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Putrid Pelican

Putrid Pelicans are the flashlight guards of the episode Coopers of the Caribbean in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.

Physical description

Unlike the other guard varieties, who are both totally organic, the pelican guards are entirely robotic with the exception of their upper bills, wings, and heads. The feathers on their heads and wings are white and their bills are yellow-orange. Their torsos and legs, being robotic, lack any organic coloration, with the pelicans' creator, "Black Beard", preferring a more metallic look. Rather than traditional flashlights, they instead have visors for eyes that scan the area in front of them for any enemy combatants, and have missiles stored within their large bills just for "special occasions", namely when dealing with the Cooper Gang.


With their missile launcher bills, the guards have powerful long-range attacks, and their long wings make for a great way to swat opponents away.

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