaslight london

  • Kodak Recon
  • A new coat
  • Steam-jack and hacks
    Snow in London full

    London in winter(full)

  • A clockwork PC
    Liverpool auto's polar bear

    The Polar bear (London car)

  • The day the music die
  • Elementary STMPNK'd
  • Steam Runner
  • Op: "JACK"ED UP

Flying fun da vinci

  • False eyes(cameras) and jet packs
  • Loopy recon
  • now hiring:
  • "when Party Animals ATTACK"
  • "first blood"
  • the terror of TWO
  • the Italian hack
  • "DANGER!!"
  • Op:" Knights of the skys"

Iron Mummies

  • Of Soldier and Mummies...
  • Gipsy hack
  • Tomb of Horus
  • Gunfight in the desert
  • Tanks UP
  • T.O.G
  • "Are Dead shall bolt out the sky..."
  • necrono..-OH MY GRAW!!
    Vrill-ya hunter kit (USA-1902)

    cthulhu battle gear

  • Achtang Afrika Korp!
  • Op:"The fall of the cuit"

Steampower Lion

  • The Dark continent
  • Hunting or stealing?
  • WateringHole Hack
  • following "tiger jack"
  • the koaka and the giant
  • Into the mines
  • Turf war, Old dog style.
  • ZULUS!!!!!
  • "night of the living trees"
  • Op:" the big game hunter"

Ottoman, Rocketman, chessman?

  • Fireworks scan
  • Thuaddeus of arabia
  • the Coffee house of chess
  • pawns and programmer
  • Arabian "Kinghts" in the sky
    B-02 missle plane

    B-02 missile plane

  • "Bilz B7!?"
  • Turkish brawl
  • The secret of Von Kempelen
  • Op:" To de Moon"

Heist de la lune

  • de Luner surface
  • bedford hack
  • Following "marvin"
  • Bugging the bugs viva Cavorite
  • the good, the bad, and the bug
  • finding simons brain
  • Apiphobic Vulpes
  • the great Moon hack
  • Op:" Buggers BE GONE"

the Red Sands of mars

  • space: 1905
  • "What is covered with Iron and weeds and Red all over?
    War-of-the-worlds-tripod 1898

    tripod 1898

  • Martian Ironclads
  • Robot, meet elder thing.
  • up in the in the air in my martian machine.....
  • Attack of the tripods
  • the koaka out of time

Volted and Jolted

  • Back to school(Collage that is)
  • A black forest recon
  • A clockwise chocolate thiefing love story...
  • The wulfworks factory
  • The hunter and the train
  • Finding Connor
  • "the one who flew over the cookoo clock"
  • On Sigmund, Hypnotic fangs, Cogs,....and a shoggoth?...(no really, a shoggoth)
  • Op: "moonlight fever"

Jern Drage

  • air scout
  • dargon king's hall hack
  • revenge of the Ulfberht
  • Beowatt
  • dargon attack
  • Call'n in de navy...
  • Viking one, ready for liftoff
  • deadliest family fishing trip...
  • Fire vs Ice
  • Op:" Dragon slayers"

Flying Russians

  • Moscow nights
  • Murray law
  • polar problems

to be continue


Kevin miller-Sly cooper, Frank "lee" copper, Rob and Kelly Cooper

Matt Olsen- Bentley,Belmont

Chris Murphy-Murray,Murphy "the tank" goldwin

Grey Delisle- Carmelita M. fox, Suzanne cooper .esq

Frank Ferrante- Col. Reid Cooper

Gilbert Gottfried-Ferd willson, Plane co-pilot

Robert downy Jr.-Thauddeus Winslow cooper the III,

Sam Riegel- Tennesse kid, Thauddeus the fourth(AKA, "Two fist Willy")

Tara Strong- Charlotte Mckinsley Esq.

Johnny depp-Bruce O'coops

Nolan North- Otto Van cooper, Le paradox

Bill nighy- Davey "Spring heel" Jack,"M"

Hugh Laurie- Conner Cooper, Sherlock holmes

Jude law- BF cooper

Milton lawrence-Drake cooper

Jared Harris- James moriarty

Yakov smirnoff- yuri the polar bear

stephen merchant- Simon Mk.4 modle.1a

Mark strong- Baron Risesque

More coming soon

some Possible quotes

Cooperus regina clockwise:

Sly (as narrator): "All it take is the sudden arrival of most of your once thought dead family to wreak a heist......though it nice to know that your not know..."

Gaslight London

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