"All universes have to once be the same, right? Like people, they "evolve" from the original. Now there's only one with the original "DNA" pattern. The universe where everything is what it was originally."
— Benny explaining the different universes

The Primordial Universe is the "core" universe in the Sly Cooper series where all the events take place besides both stories in Sly Cooper: The Dimension Generation. It is the main hub universe in the series until TDM, where multiple universes are seen along with it. It only appears as the hub level of the prologue, "Thief the I" as well as the ending and secret cutscenes.


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Sly Cooper: The Dimension Generaton

Thief the I

Pickpocket Treasures


  • Sly Cooper
  • Bentley
  • Murray
  • Carmelita Fox/Cooper
  • Penelope


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Sly Cooper: The Dimension Generation

The only guards that appear in the Primordial Universe in TDG is the Robotic Rats, based on Le Paradox's Rat Troopers.



  • Penelope's new outfit's color scheme is very similar to Neyla's color scheme.

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