In the Beginning...

Recon Revenge is the second mission in Ancient Egypt in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.

Rob Like An Egyptian Intro

  • Sly: "Carmelita told me the whole story. Carmelita had been investigating my disappearance when she found an old Egyptian artifact on display in the Museum of Natural History. She saw my name on the jar, and she quickly got to work on taking some mummy wrappings from an exhibit close by. After that, she contacted the rest of the gang and headed to Egypt, and the rest was history. Speaking of which, Bentley had asked if I had encountered my Egyptian ancestor, Slytunkhamen Cooper, yet. Slytunkhamen Cooper was the first Cooper to ever be considered a Master Thief, and he also invented the infamous Shadow Power move, a move that could magically turn him invisible. He was also the first Cooper to write in the Thevius Raccoonus. I told Bentley that I hadn't seen him at all, which got all of us worried. Just where was Slytunkhamen, anyway? Was he in hiding or was he somewhere else? Either way, we would have Penelope and that pharaoh to blame for this, and we'd have to take them both down..."


  • Take recon photos.

How to Complete & Dialogue

You must start with Sly Cooper in order to begin this mission. Once you reach the marker, this dialogue plays out:

  • Sly: Boy, am I going to enjoy this.
  • Bentley: You got that right, Sly! Do you remember how to take recon photos?
  • Sly: Yup. I just need to use the R3 button, or the right analog stick, to use and move the Binocucom. Then, I can use the left analog stick to zoom in and out. And by pressing the R1 button, I can take photos!
  • Bentley: Perfect! Now take some photos of the town for us, Sly. We'll need them if we're going to liberate Egypt.

These are the things that Sly must photograph:

1. The Prison (Heading on top of the safehouse will be exactly where players need to be if they are going to properly take five of the seven recon photos)

  • Sly: I really hope I don't have to go back there.
  • Bentley: I don't know. If what I believe is true, then Slytunkhamen Cooper must be inside there, too.

2. The Temple of Anubis

  • Bentley: That's the Temple of Anubis. I don't know about you, but I have a huge feeling that we'll be needing to go in there at some point.

3. The Nile River

  • Sly: Do you think we'll be needing the river to help us?
  • Bentley: Maybe, Sly. Just be careful about the crocodiles. They look hungrier than they should be.

4. The Pyramids

  • Bentley: Those pyramids look like they're hiding something. Maybe we'll be able to venture inside one of them.

5. The Bird Nests

  • Bentley: Look at the footprints, Sly. Those footprints look like they were made by modern-day shoes. Whoever is working with Penelope wants these birds for something.

Once the fifth photo has been taken, a sixth target reveals itself. Qwerty appears from within the palace in the distance.

  • Sly: That ring-tailed cat... I recognize his tuxedo! He was that pharaoh who locked me up! That son of a gun!
  • Bentley: Sly, you'd better make sure that you photograph that guy! And get that palace, too! We'll be sure to infiltrate it soon!

After these pieces of dialogue, two additional photos must be taken. They are Qwerty and his palace, making their photos the two final photos of the seven that are needed to be taken. Head closer to the palace and you'll be within photographing distance.

6. Qwerty

  • Sly: Yuck. He's even uglier close up.
  • Bentley: And he looks meaner, too. Penelope must be really desperate for henchman. But something tells me he's smarter than he looks, so be careful.

7. Qwerty's Palace

  • Sly: That palace looks like it's well fortified.
  • Bentley: No kidding, Sly. It'll take a lot to sabotage its defenses. Okay, Sly, it's time to head to the safehouse. We'll make good use of your photos.

Job Complete

The Boy King of Thieves

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