Operation: Surf and Turf Begone

Out of Touch, Out of Time is the first mission in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves. It is part one of the two-part final mission.

Level Intro

  • Penelope: "When we got back to town, we each got prepared to fight Chronos. He seemed more than eager to meet us in person. We tried apprehending him, but the odds were completely against us. All that we could do now was hear that owl speak. I really wanted to take out that filthy tongue of his. And then, all of my memories began to reshape themselves. I could remember how it all happened, right down to when I blinked. I had met Chronos on ThiefNet shortly after the Cooper Vault Job. We talked about a lot of stuff through private messaging, and we really hit it off. But then he began asking me these questions like "Can you really trust Sly?" and "You don't think he was just using you, do you?" He was making me rethink everything I knew, and I began to hate him for it. But at the same time, I felt he was right about a lot of things. For instance, it was selfish of the Cooper Gang not to give their wealth to the needy. The Cooper Vault was a symbol of that selfishness. I remembered when Bentley told me about Clockwerk, and how he found it odd that Clockwerk had such advanced technology for someone as old as he was. Then it hit me. Time-travel was the answer. Bentley's time-travel project was supposed to bring about the birth of Clockwerk, and I knew either me or Bentley had to be the one who built him. And without any options left, I sacrificed my own guilt through self-induced hypnosis to make me capable of betraying my friends, all on Chronos' advice. And then I blacked out, and I woke up a different person. I hate Chronos so much. If he hadn't convinced me to do that, we'd be living better today!!"
  • Bentley: "Penelope just stood there, frozen in fear. I guessed some of her memories were coming back, but given Chronos' stare, it seemed obvious that he was to blame. I told him to look at us, and he told us to meet him at a specific time. He wrote it down on paper, and showed us the date. And we were shocked. It was the same day that Sly's Father was murdered! Chronos' airship carried him off, and he and his troops traveled through time, to when the Fiendish Five's invasion happened. Sly was the first to suggest using his own cane to travel to this time, and we unanimously agreed. We all knew that this was going to be a bumpy ride, especially since we knew that we'd have to leave Otto behind."
  • Murray: "We were heading to Sly's Father's Time when Bentley made an important discovery. For a long time, he had been trying to hack into ThiefNet and get Chronos' stuff, and as it turned out, Chronos was not only on the site often, but he founded it in the first place! This is the same guy who had been selling us all of that equipment those years back! He had been there waiting for the right time to attack, so he tried to get on our good side and help us out just so he could learn about us! And when we found out who he was, Carmelita was shocked. But then again, so was I."
  • Carmelita: "I knew things had gone loco, but I never knew it would get this bad! Chronos was actually Professor Edmund Malsenrus Remus, a Russian thief who uses fear and intimidation to rob from people. What I found odd was the lack of any birthdate or any childhood information. However, we did learn that the Original Cooper Gang were his greatest enemies. The gang would outsmart him at every turn, and occasionally, other criminals would team up with them to stop him. He was that dangerous. Unfortunately, no one could find anything else out about him. It was like his file was wiped clean. Well, we didn't have time to think about that, because we had just arrived at our destination."
  • Sly: "When we arrived in my dad's time, things went from hazardous to catastrophic! My ancestors, from Slytunkhamen to Otto, all appeared at once in our "hideout". Apparently, some cosmic force teleported them all here. and it wouldn't be the first time this happened. So many temporal anomalies were happening all at once! According to Bentley, we arrived at the exact same time Chronos did, which caused the time-space continuum to try and desperately fix itself. However, it was actually causing temporal displacements instead! Needless to say, this was not good. We already knew things were tough, but now we knew things were almost impossible. It was going to take a lot of teamwork to reach Chronos, and, after informing the ancestors of the situation, they each agreed to lend a hand for as long as they could. As of this moment, we need all of the help we can get. And considering who we're up against, that isn't saying too much."


  • Find Chronos

How to Complete & Dialogue

Gameplay starts with Sly. Once he gets out of the hideout, a cutscene begins.

