The Reverse Universe is the final episode, "The Last Thief Standing"'s hub level in both versions of Sly Cooper: The Dimension Generation. It takes place in a corrupted Paris that is dubbed "Dark Paris".


Missions (TotM)

  • Anatomy of Catastrophe
  • All Around the Cooper Clock
  • Lizard Baked


  • Sneak Cooper - alternate of Sly Cooper
  • Benny - alternate of Bentley
  • Manny - alternate of Murray
  • Carmarisa Fox - alternate of Carmelita Fox
  • Dimitrius Lousteau - alternate of Dimitri
  • Cyrón Le Paradox - alternate of Cyrille Le Paradox
  • Nina - alternate of Neyla
  • Penny - alternate of Penelope
  • Clockwise - alternate of Clockwerk



The style of the Reverse Universe is much darker than the other canon universes, but not more scary than the Haunted Universe in TtM. The counterparts that live in this dimension have good/bad roles switched to the opposite, meaning anyone good in the Primordial Universe is evil in this universe and vise versa.



Powerful Poodles: Serve as flashlight guards. These dogs have a grayish-black body with black fur. They carry a deck of cards to throw them and a flashlight to see.

Malicious Mallards: Serve as rooftop guards. These robotic ducks have grayish-green heads, grayish-brown bodies, grayish-yellow beaks, grayish-orange webbed feet and white rings on their necks. They attack by shooting missiles from their beaks or using their pitchforks

Irritating Iguanas: Serve as rooftop guards. These robotic reptiles have a grayish-green body with black rings on their tails. They attack by using knives.



  • This universe is very much like the Reverse Universe in the Archie Sonic comics, both even having the same name.

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