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"Photographers of the Old West" is the first mission in the Western Universe in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses.


  • Take Recon Photos.

How to Complete and Dialogue

Sly needs to be selected for this job. Head to the nearby power lines for the mission marker, once you reach it, Sly will take out his binocucom.

Bentley: Howdy Sly! So, we're back in the Old West.

Sly: It sure looks like it, Bentley, have you noticed those trains? They seem weird for this environment.

Bentley: I need to see them closely, take some recon photos of them so I can analyze them. Oh! And take a photo of that station too! It might be important! And that oasis, it may also be important!

Sly: Got it, I'll head out. (Sly closes his binocucom)

Head to the trains running around the two tracks and take photos of them, once you take a photo of the first train, this small dialogue will occur:

First Engine

Sly: I don't know how this got here, this engine seems sturdy.

Bentley: This will take a lot to bring this down.

First Caboose

Bentley: Well, Sly this ain't Jean Bison train technology but this looks very high-tech!

Sly: Do you want one Bentley?

The next photo is located in the right half of the level in which the train is running around.

Second Engine

Bentley: If we were to bring these engines down then we might need lots of force.

Sly: This is gonna be a hard mission to do.

Second Caboose

Bentley: These ain't no Iron Horse but I'm impressed with this technology for a western place!

Sly: Don't worry Bentley, when we be get back, we will find you one.

The next one is located in the middle of the level.

Train Station

Bentley: Giving the rocking chair and fan, this might be where the sheriff hangs out.

Sly: Maybe the train controls are inside?

The next photo is of the oasis which is located also on the middle of town.


Bentley: I haven't see an oasis that big since Ancient Egypt! This might be of use.

Sly: At least there are no crocodiles or a cat.

Bentley: Ok Sly, these will do, head back to the Safehouse for now.

Job Complete.

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