"If my equations are correct, and they always are, you won't survive this, washbär!"
— Oswald, before fighting Sly


Oswald is an anthropomorphic German badger, and he appears in the game Sly Cooper: Lost Legend Thief. He is the boss in the Iceland Dream.


Oswald grew up in a rich family, in Zürich, Germany. He was the best pupil in his class at both math and science. He was also extremly good at chess, because he allways played chess with his dad. Too bad, the war took his parents away. Despite the big sorrow, Oswald left school with soaring ratings. As an adult, he was able to figure out everything, with the help of his "equations". Someone, probably a criminal who was afraid that Oswald could be a threat, placed false evidence on him, which proved that he had stolen a giant diamond. Oswald got jailed, but he quickly broke out, with the help of a bomb he created in his cell, built by plastic spoons. And now he was angry!


Joining The Nightmares

Chased by the police, Oswald needed a place to hide. Fortunaly, he got contacted in a chatroom by someone calling himself: Sandman. Appearently, he was the leader of a group called: The Nightmares. Sandman asked Oswald to be a part of The Nightmares. He also said that he was able to travel to a dream. A dream was the perfect place to hide, so Oswald accepted the mission.

Cold Chess and Cold Diamonds

When Oswald Arrived in Sly's Iceland Dream, he quickly created his own army made of dream characters. He also started a local chess competition, in which his own army tried to beat him in chess. That he also found a mine filled with diamonds, which he later could sell in the real world, was the icing on the cake! The only thing he really didn't like with the dream, was the cold climate.

Encounters with the Cooper Gang

Bentley stoled Oswald's diary in the first mission. That turned Oswald into madness, and he kidnapped Bentley, plus, he stole Sly's cane and threw it down in an ice hole. The gang freed Bentley and they also saved Sly's cane. Later on, Bentley followed Oswald with his RC-Car. Finally, in the operation, Sly fighted Oswald in the diamond mine. Oswald played foul play, and he actually won. But Bentley showed up, and defeated Oswald in hack-match. Oswald gave up and pressed a button on his glasses, which sended him back to the real world.

New Leaf

Tired of cold climate, Oswald moved to Hawaii. However, now he thinks it is too hot!





Ramming Reindeers

These Reindeers are Oswalds' personal flashlight troop. Their axes are unpleasant!

Personal Ptarmigans

These Ptarmigans are one of two kind of rooftop guards. Water guns with cold water? Well, that was new!

Angry Arctic Foxes

These Arctic Foxes are the second kind of rooftop guards. They are fast, furious and... White?



  • Oswald's signature colour is grey.
  • Defeating Oswald as Sly awards the player with the "Diamonds are Forever" trophy.
  • Defeating Oswald as Bentley awards the player with the "Pretty Shocking" trophy.
  • Oswald's "equations" is a parody on Bentley's "calculations".

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