"Tell me Cooper, when's a raccoon, NOT a raccoon?!"
— Riddle when first meeting Sly Cooper

Riddle Ruddle is an anthropomorphic Spotted Hyena. He along with Turbo Ace are the bosses of Victorian London. He is voiced by Robin Williams.


Once just an ordinary circus performer, Riddle Ruddle made each performance unique, caring only about the laughter of the audience. Seeing a dogfighting competition one day, Riddle chose to make one himself, seeing as everyone was laughing about it. When the Ringmaster caught on to what Riddle was doing, he was dismissed from the circus and arrested. However, after his partner-in-crime, Turbo Ace, freed him from jail, the two became major targets of Interpol.


L.A.R's Deal

On one of his various crimes, he found a small business card listed to his name from a L.A.R, listing the location, operation and meeting, he accepted this offer and both guys joined L.A.R's group. Due to accidentally making fun of L.A.R in the meeting, he was sent to the most sophisticated time period, Victorian London, much to his dismay, he somehow took over Scotland Yard and fired many of the workers there, even Thaddeus Winslow Cooper, Sly's Victorian ancestor. Having been also called upon by L.A.R to stop slacking off, he sent Turbo to capture Thaddeus since he was "not up for the job". After failing a lot, Riddle gave up on seeing as he did nothing to stop them, he created a circus in the area along with announcements saying: "Circus blokes! Enter for Extreme Laughter!" even having a small blimp saying it and an airplane with advertising the circus. It would seem Riddle really wants people in this performance but this performance was to capture the laughs of people and give them to L.A.R which can modify it to create life energy and energy for his Bio-Ray.

Having been notified of an "evil group of blokes" by one of his guards, he tried sending Turbo outside to find their location. Although this attempt failed, he got mad (but it's hard to see if he's mad due to his laughing nature) and tried finding Thaddeus, much to no avail, he ordered guards to keep a steady watch all night saying that "he doesn't want the performance ruined" and went back to Scotland Yard.


Although Riddle was readying his performance, he normally took some time to head out to look for supplies or also try and find the gang. He first appeared in the first mission where he exited out to find some supplies and keep an eye out for Thaddeus Winslow Cooper, much to no avail, he told his guards to keep a steady watch. He then appeared in the second mission when the gang saved Thaddeus from Riddle's men, he appeared as a shadowy figure that only showed his eyes. He appeared when Sly raided a small circus tent where he was talking with Turbo about the circus plans. He finally appeared when the gang did Operation: Cooperoni's Return in which he was battled alongside Turbo Ace.

Operation: Cooperoni's Return

After doing the first part of the operation, Dimitri entered the big top only to be "congratulated for being the chosen one". Riddle readied the various contraptions and he along with Turbo, battled Dimitri by using the circus props to their biding. Despite his use of cannons, lions and swinging guards, Dimitri somehow made him go laugh so hard, he fainted of unconsciousness while Turbo shot out of a cannon, ending their terror in London.


Riddle was sent to a high-security prison somewhere in the U.S, to this day he still laughs of Dimitri's hilarious performance in the big top.


Deadly Deers

Serve as flashlight guards.

Formidable Foxes

Serve as rooftop guards.

Strong Stoats

Serve as rooftop guards.

Thief Meter

Riddle's thief meter is multicolored, colors being: red, white, blue and green. His face is in the middle with a big smile. The smile sparkles sometimes.


Riddle can be best described as a: funny, sarcastic, hilarious, mischievous, dastardly and evil hyena. He always does things for laughs not caring for the good of people only for himself. Despite being a clownish guy, he's shown to be very evil nonetheless, and is able to cause great mischief if left alone.


Riddle Ruddle is an anthropomorphic Spotted Hyena. He's yellowish-brown in color with dark brown spots on his body. His snout is black and also his tail. He wears a green bowler clown hat with a flower sticking up and wears a clown jumpsuit with a white clown ruff. His clothes are red with white spots while his belly is shown. He wears a green mask on his face and blue clown shoes on his feet.


Riddle is capable of surviving being thrown by cannons or falling out of great height. He's also good at humiliating people with Whoopie Cushions or Joy Buzzers. He can also survive being electrified by electric chords but leaves him blacked out. His only weakness is his laughter, which proves to be his downfall as making him laugh so hard, he will faint of unconsciousness.


  • Riddle's name is probably a reference to The Riddler from Batman.
  • Defeating Riddle awards the player the "That's All Folks!" trophy.

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