The Platinum Dragon Scale is a Treasure in the Mystic Universe in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses. It's worth 245 coins and the time limit is 56 seconds.


"There used to be a dragon that ruled the time of winter. Its scales were of the rarest metal: platinum. But not even dragons can live forever and soon the great glowing beast met its end on the last day of winter. An evil warlock called "Muggso" attempted to use the some of the remaining scales' magic to threaten people into working for or else he will freeze the world. Unfortunately for him, Dëma and his team stole the scales before Muggso could even use it once and the warlock was arrested by Carmara. Most of the scales were used as armor for Benedict's shell (it was "painted" over by magic) with a big one remaining. Dëma hid the last scale somewhere no one could use its magic for evil."


The scale is in a cavern behind the clock tower. Murray must use his Thunder Flop to break the stone top and get into the cavern.

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