Why is the Rum Gone?!

Operation: Turbo Dynamic Piracy is the final mission in the Age of Pirates in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


How to Complete & Dialogue

Gameplay begins with Murray: When he reaches the pub, a cutscene will begin.

  • Bentley: (Bentley gets out his Bentley Tech.) I'm going to be honest with you guys. The fact that Penelope wants to fight us herself is both good and very bad. On one hand, we've managed to dwindle the number of her troops down to only a few pirates. The bad news is that she probably has something planned for us when we reach her. Thankfully, so do I. I recently came into contact with Morgan Fox again, and he says he'll be able to take us directly to the Emerald Eclipse.
  • Henriette: The ship that married the French. (Henriette hiccups.) Hahahaha!
  • Bentley: I though we made sure you wouldn't have rum for awhile!
  • Henriette: I love hippos. (Henriette hiccups again.)
  • Murray: Aw, shucks. Thanks, Henriette.
  • Bentley: Focus, please! Okay, when we reach Penelope, we need to use that sword Henriette found in order to damage her mech. That's right, nothing we have other than that sword can actually penetrate the suit or damage it in any way.
  • Sly: Wait a second, are we going to kill Penelope or something?
  • Bentley: No, definitely not. We need to know what her plan is, and we need to know it now, before she escapes again. In short, we damage the suit, get Penelope, and head back home. We'll do all the questioning we need to.
  • Sly: You're forgetting about Red Rum Roger. What if he shows up?
  • Bentley: I don't know how anyone could survive a crash like what he went through, but if he does show up, when he have to take him down, too. Now let's do this!

Once this cutscene ends, another one will begin.

  • Morgan: (Morgan lets everyone, including Henriette, board his ship. He takes away Henriette's rum bottle and chucks it into the ocean.) That would be quite enough of that, madam.
  • Henriette: (Henriette begin to sober up a bit.) Wait, where am I again?
  • Morgan: You are aboard the H.M.S. Triumph, Henriette. Expect your time on it to be quite brief if you aren't careful enough. Now, I assume you are all prepared for battle?
  • Henriette: Aye!
  • Bentley: Affirmative!
  • Carmelita: Ci!
  • Sly: You bet!
  • Murray: "The Murray" is ready to crack some metal pirate skulls!
  • Morgan: (Morgan turns around and sees a familiar ship.) Well, it looks like we won't have much time to waste. Black Beard has arrived! (The Emerald Eclipse comes into view, with Black Beard at the helm. The Emerald Eclipse, which has now been outfitted with several upgrades, uses a tractor beam to pull the H.M.S. Triumph closer to it. The ships collide, sending Bentley flying toward a ledge, hanging on for dear life, and Carmelita rushing over to get him, only to have Putrid Pelicans ambush her. Morgan and Henriette, on the other hand, are ambushed by a familiar foe.) What?! You again?!
  • RRR: You be quite unlucky, fox! And you, One-Eye, are--Ya know what, 'tis is getting annoying now. I can't keep doin' de pirate lingo anymore. Just surrender, One-Eye, and 'tings will get better for ya.
  • Henriette: Oh, go stuff a mattress! Morgan, take care of him, okay? (Henriette joins up with Murray and Sly.)
  • Black Beard: Enough! It looks like Sly and Murray will have to die first. Congratulations, Cooper, you get a one-way ticket to your grave.
  • Murray: "The Murray" will prove you wrong!
  • Sly: Let's go for it, big guy!

The first phase of the boss battle is arguably the easiest of the two. Black Beard's attacks are simple. It will either fire small cannonballs from its shoulder turrets, slash at Murray, Henriette and Sly with a sword, or fire at Henriette, Sly and Murray with hidden missile launchers. The only real dangers are the shoulder-mounted cannons, as the cannonballs may have peculiar effects, such as freezing the floor of the arena. All Murray needs to do is throw a big cannonball at Black Beard. This will cause the mech to stop moving, which will allow Henriette to slice off one of the mech's arms. Once the head is all that remains, Sly will be given the legendary sword by Henriette and slice off the mech's head. This will start a cutscene.

  • Black Beard: (Black Beard's torso flies off into the distance and large new body slowly emerges from the sea. The old body attaches to the newer, larger and more grotesque one, becoming the robot's new head.) I'll rip you a new one, Cooper!! You'll pay dearly for what happened in England!! (Black Beard fires from its pistol and the blast knocks out Sly and Henriette. Murray's anger reaches its peak.)
  • Murray: THAT DOES IT!!!!!!! Penelope, do you remember the golden rule, the one about when everything fails?
  • Black Beard: Heh. What is it?
  • Murray: BREAK STUFF!!!!!!!!!!
  • RRR: Not so fast! (Murray turns around and sees that Morgan has been knocked out. Murray looks at Black Beard and Roger, then looks at his friends. Murray cracks his knuckles.)

