Death From Above

Paradise Regained is the sixth mission in WW1 Netherlands in the game Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


  • Reach the rocket launch site
  • Destroy the rocket

How to Complete & Dialogue

Gameplay begins with Bentley. Once he reaches the mission marker located behind Otto's hangar, a cutscene will begin.

  • Otto: (Bentley takes out his binocucom.) Hello, Bentley. I have some bad news to report.
  • Bentley: Uh-oh. What kind of bad news? Because after Penelope told us about Clockwerk, I honestly don't think it can get any worse than that!
  • Otto: It can. I adjusted my makeshift communication device to eavesdrop on conversations, and I discovered that Gustav and Amber are testing a rocket outside of town. They're trying to test Clockwerk's maximum flight speed. Once the test is finished, they'll get a prototype ready for the final phase of their plans.
  • Bentley: This is not good! This is not good!
  • Otto: Bentley, kalmeren. You'll need to bring Penelope with you, Bentley. She might have the knowhow to bring that rocket down. Look, from what I've heard, you two were once a couple, but many lives are at stake here. If you can't work together and stop that rocket, then we're all doomed. (Bentley takes a deep breath.)
  • Bentley: Fine. I'll get Penelope. But I really hope that she doesn't do anythi--
  • Otto: Bentley, after all she went through in the warehouse, everyone but you chose to accept her back into the fold. They were still a bit cautious about it, but they were comfortable being around her then. Penelope needs you to trust her again, and you need to trust her, too.
  • Bentley: (Bentley seemingly rolls his eyes.) Okay, okay. I'm gonna get her. Where is she anyway?
  • Otto: She's over by the hangar. She should be outside waiting for you right outside the door. Now go get her, lover boy! (Bentley groans in annoyance. The scene switches to Penelope, who is sitting on a box of tools outside of the hangar. She is lost in thought until Bentley arrives.)
  • Penelope: Bentley! W-What did I do this time?
  • Bentley: You didn't do anything, Penelope. I came here to get you to come with me and sabotage Gustav's rocket. Follow me. I have the directions downloaded on my binocucom, so we should get there just fine.
  • Penelope: Okay, Bentley. Lead the way. (Penelope remembers when she tried attacking Bentley and Sly in Medieval England as Bentley is heading toward his destination. She looks at her hand and clenches a fist in anger.)

Gameplay switches to Penelope, who must follow Bentley to the edge of town directly across the hangar. Once Bentley and Penelope reach the gates to the rocket launch site, a loading screen will appear and then disappear. There is a dirt road that Penelope must travel in order to reach Bentley, who is hiding behind a tree directly behind the launch site. Once Penelope reaches Bentley, a cutscene begins.

  • Penelope: Bentley, there you are. (Bentley shushes her and has to hide behind the tree with him. He points to Gustav and Amber, who are doing some adjustments to the rocket with some Furious Firecrests.)
  • Amber: How long is this going to take, mate?
  • Gustav: As soon as birds fix up engine, we may begin experiment. We need to see Clockwerk at maximum speed so that we may test full prototype. (Gustav uses his mech to tap one of the firecrest's shoulder.) You there. Are things ready for experiment?
  • Furious Firecrest 1: Positive, sir. All we need to do now is get ready for the--
  • Furious Firecrest 2: But we haven't gotten the hardware ready yet. We don't know this kind of technology.
  • Furious Firecrest 1: Shush. We need a break, remember? (Amber looks over at Gustav, who is angrily looking at the firecrests. Gustav approaches the firecrests, and steps on the first one with his mech.)
  • Gustav: Get back to work. Now. (The remaining Furious Firecrest hurriedly continues working on the rocket.)
  • Penelope: That was harsh.
  • Bentley: No kidding.
  • Gustav: Are things ready now?
  • Furious Firecrest 2: Um...uh... (The firecrest hits a piece of the rocket with a wrench, and everything seemingly starts working.) Everything is ready now, sir. Can I go home?
  • Gustav: Get back to post, bird. (The Furious Firecrest runs toward the dirt road. However, he stops and feels for his wrench, which he doesn't have. When the firecrest turns around, he sees Bentley and Penelope, who, having had their cover blown, proceed to knock him out.) What?! The mouse and turtle are here?!
  • Bentley: You bet we are, and now we're going to destroy that rocket!
  • Gustav: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You and what army, reptile? That rodent? Please. She no more fragile than glass. Guards!! Eliminate intruders!! Amber, we go see Chronos now. (Amber nods, and runs onto a platform.) That mouse... I swear I met her before she hire me...but how? And where? (Gustav gets onto the platform and it becomes a hovercraft. Gustav and Amber pilot it to the airship. Bentley tries using an Explosive Dart, but it is deflected by an energy shield surrounding Gustav's mech.)
  • Bentley: Rats!! They're getting away!! (Bentley sees the guards approaching.)
  • Penelope: Do you trust me? (Bentley looks at Penelope.) Do you trust me enough to let me fight off the guards for you? (Bentley hesitates, but then he quickly nods.) Okay, Bentley. Hack into that computer terminal. We're not letting that rocket launch!

Penelope needs to fight off all of the guards for exactly two minutes while Bentley hacks the computer terminals. Hitting the rocket at any time will cause it to explode, taking Bentley and Penelope with it. As a result of this, it is best to make sure that the rocket is protected while Bentley destroys the means in which it becomes ready to launch. After the two minutes are up, a cutscene begins.

  • Bentley: (Bentley hears a thud and notices that the rocket is about to fall over just as he finishes hacking into the computer terminal that would allow the rocket to launch.) We gotta go, Penelope!! This thing's gonna fall!
  • Penelope: Right behind you, Bentley! (Penelope and Bentley manage to get away from the rocket launch site before the rocket falls over and explodes.) We did it! The rocket is gone!
  • Bentley: Thanks, Penelope. (Penelope remembers when she and Bentley saved each other from Captain LeFwee.) Look, I--
  • Penelope: I remember! I remember how we started dating! It was after Captain LeFwee kidnapped me, and you were there to rescue me from him.
  • Bentley: Yeah, about that. I Scratch that, I gotta go.
  • Penelope: Wait, what were you going to say?
  • Bentley: Well, I was right to trust you. I don't know, it's just that, after you betrayed us, (Penelope begins to tear up. She begins to breathe heavily. She and Bentley quickly embrace each other. Penelope begins sobbing, knowing the damage she did when she was against the team.)
  • Penelope: I'M SORRY!!!! I'm sorry for causing so much pain to you, Bentley!! You never deserved any of it! Why did it happen like that?! How could I have done that?!?! I'm going to get that Chronos! I might not know how, but I know that he did something to me, and I promise to find out what!
  • Bentley: I'm sorry, too! I should've listened to everyone! They kept telling me that you were good again after that warehouse job! I'll never let either of us get hurt like this again, you hear me, Penelope? I love you. (Penelope freezes up in shock. She slowly smiles as tears drop down her face.)
  • Penelope: I love you, too, Bentley. (Bentley starts crying as well. Bentley accidentally activates his binocucom.)
  • Sly: Hello, Bentley, come in, come in. Are you there?
  • Bentley: It's okay, Sly. Everything's okay now.
  • Sly: I can tell. But I have bad news. That was a diversion.
  • Penelope: What?!
  • Sly: Gustav and Amber launched a rocket onboard that airship. They're smarter than we thought. (Penelope remembers a moment in her childhood, but the images fly by so fast that the player is unable to see them very well.) Penelope, are you okay?
  • Penelope: I-I'm fine. I'm just a little frustrated. Gustav.........

Job Complete

Haunting Past

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