"COOPER! It all ends here! I'm going to throw you so hard that you'll go "SPLAT" on the sidewalk! MUAHAHAHAA!"
— Penelope

Penelope is one of the main antagonists in Sly Cooper 6: Thieves Back in Action. She hired D'Artagnan Le Paradox, . Her part of the job was to retrieve the Cooper canes, while killing Cooper or Cooper's dad in the process. She ultimately failed when she was defeated by Sly and Bentley atop the Eifell Tower.


Full background here Penelope. After being bested by the gang in Medieval England, Penelope took revenge and hired her own team of time travelers. She was the leader of them and her time period of choice was Paris, France 1992. Here she recruited Cyrille Le Paradox's father, D'Artagnan Le Paradox, and created various kinds of machinery on the place and chased all citizens of Paris off. Here she invented a new suit called Black Kong, a mechanical gorilla suit, to change history by killing Sly's father and Cooper, making Sly dissapear.


Machinery Building

While in the Kong suit, she exited the it to talk with D'Artagnan about their plans and his greatest feat of thieving. After the short discussion, Penelope went inside the suit and headed with Artagnan to their base of operations.

Final Battle

While grabbing Carmelita, she opened up the visors which showed her along with D'Artagnan inside. She was furious at Bentley specifically for believing in Cooper's honorable thief nonsense and fought Sly atop the Eiffel Tower but as soon as she was going to do the final hit, a mysterious cane flys to the mechs arm, cutting it and making it fall out of the Tower.


While she woke up, she saw Bentley & hugged him and explained what happened. Apperently, Cyrille wanted to recruit another intelligent minion so he fired Simon Ataturk and gave the offer to Penelope which she refused, she then was hypnotized by Miss Decibel and became an evil person.


See [[1]] for personality.


Penelope looks exactly as she looked like back in England.


See and Abilities for abilities.

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