"You reptiles are such a hard class, so annoying, so intelligent, so ugly...I hate all of you"
— Raiden when first meeting Bentley

Raiden Ryuu is an anthropomorphic Japanese Stygimoloch. He along with Don Giovanni Lorenzo are the bosses of the level Pirate Age Caribbean. He's voiced by Quinton Flynn.


Once part of a Reptilian Boarding School, Raiden as a kid was part of the school and attended it like any normal schoolboy. Unfortunately due to his minimal intelligence, he was bullied by the WHOLE school, none of the teachers or principals helped the poor kid and was almost killed by the school. Escaping from society, he headed to a mountain where he meditated for various years. A full 8 years passed and Raiden learned the ways of the Ninja and learned how to manage electricity, using his powers for evil instead of good, he started by destroying the Reptilian Boarding School and performing various crimes around the world. The biggest threat in Earth, he partnered up with the mob boss Giovanni Lorenzo to become a real dangerous team.


L.A.R's Deal

On one particular robbery, both were targeted by L.A.R who cut a deal with them to go back in time to Pirate Age Caribbean in Death's Port, with Raiden not wanting to go but Giovanni was extremely happy for this due to finally getting revenge on pirates. Being forced to go by Giovanni, Raiden was bored with all the pirate nonsense. He apparently captured Henriette "One Eye" Cooper in a electric-filled mining cave which Sly saved later after. Death's Port was completely changed due to Raiden's influence with the level having some Japanese things and electric devices in areas due to Raiden wanting to. Eventually not getting his own ship, he was forced to be in Giovanni's Ship and be demoted to First Mate Ryuu. Raiden was sick of Giovanni's leadership and planned to backstab him when possible and take the captain's post for himself. He showed this various times when he appeared.


Raiden mostly appeared in the weirdest places or in Bentley's missions or when you had to eavesdrop on both the two villains, appearing first when Bentley and Murray were robbing the museum again, they passed through a warehouse, Raiden can be easily seen because he's the only dinosaur there. He could be heard saying "I endeavor not to fail this" showing he really didn't want to dissa or just kill the gang on notice. In Death's Port, he appeared when Sly tried saving Henriette, he tried to electrocute her to death. He was ultimately beaten but he still escaped by jumping out. He then appeared when Bentley explored the oily island to shut down the zombie facility, he tried throwing electric balls at Bentley every time he passed, eventually giving up and bouncing away. He also appeared when Bentley was entering the pirate pub on the hub, he appeared when Henriette and Bentley defeated the guards coming at them, appearing as the last enemy, he tried to defeat the two but was beaten himself and escaped once again. He finally appeared in the operation.

Operation: Clogged Fin

After doing the first part of the operation, both were forced out of their hiding place. While Giovanni set out to the prison to check out the damage, Raiden stayed back planning to backstab the dolphin. Once Bentley defeated Giovanni, Raiden appeared to steal back L.A.R's Communicator and ran away to deliver the things. After going to Giovanni's ship, Bentley fought the dinosaur in a battle of rivalry to the end. Raiden lost this fight and was sent to present times.


Raided was arrested for his past actions and reviving the undead. On his parole, he decided to keep on training and became a successful martial artist.

Battle Music

Battle music can be heard here.

Thief Meter

Raiden's thief meter is reddish-brown with small spikes along the borders of the meter. Raiden's head is in the middle and the thief meter overall can be seen circuiting electricity constantly.


Raiden is easily in peace with the world and is calm at all times. Due to his meditations, he never actually gets mad and is quite linked into his spiritual side. Despite tranquil personality, he's shown to be evil nonetheless and will not hesitate to attack anyone who provokes his goal. He also sometimes talks in a Yoda-like voice but this only happens in his "inspirational quotes".


Raided Ryuu is an anthropomorphic Stygimoloch. He's reddish-brown in color with the usual Stygimoloch cranium, filled with horns. His underside is light brown. He only wears a black shirt with a turtleneck. He carries two Japanese Daggers that are circuiting with electricity.


Raiden has free control over electricity with his Daggers and can use them accurately and for fighting purposes. Being a ninja, he can easily jump to high buildings, escape from harm or blend in with the environment. While being a bone-headed dinosaur, he doesn't feel pain if hit in the head or bashing walls. He is also abnormally intelligent despite being one.


  • Raiden is also the name of a Metal Gear character who has the power of electricity too.
  • Raiden Ryuu's name mean something. Raided means god of lightning/electricity which he clearly has control while Ryuu means dragon spirit referencing him being a dinosaur
  • Defeating Raiden in the Pirate Pub awards the player the: "Short-Circuit" trophy.
  • Defeating Raiden in the Slimy Hallows awards the player the: "Lightning Struck" trophy.

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