  • Sly: (Bentley takes out his Bentley Tech.) Okay, guys, it's time to take the gloves off. We don't know when some messed up temporal anomaly will teleport us somewhere, so we need to be careful. Everyone needs to stick together. If we're going to find Chronos, then we need to do so as a team.
  • Bentley: That's it exactly! Also, we'll be needing each of your own unique abilities for this mission. No slacking off! We must find and defeat Chronos before he can use the Clockwerk Frame against us! In case anyone is not aware yet, Chronos is the fiend behind all of these time-traveling messes. With him gone, time should go back to normal. So, do you understand what you need to do?
  • Thaddeus: Absolutely, chap!
  • Henriette: Aye, matey!
  • Slytunkhamen: Indeed, I do.
  • Otto: Roger that!
  • Slaigh: Och aye Ah dae!!
  • Bentley: Alright. We don't have much time left. This is a straight run through Paris, guys, so be prepared for anything.
  • Murray: "The Murray" is ready to crack some skulls!!
  • Carmelita: Me too. Penelope, are you up for it?
  • Penelope: More than ever, Carmelita.
  • Sly: Okay, guys. Let's kick some eagle-owl butt!

This stage, unlike any other in the game, is unique. There is no map for this stage, and the reason for this is mainly because the stage itself changes depending on the skill level of the player. For an example, at the start of the stage, there could be a bottomless pit, but if the player plays through the stage again, there may be floor lasers instead. All ten playable characters each have a role to play in this level, and they each must use the full extent of their skills to get to the end and leave no room for error in any way. This is truly a test of skill. The characters are playable in this order:

1. Slaigh MacCooper

2. Otto van Cooper

3. Thaddeus Winslow Cooper III

4. Slytunkhamen Cooper

5. Henriette "One-Eye" Cooper

6. Bentley

7. Carmelita

8. Murray

9. Penelope

10. Sly Cooper

Each of the playable characters also have Chronos monitoring things from a floating TV screen, mocking the player characters and telling them about himself and his plans. Here is what he says to each character, in order of in which the player plays as them.

Chronos' Monologues

1. (to Slaigh) Ah, yes. Back in my native Russia, I was well-known for my skills in fear and intimidation. However, I assume you and the Cooper Gang already know that, don't you, you lumbering fool? After all, you have that soup can on wheels doing all of the thinking for you. Come to think of it, you never actually think before you do. Not to worry, though, as I'm sure you're too overconfident to take this into account. I mean, why else would you get captured by arguably the silliest of my hired help? Where was I? Oh yes, now I remember. It was fun robbing to my heart's content, but at the same time, I needed a challenge. I needed something that would provide me with some amusement and allow me to test my skills. That is when that raccoon and his friends came into the picture, and I couldn't have had a more challenging group of opponents than this.

2. (to Otto) It came as no surprise that I had a tough time with those fools, especially when they made a truce with the Le Paradoxes just to take me down. The mandrill outsmarted me at every turn and that walrus threw me around like a rag doll. But it was that ring-tailed wretch that I loathed the most. It was almost as if he could take down an entire army of guards. Not even I could do that in my glory days. But then again, if I had known that one of his ancestors was such a bungling coward, I probably would've had more respect for the man, given how much of an improvement he was over you and all. But then again, he earned my disdain, so it doesn't matter. I cursed myself for ever making him my enemy. I wanted that raccoon dead, and I was going to do anything in my power to make that happen. It's a shame Clockwerk beat me to it. I should've been the one to kill that wretched mammal. Although, now that I think about it, maybe it's not a shame after all...

3. (to Thaddeus) If there was ever a name for Jack the Ripper, then it would've been my alter ego. Over the years, I grew unsatisfied with my life. My thieving skills just weren't enough to best that raccoon, so sometime before his gang disbanded, I began training myself to conduct a very different kind of business, one that would make me feared throughout Russia for a time. I became "something entirely different", though I would prefer to see myself as a thief. It didn't matter who it was, though I did have a preference for women. They have the best scream. It's like a movie, you see. It just makes me excited every single time I take their most prized possession. And the best part is that this possession can't be stolen back. Don't you see? Lives are the most valuable possession there is! Pity a so-called genius like yourself isn't observant enough to see that...

4. (to Slytunkhamen) A year after that gang disbanded, I went into hiding. The law was snooping around, looking for any trace of me. But they wouldn't find someone like me, oh no. I made sure to be completely invisible. Try staying invisible for over a decade, you tomb-rading raccoon. That alone takes actual skill, something neither of you Coopers actually have besides writing guidebooks. Anyway, due to the wealth I gained over the years, I was able to purchase an entire army completely in secret. No one knew I was still alive. Everyone thought I had died, but my men would prove them wrong. They infiltrated many organizations, committing violent crimes in my name, though they wouldn't say it out loud. They were just what this crime lord was asking for.

