Rajan is an exclusive villain for the pack "Klaww Returns" for the game Thieves Back in Action. He is the boss of Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India


Born poor in the streets of Calcutta, he started his life of crime selling illegal spices in the black market, eventually evolving into a sizable operation and earning his seat in the Klaww Gang. Even crowning himself king of the hills. He was defeated by Murray back in his Spice Temple and leaved crime for a rug business. Getting the urge to strike to evil, Rajan took over Agra and started making spice for his own plans, remodeling the city and also staying in his new temple the Taj Mahal.

Episode 2: The Predator Strikes Back!

Returning to Evil

Rajan had the urge to bring back his evil self, so he did, conquering the Indian city Agra and establishing himself in the Taj Mahal, making it his new palace. Bringing back his old guards and his elephants, he became a supreme leader of Agra and needed to be stopped. Even modifying other temples into Spice facilities for his evil plan. Which was induce the whole world with spice, allowing him to easily take control. He was also doing a ball on his palace this time, with better security.


He exited his palace for a stroll around his operation but he was guarded by flashlight guards due to what happened in the past. He was being followed by Sly without him noticing, he entered a small facility for spice and ordered some of his guards to secure the area. He then exited out normally.

Operation: Soaked Tiger

Establishing his ballroom dance, Rajan sat in his throne while seeing numerous guests dance to the music. He was very interested in Sly & Carmelita's dance but before he could talk, the winch on top broke and sent Murray with the barrel of water down to Rajan, he was soaked completely and became extremely mad, having been crashed his party two times, he saw through Sly's disguise and attacked him, sending Sly to the nearby lamp. Murray volunteered to fight him again, Rajan laughed and called Murray a fat, pathetic weakling once more and ate a jar full of spice and angered incredibly.


The battle takes place in the center of Rajan's ballroom while the crowd watches the battle. Rajan, having been turned crazy by the effects of spice, attacks by ramming you or swinging his staff quickly. His rooftop guards will also aid him against you, to attack him, wait until the barrel dispenser in the far back of the room releases a barrel and throw it to him, when he's stunned, keep hitting him many times until he gets back up. He will run through the stairs and you'll have to follow him, make your way to the stairs and follow him, rooftop guards will be present here and will attack you. Once you reach him, he will face you again, repeat the process and he will run up the stairs. Follow him to the roofs of the Taj Mahal where it is a dark and stormy night, Rajan will raise his staff and can now use electricity as his attacks. He will induce a quick shockwave that can be avoided by jumping, he can shoot lightning at you or make a bolt of lightning fall on you or command his rooftop guards to attack you. Since there are no barrels, wait until he charges a super shockwave and throw a guard at him, he will be stunned and you can hit him and defeat him.


After getting defeated, Rajan was incarcerated and put in a cell near El Jefe and Jaggar. He spends his time talking with them, as they are both big cats.


Roving Rhinos

They serve as flashlight guards

Bearded Baboons

Serve as rooftop guards

Mischievous Mongooses

Serve as rooftop guards


Rajan is very self-conscious and goes to great lengths to convince others of his royalty, but mostly to convince himself. He is also very easy to anger, as shown when Murray dropped on him. He is shown to be very rude, calling Murray a fat, pathetic weakling twice.


Rajan is a anthropomorphic Bengal Tiger. He is orange in color with purple stripes in his body. He wears a red vest with yellow lines and purple pants adorned with a green belt with a ruby on it, the pants also have green at the end. He wears green elf shoes with purple designs an a purple turban.


Rajan appears to have some fighting prowess, he can manipulate electricity with his staff or swing it quickly. Due to the spice, his attacks are more quickly executed.


  • Rajan could be the fourth oldest villain in the series.

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