"Who is messing with the queen? Anyone following me will get the stinger!"
— Queen Bea if alarmed by any sound

Queen Bea is an environmental guard and minor villain encountered in the level WW1 Germany. Similar to Old Grizzle Face and Lupus Gigantormus, she will attack anyone in sight.


Queen Bea is a Honey Bee Queen. She's yellow with black stripes and a medium stinger on her bottom. She wears a jeweled crown on her head, red cape similar to a king and carries a yellow scepter embedded with a red ruby on it. She takes 25 hits to defeat with Sly, 30 hits for Bentley, 15 for Murray, 15 for Carmelita and 25 for Dimitri. Bea can also fly over to rooftops. Instead of walking, she flies with her wings.

Thief Meter

Bea's thief meter is yellow with black vertical lines on it. Bea's face is in the middle while her crown's jewels are sparkling.


When close, Bea will try and sting you. When near, she'll try and attack you with her scepter, when far or unreachable, she commands a horde of bees to attack you.


  • Despite being a Queen Bee, she normally stays out in the open instead of doing her job inside the hive.
    • She's also large for a bee.
  • According to Flora, she's Flora's childhood friend and best friend other than Brrr.
    • This may be due to honey bees hard work with nectar that involves flowers as well.
  • Smaller bees are seen accompanying her at all times but they act as small creatures that can be killed in one hit.
  • If she's killed by anyone of the Cooper Gang, she'll just fly away to her hive in a nearby tree, she'll come back normally.
    • If she's killed by falling, she'll just fake a fall and fly away to her hive.
    • If she's killed by water, she'll stay there treading water for a while and then come back.
      • Normally, this kills bees.
  • Some fans consider her as the secondary antagonist of WW1 Germany due to her fights and powerful nature.

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