5. (to Henriette) With each crime committed, I knew that my collection was growing. But like with everything else, there was always something that could go wrong. That thing was called the Thevius Raccoonus, that stupid book you and all of your family members idolize so much. I wish to do one of two things to that book. I will either destroy it entirely, or I will use it for myself. Either way, I will prove myself superior to you Coopers and make sure that I, Prof. Remus, am the only Master Thief there is!! However, back then, I had more pressing issues, such as Sly and that accursed team of his. They restored that rotten book, and with my new website, ThiefNet, I was sure to get on their good side, kind of like how you were too dumb to know Roger was a backstabber. It was quite easy, really. Sell them unique abilities so that I may appear friendly on the surface, and then tear out their hearts when they least suspect it. No one was the wiser. And then I found Penelope, and everything became so much easier.

6. (to Bentley) For someone who claims to be the brains of the outfit, you are certainly very stupid. I guess it goes to show you just how low the Coopers will sink when it comes to recruitment. Anyway, your girlfriend was so generous. Penelope told me about what you informed her of, such as the fact that Clockwerk was immortal and that he had a grudge against the Coopers for centuries. When I learned all I needed to know, my plans regarding Clockwerk soon began. Penelope gave me everything I needed to know, and she had no idea I was such a skilled manipulator. By the time she knew she was in too deep, I had to go all out. And upon Le Paradox entering her life, I just had to order my brainwashed servant to assist him. Both of my pawns were now ready, and despite Penelope's slight independence and her incoherent thinking, I knew it would only lead to a successful plan. I even left clues in Medieval England to let you know I was controlling her, but you never picked up on it. What a shame. Aren't you supposed to be a genius, or did you simply not do your math right? Either way, if you had only noticed the abundance of owls and the peculiar clock tower, then maybe you and I would've met much earlier...

7. (to Carmelita) I must admit that Penelope's imprisonment had me worried for a minute. But obviously, we both had everything under control. Our combined intellect made it easy for her to escape from prison, and soon we began to seek henchman. It didn't take too long to find some help. My connections saw to that. The first of my hired henchman were Gustav Gale and Le Dude. Amber simply chose to tag along, much to my dismay. I always hated that rabbit. But Gustav insisted that she come, but I think even he found her annoying after awhile. Qwerty was next, and it was he that informed us that Sly Cooper didn't escape Le Paradox's blimp. He had no idea, however, that we figured out that Sly may have survived. You should've seen him ranting and raving. It was a hoot, kind of like your track record as an officer. And then came Ven, who I strongly regret hiring. He really should've just stuck to whining about his wife instead of coming to us of his own volition.

8. (to Murray) Penelope and I each assigned the mercenaries specific duties regarding their role in the plan. I am not at liberty to reveal Ven's part in this. Maybe if you actually die for once, then maybe I'll tell you. Come on, hippo. Surely you trust me, right? No? Fine. And here I thought you were dumb. Oh wait. You still are. But anyway, Penelope needed to convert emotions, particularly negative emotions, into energy and store them in a "Hate Chip". This was something I had no clue could be possible, so she needed to focus only on that. Le Dude had to work on mining the metals needed for the Clockwerk Frame while Gustav and Amber would develop its weapons and use the metals Le Dude mined to make them. They were also in charge of the construction phase. Because of what happened to the frame earlier with the Klaww Gang, the blueprints were burned. They weren't even on the internet, so we couldn't download information on it. And so, Qwerty would provide a solution to this by making precise measurements that Gustav would use during the construction phase. As a bonus, he was even permitted to kill you louts if you ever bothered interfering with us. Isn't life grand or what?

9. (to Penelope) Eventually, each of my mercenaries were given a codename, each one pertaining to a key personality trait Clockwerk had. His hatred... His grudge... His persistence... His jealousy... They each were needed to make Clockwerk who he was, and the Hate Chip will have their data in it, perfectly giving Clockwerk the means of being immortal. You, my dear, were supposed to be a key component in those plans. Oh, you would've been the perfect pawn. Pity you lack the loyalty to remain by my side. But regardless, I will find someway to make Clockwerk see things my way. With this ultimate killing machine in my control, I'll be able to bring about as much destruction as possible! Just think about it, Penelope. All of those possessions forever mine to keep! And the best part is that no one can steal them back.

