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"No no NO!! It's all wrong! How the heck is that raccoon able to turn invisible like that!? I have to know!"
— Qwerty, obsessing over Slytunkhamen's Shadow Power move.

Qwerty is an anthropomorphic Austrian ring-tailed cat that appears in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves. He is the boss of Ancient Egypt. He is voiced by Ron Perlman.


Qwerty was once an out of work university professor and one of many people watching the ACES Tournaments. But when Qwerty witnessed the Cooper Gang defeat the Black Baron, he attempted to study up on them, specifically Sly Cooper. A brilliant mathematician and scientist, Qwerty was able to calculate and analyze everything, from Murray's Thunder Flop to Sly's Ninja Spire Jump. However, he had much interest in Sly's Shadow Power move, which Qwerty wanted to emulate. As soon as he was able, he quickly trained himself to be just like Sly Cooper. Promising himself that he'd be the greater thief, and with Sly's rumored defeat, Qwerty felt like he was finally unopposed, stealing from all corners of the world, all with the work of mathematical calculations and scientific equations.


Alliance with Penelope and Chronos

Penelope and Chronos, Penelope's new associate, hired Qwerty on as the mathematician needed to make exact measurements of all possible parts needed to construct the "ultimate killing machine". That, and Qwerty's emulation of the Cooper Gang's abilities made him a lethal assassin. When Sly Cooper was brought up, Qwerty demanded to know where he was so that he could off Sly himself. Chronos informed Qwerty that he could be anywhere in time, so Qwerty asked Chronos and Penelope to send him anywhere, just in case Sly should be in that time period. And so, Qwerty was sent to Ancient Egypt, which coincidentally was exactly where and when Sly Cooper was.

Attempting to Square Zero

Qwerty arrived in Egypt around the same time Sly did, so when Sly arrived at a nearby Egyptian city, Qwerty's influence was starting to take hold. Believing him to be a god, the pharaoh, being the Einstein that he was, handed his position over to Qwerty, who quickly took control of Egypt. Sly and his ancestor, Slytunkhamen, both tried taking Qwerty down on separate occasions, which led to their individual incarcerations. While Sly managed to escape on his own (albeit without his previous disguises from his earlier adventure, as the guards destroyed them when they tossed him in prison), Slytunkhamen was sent to a secure location. Meanwhile, Qwerty began rounding up all of the native birds, which would be needed for exact measurements for Chronos' and Penelope's big scheme.

Encounters with the Cooper Gang

While Sly never actually saw Qwerty up close earlier, he did manage to take some recon photos later on, once the Cooper Gang was reunited. After a couple of jobs, Sly eventually got to see the inside of Qwerty's headquarters, which contained the native birds that were missing. It is here where Qwerty's interest in Sly Cooper really began to pique, as he contemplated how Sly's ancestors could've been as successful as they were. Sly's, and by extension, Slytunkhamen's, Shadow Power move was an oddity among the things Qwerty had researched, as magic, being in the realm of the unexplainable, was beyond him, and Qwerty's obsession with the move grew to new heights as he began thinking of rational explanations for it. Slowly, he started to become less focused on his duties and more focused on the Cooper Gang.

Finally, after many jobs, Slytunkhamen and the Cooper Gang managed to free the captive birds, but not before data involving a particular wing, along with the wing itself, was transferred to an airship bearing a very familiar emblem on it. Qwerty's assassin skills and Sly's moves would both be put to the test as the two fought on the various floating platforms that Qwerty's newly learned mystical abilities summoned.

Defeat and Incarceration

It took awhile, but Qwerty was eventually defeated by Sly and sent back to the present due to a temporal anomaly. Unfortunately for Sly, he never managed to figure out what Penelope's plans were, as Qwerty was very light-lipped about the whole thing. Upon being sent to prison, Qwerty would obsess over analyzing the prison walls and cells, to see if he could escape, but to no avail. When he was released, he became a carpenter, using his scientific and mathematical skills, along with his wood-carving expertise, to make a name for himself.


Qwerty has a lanky appearance, with both his arms and legs being long and thin to the point of resembling sticks to a certain degree. He is only a little bit taller than Sly, and he has light brown eyes to contrast Sly's dark brown eyes. His tail is like a very thin and long version of Sly's own, as is Qwerty's face mask. He wears a mouthguard and a headdress, both of which are blue, and he wears a navy blue tuxedo, the tuxedo part being something of a trademark that the rest of Penelope's and Chronos' hired help will have. The face-guard has a small white logo representing Penelope where the chin would be located, but many don't notice it. It is also present on where Qwerty's heart would be, but it's worn out. He wields twin khopeshes, the blades of which can break off and work like boomerangs.


Qwerty's fondness of numbers and science has made him quite logical, making sure his emotions don't get in the way of anything. As soon as he discovers something he cannot explain, however, his formerly icy calm melts, making him frustrated and obsessive, and he will stop at nothing to find answers. While people such as Bentley find his persistence admirable, Qwerty perverts this by trying to find answers via destructive means, such as tearing down entire temples trying to find one of the Wings of Ra, which was said to be hidden somewhere in or around the city that Rob Like an Egyptian takes place in, so that he may study it. Qwerty is also very analytical, pointing out things others may miss. He is also fond of punctuality, often trying to make sure that everything and anything is made or delivered exactly on time. He takes great pride in his abilities, sometimes to the point of arrogance; even after having his own plans collapse, he still believes that he himself is winning. He is also inconsiderate to his guards, often insulting them behind their backs.


Due to his obsession with Sly Cooper, Qwerty has trained himself in the ways of the Cooper Clan, specifically anything pertaining to Sly. He knows how to Rail Slide, Rail Walk, and Ninja Spire Jump, and has even gained the ability to use Shadow Power abilities through technology. This effectively makes Qwerty a dark reflection of Sly Cooper ability-wise. Qwerty, having once been a college professor, is incredibly intelligent, capable of inventing various gizmos and gadgets, though nowhere as well as Penelope can. Through one of the Wings of Ra, he gained the ability to control the desert sand, effectively allowing him to control earthly things, such as rocks, and create sandstorms that keep the arena he and Sly fight in aloft. He loses this power once he is defeated.


Dangerous Donkeys

These donkeys act as Qwerty's personal flashlight guards, patrolling the streets of Egypt with one goal in mind: the utter destruction of the Cooper Gang and their associates.

Spiteful Scorpions

Spiteful Scorpions act as one of two rooftop guards in Egypt, being more close-ranged than their canine brethren.

Jaded Jackals

Jaded Jackals are the second of the two rooftop guards under Qwerty's command. They place more emphasis on long-range attacks then their arachnid allies.


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Qwerty: "The Jealousy"


  • Chronos had given Qwerty the codename "The Jealousy", due to his jealousy of the Cooper Gang.
  • Qwerty gets his name from the first six letters on a keyboard, referencing his love for science.
  • Defeating Qwerty will reward the player with the "No.i Don't Think So!" Trophy.

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