Penelope's Blueprints is a treasure found in Victorian London in the game Sly Cooper: The Thief Returns. It is the safe treasure of London.


"These blueprints are supposedly used to create a snake mech. This mech is designed to be a good combat machine. Saying that it can shoot poison or stop enemies in their tracks, kinda like a familiar owl. The left part is ripped off, it says Bio-something but we don't know. These piece of blueprints can somehow make Bentley's hacking maneuvering more easily done."

Description (After beating L.A,R)

"Now that we defeated L.A.R and the Black Mamba, these blueprints were created by Penelope for her snake mech and the ripped part was supposed to say "Bio-Ray" but why did she leave them in Victorian London? Isn't L.A.R supposed to be the perfect villain?"


The safe can be found atop Big Ben, serious climbing is to be done, as only Sly and Thaddeus can reach it.

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