Radko "Raleigh"

"A life of riches isn't fun if you ask me! You get bored once in a while, you need to do something productive with your life! That's why I joined the war with me buddy! To do something else, to be heard, to become an idol."
— Radko to Dëma Luper

Radko, real name Raleigh, is the alternate of Sir Raleigh from the War Universe. He along with Viktor are the 3rd bosses the gang faces.



Radko's body is easily identical to his pimordial counterpart. He is jade green in color and has large blue hair. He wears white gloves along with cool grey wrappings on his feet, although he has no injuries there.


Radko mostly acts like he did in The Thievius Raccoonus, but it can be noticed that he's become slightly insane.



After the defeat of Chronos, the bird's remaining associates broke out several criminals from Heathrew Prison, Raleigh being among them. The frog was teamed with a Russian ocra named Vostok, who now goes by "Viktor". Having the same amount of intelligence, the two became ideal partners in the Union of Vice and Raleigh changed his name to "Radko". They were stationed with several lackeys in Moscow, where the main base of the Interpol Union is located.


A mysterious stranger in a robotic suit once infultrated the Union of Vice's Russian Headquarters and makes a deal with Radko and Viktor. The client and his acossiates will assist them in destroying the Interpol Union if they manage to capture the Union's top agent and former master thief, Spy Cooper. The two agree to this stranger's terms, both bearing a hatred for the agent, especially Radko who sought revenge.

Revolution Justice

During recon, Spy got a picture of Radko and Viktor in their base. Under orders from the dictative duo, the mercanaries ambushed Spy and Dëma Luper in the abandoned subway after they sabotaged their mother computer. However, they took Dëma in mistake for their target. Radko is physically seen in the interrogation room with a tied up Luper and the mysterious client called the "Grey Beast". The two villains were in an arguement about Dëma because he wasn't the Cooper of Radko's universe, despite the DNA tests Radko did on the raccoon. After the Grey Beast leaves the room, Radko plans to execute Dëma. That is, until he sees that Sly, who had been invisible that whole time, had untied his mystic counterpart from his binds. The frog activates a trap door and the two fall in. Mistaking Sly for Spy, he has the Prime trapped in a tube in the middle of a battlefield. Dëma asks why Radko left behind his wealth and radko replied about his backstory. Luper insulted his decision and the two fight, nearly mirroring the fight in The Thievius Raccoonus. Luper whacked the frog into a control system, causing the valves in the sewer to open. Both raccoons manage to escape in the flood.

Radko is shown again in the credits, both him and Viktor in prison again. But eventually, they're given early parol and the two now work as commanders for the military's British Division of the Order of Interpol.

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