" You must be the famous Sly Cooper. And also the one who put me on ice back then. Ready to be burnt again?!"
— Panda King introducing himself to Sly

Panda King the Panda
The Panda King is an exclusive villain in the DLC pack "The Original Five". Despite being with the Cooper Gang, he was brainwashed by an unknown villain. He is the boss of Kunlun Mountains.


Panda King was raised in a small village in China, where the local noblemen would set fireworks every year. Liking the whole concept, King created his own fireworks to show to the noblemen, unfortunately, they could not see past his shabby clothes and chased him off. Furious, he started using his talents for crime and blew up everything with his fireworks. He was recruited for the Fiendish Five as Demolitions Expert and set shop at the Kunlun Mountains. Despite his new firework technique, Flame Fu, he was beaten by Sly and "put on ice". He later escaped jail and meditated in the Kunlun Mountains due to General Tsao convinced him, he was recruited by the Cooper Gang as the Demolitions Expert and retired to living next door to his daughter, Jing King. He was brainwashed by an unknown person and left Jing King and became an enemy again.

Episode 4 TOF: Destruction in the Sky!

The Stronghold

The Panda King went to his old stronghold in China and hired back his original guards. He was hold up in his new & improved statue of himself and also, renewed his firework temples to produce even more firepower than usual. He spends his time or talking through the intercom to his guards or practicing his Flame Fu.

Following the King

Bentley needed to know about King's operation, so he followed him to a facility. Here the Panda King tried one of his fireworks and also set them all off, making Bentley very careful to navigate the facility.

Flame Fu

After a series of jobs, Sly went to have a rematch with the Panda King atop his statue fortress. He talked to Cooper for trespassing again and Cooper tried to talk Panda King out of the brainwashing. The battle started here.


The battle is similar to one in Thievius Raccoonus. Panda King will be in the middle throwing fire and homing fireworks at you, once you get near him, he will start doing his original moves like "Fiery Wheel", "Booming Chop" and "Palms Of Thunder" along with some new moves called "Firework Explosion" which is him setting some fireworks and making them explode around the arena, "Flaming Ram" which is him running forward while imbued in fire and "Flaming Breath" which is him shooting fire from ip his mouth in a circle which is avoided by going back down. Wait until he gets tired and attack him as many times until he sends you back, repeat for second phase and in the third phase, King will set a giant firework and take to the skies. There is also an equally large firework near which you can ride. The final phase is in the air standing in fireworks while Panda King will be throwing fireballs at you along with smaller fireworks that hold General Tsos which throw daggers at you. Wait until the firework gets close to King's one and land on it, avoid his Flame Fu and wait until his tired and attack him, and he will be defeated, go back to your firework and paraglide off it making them explode into an epic light show.

Waring off

Having survived the explosion, Panda King's brainwashing wore off and apologized to Sly.


General Tso

These are the same flashlight guards that appeared back then.

Moo Goo

These are the nunchuck carrying monkeys that appeared back then.

Kung Pao

These are the mandrill guards that carried staffs.


See Panda King#Personality for personality.


The Panda King is a purple Giant Panda with a white face and belly. He wears a blue thief mask on his eyes like Sly Cooper and red pants with a blue belt around it. The pants have orange-fire looking-markings.


Panda King is an expert using fireworks, being the Demolitions Experts of the Fiendish Five & The Cooper Gang. He also has mastered a new form of combat called "Flame Fu" that he uses to attack Sly.


  • If Panda King had been referenced or seen in Thieves in Time, he along with Muggshot & Clockwerk would become recurring characters.

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