In the Nile

Pyramid Scheme is the eighth mission in Ancient Egypt in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


  • Venture into the Temple of Anubis and get the second Ankh of Power.

How to Complete & Dialogue

Gameplay begins with Sly Cooper. Once he reaches the Temple of Anubis, a cutscene plays itself out.

  • Sly: Bentley, have you figured out what we're going to be doing with that Ankh of Power?
  • Bentley: Yup. Apparently, Ankh has the capability of giving the Ankhs of Power certain explosive properties with her magic. In short, we're gonna blow up a wall in the pyramid housing the birds.
  • Sly: Awesome, Bentley!
  • Bentley: That's just it, though. The Temple of Anubis is highly booby-trapped, and the last of the Ankhs of Power is inside of that temple. Murray and Slytunkhamen will be needed for this mission, but you'll need to find a way to deactivate the shield surrounding the temple entrance before anyone can enter it.
  • Sly: (Sly sees a switch above the Temple of Anubis that he can access.) Oh, don't worry. I'll think of something.

All Sly needs to do is Ninja Spire Jump toward a switch that deactivates the shield surrounding the temple entrance and hit it. When the shield turns off, a brief cutscene plays out and Murray and Slytunkhamen venture into the temple. After the loading screen is over, another cutscene begins.

  • Bentley: Alright, Murray, I need you to clear a path for Slytunkhamen. Those guards will need a good stern talking to with your fists.
  • Murray: "The Murray" is going to send these dogs to the pound! (Slytunkhamen rolls his eyes, as if to say "Oh brother".)
  • Slytunkhamen: Now, as soon as the guards are taken down, I'll head deeper into the temple. I'm sure the Ankh of Power is still in its proper chamber.
  • Qwerty: (Qwerty activates intercoms.) Attention, guards! This is Qwerty! According to my calculations, the Cooper Gang should be inside the temple. Destroy anyone that isn't a raccoon or yourselves! I must research those raccoons! I will be greater than the Coopers! If you are there, Cooper, then consider this revenge for damaging my equipment! And if it's Slytunkhamen, then either way, prepare for imprisonment. Let's see how well you fare this time. (The intercoms turn off. All of the guards look toward Slytunkhamen and Murray.)
  • Murray: (Murray gulps due to the number of guards present.) Uh-oh...

Gameplay will switch to Murray once the cutscene is over. All Murray needs to do is defeat the several Jaded Jackals in the room to reveal a hidden button. Murray must throw an object in the room, such as a piece of pottery, at the button to advance. Once the button has been pressed, a brief cutscene will begin.

  • Murray: Man, those guys were easy! Why did I doubt myself again?
  • Slytunkhamen: Numbers tend to make anything look intimidating these days. Murray, in case anyone follows, defeat them. I will go on ahead. It is high time I truly tested my skills. (Slytunkhamen heads deeper into the temple while Murray waits in case there is trouble coming.)

Slytunkhamen must use all of his Master Thief skills in order to reach the end of the temple, where the Ankh of Power is located. First, navigate Slytunkhamen through a room with flashlight guards that can be duped by Slytunkhamen's False Scarab Technique into destroying a spiked wall that must be destroyed in order to progress further. Second, Slytunkhamen must turn invisible and sneak past a paranormal light that will kill him upon contact. And finally, Slytunkhamen must use his natural abilities to finally gain access to the Ankh of Power. Once the Ankh of Power is obtained, Slytunkhamen has only a brief amount of time to get to Murray before the paranormal light seen earlier reaches him, specifically three minutes and thirty seconds. Once Slytunkhamen reaches Murray, one last cutscene plays out.

  • Slytunkhamen: Ha! It only served as a good workout!
  • Murray: As much as "The Murray" enjoys cracking skulls, its probably time to get back to planning a smackdown on Qwerty. (Both head back to the hideout.)

Job Complete

Operation: Bird Roundup


  • Credit for helping make the mission goes to MoleFreak23.

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