The Repairman Costume is a costume Sly Cooper can obtain in the episode In the Air Tonight in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


Sly's Repairman Costume is a light blue/periwinkle and dark blue repairman outfit with Otto's thief meter icon on the back. To be specific, the suspenders of the costume are dark blue, and the shoes are brown. The shirt is periwinkle and sports Otto's icon on the back of it. In terms of weapons and hardware, Sly can now use a large monkey wrench and a prototype time machine built onto the end of it.


"Otto van Cooper was once a successful inventor and mechanic before attempting to embrace his thieving tradition. One of his inventions was a wrench that could slow down time, making him run faster and negating his physical ineptitude. The wrench was also good for repairing for disassembling vehicles and machines. Sly had better take good care of this costume, because he'll definitely need all the help he can get."


Sly is no longer able to run fast in this costume, though paragliding isn't an issue. Plus, Sly can do everything else he could do without the costume. However, by pressing the circle button near certain machines and vehicles, Sly can tamper with the inner workings of said things, either dismantling them or repairing them, thus allowing their use. By press the L2 Button, Sly can slow down time to make him avoid certain disastrous things.

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