Penelope's backstory pt.1 :

She was born to a dutch couple, but not just any married couple, she was born to the Robinsons, world-famous gadget makers and pilots. She was named Alexandra Robinson, or Alex for short. The robinsons were known for their ingenious inventions, spanning from rc planes that require hardly any control by hand to highly advanced robots. As Alex grew up, Mr.Robinson noticed how her shy nature made finding friends difficult. So he and the Mrs made a friend through the use of their latest breakthrough: AI nanonoid. He was named Sparky,and from that moment on they were like brother and sister. The robinsons also secret friends of the cooper gang, most particulary, Sly's dad, their most valued secret customer, which sadden them when word of his demise got out. Alex grew up on stories about the cooper clan's great exploits on robbing those who gain their wealth off the suffering of others. Like Sly, Alex was determine to live up to the Robinson name. However, also as it was with Sly, fate had different plans. On the day of Alex's ninth birthday, the two did a live test run on what was possibly going to be their greatest creation yet: a airplane made of nanobots, which they plan to give to Alex afterwards as her present. However, when were coming in for a landing, tragedy struck. The plane exploded and resulted in a horrifiying crash. Alex was devasted by the sudden loss. The accident was sadi to have been a tragic accident, but in actuallity it was really intentional. With Mr. and Mrs. Robinson got and Alex still too yonug to run Robinsons International. it was bought out by a corrupt weaponist with the surface appearance of a upstanding peace lover. To make matters worse, Alex was going to be forced to be part of his horricfic plans for weapon designs. So Alex chose a differnt idea: running away with sparky. Unfortunely, she ran into a gang who took real interest in her rc and mechanic skills. While in their she saw forced into being a slave mechanic. Once the authories also caught up with them, they used alex as bait in order to throw the cops off their trail.

To be continued.....

The name has come to signify a loyal, capable, and clever woman. It was a nickname Sparky gave her. Explain more later.

What do you think so far?

Penelope's Back story Pt.2: While in the clix, Alex discover a very valuable skill: the skill of escape. When she got out, she became somewhat wary of gangs in general. The next gang she meets got her to join with promises of camaraderie. However, once she gives them a good picture of who she was, well, let's just say the bounty worth turning her in was too good to ignore. When she escaped and try to go back, she discover that they already found another sucker. From that moment on whenever Alex got together with a gang who seemingly believes in honor and family, whether they ditch her when she became more trouble than she worth to them or she was worth more giving to Interpol than keeping, one thing could be said: She was betrayed in the end. Even though she escaped, each betrayal left a huge scar on Alexandra's heart and her belief in honor-bound thieves took a serious beatings with each new scar. The one thing that help keep her going was her most trust friend and AI travel buddy Sparky. Eventually she and sparky decided that it was time to take back what was taken from them: Robinson International. I they knew Just how to do it.

To be continued...

'Penelope's Backstory Pt.3': Alex was able to fuse with sparky as a battle suit, named spark man. With this ability in tow, they launch attacks againist the weaponist's operations, damaging his image, along with stoping a few bad guys along the way. Within about a year and a half, the weaponist's rep was getting close to not only losing control of Robinson International, but also having Interpol come after him with cuffs armed. Alex and Sparky decided that one last job would be need to take him down, then afterwards they would retire spark man and return RI to the way her parents loved it. The job involved confronting the weaponist personally, unfortunely it would be that job that alex and sparky's luck would run out. During the job, it was reveal that he was a high advanced cyborg. Despite their best efforts, sparkman was overpowered, then after being forcibly removed from sparky, much to alex's horror, her was reduced to ashes. Grief-stricken by the loss of her best friend, alex grabbed a nearby guantlet, overload it, then jab it into the cyborg in order to destory him. Just when it looked like it couldn't get any worse, her mood attracted another AI nanonoid, and it's name was Malsenrus.

To be continued...


Penelope's back story pt.4: Alexandra was at a all-time low. First she lost her parents, then just little bit ago, she lost her best and only friend. Taking back her family business was pointless without Sparky. That's when he appeared in the pouring rain. Malsenrus, sense her negativity and despair and heard of her previous exploits as Sparkman. He stated that with a certain and most recent loss, being sparkman was no longer possible. Alex then tearfully goes on to say that she feels so cold and alone. Mal then goes to say that it doesn't have to be that way. He states himself as a AI nanonoid like sparky and he wishes for him to join him, saying that he will be her friend and together they can change the world so that no one else would have to suffer at the hands of the planets greatest scrounge: Thieves. Alex, being emotionally shattered to care about the effects of this alliance and somewhat believing him after everything she has lost, accepted his proposal. The fusion resulted in a new battle suit named: Blackware. For about another year and a half Blackware went on similar campaign like Sparkman against crime lords, only the exploits were more ruthless and brutal than it was with sparky. It was a miracle than there weren't any true casualties, the victims were just barely alive. During that time Alexandra went along with almost every malsenrus told her, except taking lives. Somehow she began to remember her time with sparky and the morals she knew. When it came to the point where as Blackware, she was getting ready to kill a crime lord they had at their mercy. It was then that Alex started to fight back against Malsenrus after becoming horrified at what she was turning into. After a failed attempt to reason her back into his world view, he decided to make her see by force. During the struggle, he let it slip that it was he who cause her parents' death and sparky's in order to get her on his side. Horrified by the fact that she has been working with her family's real murderer, she made it her duty to make sure he doesn't hurt or torment anyone else. After a long fight she manage to trap him inside a data disk. To be sure he never got out again, she put the disk in a heavy locked chest and had it drop into the middle of the arctic ocean, where where freezing temperatures made retrieving the chest by swimming nearly impossible, Alex felt certain that she had seen the last of Malsenrus. With Mal gone, she was at a lost of how to move on with her life after everything she went through. The only time she remembered when she was truly happy was in the sky on a plane. She then decided to take up flying again, and the ACES competition looked like the perfect way to take up planes again. Unfortunately, the ACES staff saw her age as good reason to tell to come back in a few years. Refusing to wait that long for entry, she attempt to find a way to get pass the age restriction rule. She would ironically find the solution from a copied page of the thevieous racconus she somehow manage to come across, particularity Thaddeus' notes on disguises that can feint even ages. From these notes she was able to create a disguise that easily allow her to past the age requirements and would win and go on to be called: The Black Baron and the rest was pretty much history. She also maintain a normal persona and would take up boxing and sword lessons for better self-defense, all while making herself a name that would act as a tribute to sparky who gave it to her: Penelope. Her time as the Black Baron would give her time to heal from the scars she gain from her adolescent years, though still having a slight distrust in thieves, but was willing to work with the best. The best would eventually include a certain team of thieves: The Cooper Gang and the rest was history. The Cooper gang would have offer her something she felt haven't had in quite a long time, a loving family. So here she was, riding through the sky with a certain brainy turtle she loved, however little did she knew that her past would soon catch up with her in a terrifying way.

The End?

Here's the last part. Your thoughts? Scorpiontail? Joshua? Anyone?

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