10. (to Sly) And why would I ever forget to speak to you, Sly? After all of these adventures you had, you still hide behind your father? You use his cane. You have his face. You even sound like the worm. You are like a cheap knock-off of your old man! And do you really think that you have honor? What honorable thief doesn't give back items criminals stole? A parasite, that's what, and you and your wretched bloodline are the tapeworms that have been eating away at the underbelly of the criminal element with your hypocrisy and lies. I do not respect hypocrites, Cooper!! And that empathy of yours... If it hasn't already, then it will get you in trouble soon. Come, Sly. Meet me by your old home. Yes, I know about that place. Dr. M told me about it after I convinced him to betray your father. And don't be late. I don't want you to miss the show.

Once Sly Cooper reaches the Cooper residence, a cutscene will begin.

  • Sly: (Sly sees his ancestors vanish due to another temporal anomaly.) What?! (Sly hears a noise and turns around. He witnesses the Fiendish Five leaving the Cooper house, with Clockwerk flying off with the Thevius Raccoonus in his talons.)
  • Bentley: Was that...
  • Murray: I think so, buddy. I think Sly just saw...oh no...
  • Sly: DAD!!! (Sly runs over to the ruined household, and sees his father lying dead on the floor, with a weeping young Sly next to him.)
  • Young Sly: DADDY!!! Please get up!! Please!! Mom and I need you! Get up! (Young Sly sees Sly coming.) Wait. Dad? (Young Sly runs out to meet his older self, not realizing that the man isn't his father. Sly looks down and sees his younger self hugging his leg.) How did you get better? Who was it that just got hurt?
  • Sly: What? I-- (Sly sees his father lying dead on the floor. Sly's hands begin to shake as he gets on his knees in shock. Young Sly sees the Cooper Gang running toward Sly.) Seeing him up close like this...
  • Carmelita: That was your dad, Sly? (Sly nods. Young Sly sees his future self's cane, and then looks at his dead father's cane. They are a perfect match. The reality of the situation becomes apparent to young Sly, and he rushes toward his father's body.)
  • Young Sly: You can't be dead!! You can't be! Please tell me I'm in a nightmare, daddy! Please! Mom! Are you here!? Mom! Don't be dead, too!
  • Sly: They're dead, kid. The Fiendish Five killed them. I'm you from the future with my own Cooper Gang to work with. (Young Sly's tears slowly start to build up, and then he bursts into tears as he runs over to his future self, who conforts him with a hug.) There there. I'm here, big guy. I'm here. I'm here. (Sly sheds some tears as he comforts his past self. Carmelita and the others approach Sly and comfort him.)
  • Chronos: Aren't you just the most pathetic thing I've ever seen? (Sly hears Chronos and looks to his left. Chronos is standing outside the ruined house, next to a portal.) What a nice happy family you have there, Cooper. You know, I never would've found this place if it weren't for Ven's book of spells. I can sense your shadows, boy, and soon I will claim your life.
  • Sly: This is Cooper property, Chronos. Leave immediately!! (Sly gets back up and gets ready to fight.)
  • Chronos. Gladly. But first, may I ask you a question?
  • Penelope: (Penelope sees a contraption on Chronos' wrist.) That's a portable time machine!! I thought I only had one!
  • Chronos: This is the prototype, my dear. Now don't interrupt. It's awfully rude of you. Now for my question. (Carmelita tries firing her Shock Pistol, but it begins to malfunction. Bentley tries to use his darts but finds that he is out of ammo. Penelope and Murray try physically attacking Chronos, but are knocked out in one hit from the blunt side of his scythe.) Think you can keep up with me?! (Chronos cackles as he enters the portal.)
  • Sly: Get back here, you son of a-- (Sly enters the portal before he can finish his sentence.)
  • Carmelita: Come on! Bentley, you hold Penelope while I help Murray. We have an owl to hunt. (Carmelita, Bentley, Penelope and Murray enter the portal.)

Job Complete*

  • It won't say it, but the mission will be over after this cutscene.

A Clockwerk Owl


  • The title of this level is a homage to the Hall & Oates song of the same name.

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