The second phase of the fight is definitely the harder of the two. This is mainly for two reasons: Red Rum Roger joins the fray, acting as a distraction and an additional enemy for Murray to battle (RRR has no thief meter, attacking him solves nothing), and the upgraded Black Beard mech is loaded with powerful weapons that easily kill Murray in a few hits or less. While the new Black Beard mech has the stronger attacks, such as a cybernetic cutlass that will kill Murray in two slashes, it is Red Rum Roger who poses the more serious threat due to his attack variety. He has plenty of ice-based attacks that were granted to him by Penelope. Roger can create icy spikes from the ground and freeze the floor of the arena, making movement troublesome. He can also fire icicles when Murray is too far away from him. However, Roger also has several water-based attacks as well, such as pillars of boiling geyser water coming from underneath of the arena to boil Murray alive and firing high-pressurized water from his new hand cannon. It is actually possible to defeat Red Rum Roger in this battle, although it is very difficult to do without some practice first. All Murray needs to do is stun Roger with a Thunder Flop, grab him, and throw him off out of the arena, which will give the player the "Nice Landing" Trophy. However, Roger will quickly break free from Murray's grip, so unless Roger is close to the edge, Murray might not get a chance to send him overboard. Once Roger is overboard, the ending cutscene will be extended to show Roger getting back onto the Emerald Eclipse. When it comes to damaging Black Beard 2.0, however, Murray will need to rely on a fresh supply of cannonballs in order for him to attack the mech. Murray must then throw the cannonballs into the cannons of either the H.M.S. Triumph or the Emerald Eclipse depending on which side of the arena Murray is on. Once a cannon manages to hit the upgraded Black Beard, it will become unusable for the remainder of the battle. Their are a grand total of ten cannons, five on each half of the ships that aren't connected to one another. Flashlight guards, in this case the Putrid Pelicans, will occasionally appear to cause trouble and hinder Murray's progress. However, they can very easily be dealt with. Once Black Beard 2.0 has been hit ten times, a cutscene will start. Because one version of the cutscene is longer than the other, the one that involves Roger being thrown off one of the ships will be revealed.

  • RRR: (Red Rum Roger climbs back up the Emerald Eclipse completely exhausted.) De hippo is strong. Dis is no good. (Roger breathes heavily as he lies down in exhaustion. Murray then find Roger, picks him up, and chucks him into one of the ship's cannons.) What are ya doing?! I'm no cannonball!
  • Murray: Happy trails, chum!
  • RRR: Uh-oh.
  • Black Beard: Uh-oh. (Murray fires the cannon at Black Beard, causing Penelope to eject from the mech before it explodes. Red Rum Roger ends up back on the ship, but ends up stuck in a barrel, completely unconscious. Penelope lands close to Bentley, who is still holding onto that ledge. Henriette, Morgan and Sly manage to regain consciousness.)
  • Penelope: You'll pay for this, Murray. I swear it! And you too, Cooper Gang!
  • Bentley: Carmelita, I'm slipping!
  • Carmelita: Hold on, Bentley, I'm coming! (Bentley loses his grip on the ledge, much to Carmelita's horror. Bentley closes his eyes as he braces himself for the sharks in the water. But much to his surprise, someone grabs his hand. Bentley looks up and sees Penelope, of all people, rescuing him.)
  • Bentley: Penelope?! (Everyone looks at Penelope in shock, Murray included. Penelope helps Bentley up, but then realizes what she did.)
  • Penelope: W-Wait a minute! This changes nothing, slowpoke! (Penelope quickly gets her Portable Time Machine ready.) That deluded bug better be working hard, or I'm getting the bug spray! (Penelope quickly teleports to a different time period.).

Job Complete

Coopers of the Caribbean Outro

  • Murray: "While it certainly felt great to finally face Penelope, I was pretty shocked when she saved Bentley. Didn't she try to kill him in England? Maybe there was some good in her after all. It made me feel pretty guilty about fighting her, but the rest of the gang said it was the right thing to do. Bentley was still pretty unhappy with Penelope, but looking at him told me that he still loved her a little bit. That certainly didn't make me feel too good. When we got back to Topaz Lagoon, all of these troops were waiting for us. Morgan had called for his troops to capture the rogue pirates, and we handed over Red Rum Roger to the authorities, I'm sure they'd know just what to do with him. We tried to find a clue as to where Penelope may have gone off to, but we found nothing. Thankfully, Henriette was allowed to keep the Emerald Eclipse and get away from Morgan in one piece, and during her first voyage on her old ship in a long time, she came to us with some papers. They looked like some kind of manuscript an author would write, even though I couldn't understand cursive writing too well. However, according to Sly and Bentley, the author of this manuscript was none other than Thaddeus Winslow Cooper III. We were heading to Victorian England next, but Henriette didn't want us to leave. She would miss us terribly, and she'd miss me the most from the looks of things. And so, Sly took one last picture, one with me and Henriette in it, and I gave it to her. I couldn't believe it. "The Murray" was driven to tears again. Sly had to remind me she was his ancestor, which kind of killed the mood for me, but I still felt pretty bad having to leave her like that. I'm sure Henriette will be just fine.........if she's not drinking rum."

High-Society Snooping


  • Credit for helping the development of the mission page goes to Justin Holland.

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