"And then he said: "Put another shrimp on the barbie!" Hahahaha! Those Yankee "Doods" think we say that!"
— Ozzie with his guards

Ozzie Devlin is an anthropomorphic Tasmanian Devil and boss of the level Iron Age Sctoland. He is voiced by Dwight Schultz.


Ozzie was always without friends in his childhood, even his parents didn't like him that much. Due to his sudden burst of Anger Management issues, he always ended up insulting or horribly damaging them at the blink of an eye. As a grown-up, he became an art smuggler from Australia, having been affiliated with Grizz and Dimitri, he sold them valuable pieces of art for Dimitri to forge and Grizz to put as his own. He has also gotten over his Anger Management and now has less outbursts. Due to this power, he was took on by Clockwerk to browse plane details on WW1 Germany.

Episode 5: Stony Kilt Troubles


Ozzie appeared in a warehouse in Modern day Paris while Sly went through the rooftops. He was silhouetted and can only be heard saying "Rev up those plane engines!!". Unfortunately, there was a mix-up with the time periods and Ozzie was sent to Iron Age Scotland instead of Germany. Once there, Clockwerk proceeded to give Ozzie new instructions, this time, Ozzie needed to create blacksmith weapons to use against Sly. As he arrived, he captured Slaigh McCooper and ordered his guards to secure his area, while he goes to check on his secret weapon.


Unfortunately, for Ozzie, the gang rescued Slaigh easily and Ozzie was about to get angry. He hold on to his emotions and just walked away like it was nothing. Knowing that the gang can strike at any time, Ozzie managed to set up his secret weapon, and created a special kind of weapon for battling the gang.


Ozzie doesn't really exit his fort but when he does, it's normally to go to the blacksmith or check up on his secret weapon. When Murray was defeating guards in the blacksmith, Ozzie could be seen giving a cold stare at Murray for breaking the finery. This also made him construct a small submarine called "Tasman Plague" to go deep into the lake near Scotland, he carefully planned his secret weapons on his fort.

Battle for the Ages

After doing the first part of the operation, the gang headed inside Ozzie's fort and went to the deepest part. Ozzie was just about to go, so he opened a window and escaped with Sly pursuing him. He was in the lake, about to introduce his secret weapon but first, he battled Sly with a huge sledgehammer created by him. After this defeat, Ozzie simply fled into the lake and dived under. Sly thought he had given up and simply walked away until a thundering roar was heard. Ozzie surfaced from Loch Ness with Nessie itself, his sledgehammer and Nessie proved to be one of Sly's biggest battles. After defeating both, Nessie simply went back to the lake and Ozzie was thrown into the ground where he somehow disappeared.

Battle Music

Music can be heard here


Catastrophic Cattle

They serve as flashlight guards.

Pushy Puffins

They serve as rooftop guards.

Awful Auks

They serve as rooftop guards.

Thief Meter

Ozzie's thief meter is dark black with white stripes on it. Ozzie's face is on the middle along with his cuckoo clock bird which is blinking and even moving its mouth.


Ozzie had Anger issues back then but he now is more calm but can get mad in seconds. He also takes pride on his ability to create weapons. He is also shown to be able to plan ahead as evident by Nessie fighting alongside him.


Ozzie Devlin is a Tasmanian Devil. He is black in color with a whit spot on his neck. He wears a gray jumpsuit with a cuckoo clock bird on the left and wears black boots and gloves.


Despite not being familiar with the concepts, Ozzie was able to create blacksmith weapons himself easily. He is also shown to have exceptional jumping skills, evident by the way he jumps on top of rooftops. He is also shown to be able to carry an extremely heavy sledgehammer made of iron easily without breaking a sweat.


  • Like all time traveling lieutenants, Ozzie was supposed to appear in WW1 Germany but a mix-up occurred and headed to Iron Age Scotland instead, while Baron Van Brrr arrived in WW1 Germany instead.
  • Ozzie's other name, Devlin, may be a reference to the animal species Tasmanian Devil.
  • Defeating Ozzie the first time awards the player with the trophy, "Gonnae Doon Under!"

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