Inspector Rayne Nightly is an anthropmorphic grey wolf. She is the central antagonist of Sly Cooper: Thieves Collide. She is the leader of The Renegades and the boss of Kaine Island. She is voiced by Nicole Sullivan



Inspector Nightly grew up in a normal home in Pennsylvania, USA. Her father worked for Interpol and filled her mind with the ideas of one day being like him. She followed in his footsteps, and became a top inspector in interpol at age 22. Her main mission, stop the original Cooper Gang, much like Carmelita. She persued Sly's father for years, developing a love-hate relationship with him. Unfortunately, during a chase scene with Sly's father, she fell off a roof top, permanently injuring her right leg. She was then, by word from Interpol, sent into early retirment.

Rise to Thievery

The Renegades

Return To Interpol

Last Straw



Rayne is sly and vindictive. She takes her job seriously and is persistant on her revenge to Sly's father. She can be shown as horribly cruel and pure evil.


Rayne is very simple and modern when it comes to atire. She wears her hair in a bun with various different hair accessories. She wears an un-buttoned blue jean jacket with a simple undershirt. She also has a large belt with and a buckle shaped like an "R". She wears a simple knee length blue jean skirt. She has neat smooth brown fur with various grey highlights. She has Sharp teeth and claws. She also wears a single gold earing on her left ear. She has large attractive blue eyes with slightly notable hatred boiling in them.


After leaving interpol, she learned of her natural ability to use her natural energy and form various beams and orbs. She is also very fast and atheletic.


Battle Music

Music can be heard here.


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